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☆ Aerotropolis ↠´ Download by ¿ John D. Kasarda I live in College Park, GA a diverse, mixed, semi gentrifying town right next to and almost part of Atlanta s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport This is an important book for me It should be not just for those physically close to major airports but those who travel and truly live through them.
Evenimportant, it helps understand how global goods and commerce flow through the portals of the 21st century And the deep subjective, personal needs almost primal, physical, social, psychologic needs to meet, see, smell, hear one another business and commercial partner Aerotropolis reads well Not just for its insights and ah ha s It s a better book for having been written obviously, through many interactions and dialog by Greg Lindsay, a writer, questioner, observer of John Kasarda I m sure I would never read Dr Kasarda s academic treati Book arrived with ripped pages , back cover muddy with scrathes.
This Brilliant And Eye Opening Look At The New Phenomenon Called The Aerotropolis Gives Us A Glimpse Of The Way We Will Live In The Near Futureand The Way We Will Do Business Too Not So Long Ago, Airports Were Built Near Cities, And Roads Connected The One To The Other This Patternthe City In The Center, The Airport On The Periphery Shaped Life In The Twentieth Century, From The Central City To Exurban Sprawl Today, The Ubiquity Of Jet Travel, Round The Clock Workdays, Overnight Shipping, And Global Business Networks Has Turned The Pattern Inside Out Soon The Airport Will Be At The Center And The City Will Be Built Around It, The Better To Keep Workers, Suppliers, Executives, And Goods In Touch With The Global Market This Is The Aerotropolis A Combination Of Giant Airport, Planned City, Shipping Facility, And Business Hub The Aerotropolis Approach To Urban Living Is Nowreshaping Life In Seoul And Amsterdam, In China And India, In Dallas And Washington, DC The Aerotropolis Is The Frontier Of The Next Phase Of Globalization, Whether We Like It Or Not John D Kasarda Defined The Term Aerotropolis, And He Is Now Sought After Worldwide As An Adviser Working With Kasardas Ideas And Research, The Gifted Journalist Greg Lindsay Gives Us A Vivid, At Times Disquieting Look At These Instant Cities In The Making, The Challenges They Present To Our Environment And Our Usual Ways Of Life, And The Opportunities They Offer To Those Who Can Exploit Them Creatively Aerotropolis Is News From The Near Futurenews We Urgently Need If We Are To Understand The Changing World And Our Place In It I enjoyed this book I was afraid, as it was written by an academic that it might be dry and technical, however the writing duties were handled by Greg Lindsay, who does a great job explaining the topics in laymen terms, as well as putting in the right amount of scepticism in the topic The book proposes some compelling questions how do we balance the contradiction that we hate living near airports, but wherever they are built we start to build housing around them Can a city who is down on its luck lift itself into prosperity by building an integrated aero city The answers are not clear at this time, but it provides a good basis from which to read further as airports and their cities develop over the next decades.
The book presents an interesting thesis about the economic engine that newer airports can become It also offers enough cautionary tales to ensure that readers don t come away thinking that concrete and a grader can buy happiness Unfortunately, this book needed fact checking andthorough editing It lacks coherent organization With it, the book could sustain the loss of about one third of its pages, which seem terribly redundant The principal author intermitently adopts a first person voice especially when retelling how he gathered his information, while the supposed lead author, Kasarda, is quoted in the second person as if he is an oracle on this topic At times, the book seems a thinly veiled promotional tool for Kasarda s airport consultancy T This book is a pretty easy read and makes some interesting points that I believe will hold up, but most of the writing and conception clearly took place before the Great Recession, and I think it is now quite reasonable to beskeptical about the basic premise, which is that airports will play the leading role in dictating urban forms, together with the strong if you build it they will come sub theme I think it is fair to say that if you don t build it, they won t come, but that s a very different message I actually find a pretty striking parallel with some of the work of Richard Florida, who notes a correlation between economic vibrancy and the relative abundance of members of the creative classthis, too, does not lead to an automatic prescription for economic success.
Great book In a world marked by the growth of speed the future of the cities seems not very different from the present The time of Concorde is over Without supersonic transportation the thesis of this book is weak.

This book is invigorating and annoying in equal measure, which is a shame, as it s one of the most thought provoking looks at our future that I ve read.
The central thrust of the argument is that future cities will grow up around airports in the same way that they did around rivers, canals, railways and roads This has a lot of social implications for the way we will lead our lives or at least the way some of us will lead our lives And this is where the annoyance begins The poor Forget them If they can t afford to fly they are not worthy of consideration, except that maybe we can employ them to sell us burgers at the airport The environment Don t worry about that, we ll soon have invented airplanes that fly on water Or something.
Although social implications are mentioned a lot, they aren t really examined deeply For example, when half of Asia starts boarding planes I bought this book at the recommendation of a friend and it truly opened my eyes It s a great read and makes you realise where the world is going.
Interestingly I made an observation on Twitter about Boris Island and quoted the book The author responded and we had a chat about his views and theories.
Enjoyable informative read if you want to better understand the future of trade and business.

John D. Kasarda

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