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¶ Ahabs Wife, or The Star-Gazer ✓ Download by ☆ Sena Jeter Naslund When I started reading this book, I was thinking, How could anyone give this any fewer than 4 to 5 stars The writing was so beautiful and the world through the main character s eyes, although difficult, was beautiful and new and she was chameleon esque changing and adapting to every day that she faced.
I was fascinated through most of it, wondering at how a person even a fictional one could continue to live life so far removed from her self her ego She truly discovered the land, the landmarks and the people around her in a way that is usually reserved for the eyes and minds of small children.
And then the lastoh quarter of the book, I was reminded that this was not a real person and certainly the book really the author was not immune to the over descriptive, Steinbec I must thank Louis Bayard for mentioning this book in an interview I might not yet have read it if it weren t for him and I am most appreciative What an amazing book I do feel inclined to return to Moby Dick once , and this time to read it through This book is complete even if Melville s novel never existed But how cleverly Naslund makes connections to Melville s story, without repeating in any way what Melville told.
Una is an outstanding character I savored this book because of her I would like to know a person like her, to be friends with a person like her.
Nasland does a superb job of portraying the times the abolitionist movement and the rumblings of war, the draw of the the frontier, the intellects, scientists and artists of the day, the i A Magnificent, Vast, And Enthralling Saga, Sena Jeter Naslund S Ahab S Wife Is A Remarkable Epic Spanning A Rich, Eventful, And Dramatic Life Inspired By A Brief Passage In Moby Dick, It Is The Story Of Una, Exiled As A Child To Live In A Lighthouse, Removed From The Physical And Emotional Abuse Of A Religion Mad Father It Is The Romantic Adventure Of A Young Woman Setting Sail In A Cabin Boy S Disguise To Encounter Darkness, Wonder, And Catastrophe The Story Of A Devoted Wife Who Witnesses Her Husband S Destruction By Obsession And Madness Ultimately It Is The Powerful And Moving Story Of A Woman S Triumph Over Tragedy And Loss Through Her Courage, Creativity, And Intelligence The first portion of this book was fascinating and well written Naslund s imagining of the details of the ill fated travels of Captain Ahab and his wife are picturesque, with just the right gothic touches thrown in to lend horror where horror should be.
I liked the main character and was rooting for her until the return to the States after the grotesque voyage that sent Ahab over the edge.
For some reason, Naslund chose to focus on the literati and cognoscenti of the era instead of simply continuing to present the story of this remarkable woman.
The entire last half third of the book is a contrived, name dropping tour of the transcendentalists, statesmen and scientists of the time Ahab s wife is constantly running into them on the road, in the woods, at the gym, in the grocery store OK, I m getting a little snarky, but that s the way it felt to coincidental a This was not my first read from Naslund, nor will it be my last I loved this book I ll address some of the other readers complaints to start The style of prose is, in my opinion, in keeping with the time period represented There is significant, expressive detail, tons of imagery, so if you find that annoying, this book is not for you You probably will also not like Steinbeck, Dickens, Wharton, Bronte.
As far as too much stuff included in the storyline, I would remind those folks that this is the story of many years in someone s life I felt the various situations and events in the story the religious exploration, homosexuality, etc seemed reasonable within the book s context Those who felt Una s mindset for adventure was inappropriate for the time period might like to explore Transcendentalism , and per I COULD NOT STAND this book it was torture for me to get through There was SO MUCH uneccesary in it it made me not care about ANY of it She touched on just about every issue you can imagine cannibalism, incest, homosexuality,death,insanity,women rights,slavery,religion you name it, it was in here.
I was SOOO annoyed with this woman I am convinced she read Moby Dick one night, went to sleep and had one of those crazy meandering dreams where things she saw on the news and famous people from the past drifted in and out and she woke up the next morning and wrote EVERY SILLY DETAIL down and somehow either an editor never actually read it or if one did it was their first book and they were afraid to get the red pen out MAYBE if the 700 pages wou I m an English major who never read Moby Dick, but I did recognize the iconic characters on the periphery of Una s Ahab s wife epic And what a story it is Written in the vernacular of Herman Melville and Ralph Waldo Emerson, I learned much about 19th century Nantucket, whaling, and typical hardships of that time Historic characters believably showed up in this novel, but Una was always central I made a friend in her.

A Ship is a Breath of RomanceThat Carries Us Miles Away.
And a Book is a Ship of FancyThat Could Sail on Any DayThere you have it This is why books are better than ships Well, maybe not this bookAlmost nine months ago, my book club picked this one as the February read, so I had plenty of time to read it And I had the best intentions I ordered a used copy last October, a nice first edition hardback, heavy as any doorstop I glanced at it and put it in my stack Plenty of time to read it, no hurry Other books got piled on top, and well, you know how it is I thought about starting it a few times Somehow, it s like I knew it was going to be a Meh read for me Finally, a scant nine days before the club meeting, I started reading.
There s a WHAM BANG beginning, with a riveting birth scene attended Whoa finally finished this baby Reading this is quite an investment in time at least 1000 words could easily be sliced out to create a coherent epic Word of warning whenever you have a novel, based on an american classic and an infamously difficult one at that written by an english professor, you can expect literary symbolism to abound In this case, I think the author gets caught up in her own cleverness she throws everything but the kitchen sink at us Freedom or Liberty seem to be the main theme three women give birth to babies they name Liberty two die in infancy and the last is born into slavery ironic coincidence I think not This theme is explored through the historical issues of the time slavery, religion, womens rights, sex and sexuality, marriag A stunning, magnificent book Certainly in my top 10 ever great story, great characters, big ideas, colorful writing that, like Jane Smiley s book about Bleeding Kansas, evokes the language of its period while also speaking in a distinctive voice to our own time The narrator is the wife of Ahab, captain of the Pequod of Moby Dick fame It s about several things, but principally about, I think, a woman choosing life choosing her own path in the world and affirming life in the midst of stark suffering It s also about redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance in the face of shocking revelations, or tolerance of mundane difference But it s a sophisticated notion of tolerance acceptance In one beautiful scene, Una Ahab s wife a liberal or progressive in religious matters, leanrs that her dear friend, the runaway slave Susan, believes that the Lord has led her t

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¶ Ahabs Wife, or The Star-Gazer ✓ Download by ☆ Sena Jeter Naslund Sena Jeter Naslund is the New York Times best selling author of five novels, including Ahab s Wife 1999 and Abundance A Novel of Marie Antoinette HarperCollins, 2006 She is currently Distinguished Teaching Professor and Writer in Residence at the University of Louisville and program director of the Spalding University brief residency Master in Fine Arts in Writing Recipient of the Harper Le