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æ Read ↠´ Baby Proof by Emily Giffin ✓ Usually, I tend to shy away from books in the chick lit genre When I saw Baby Proof on the shelf, I was instantly drawn to this book for some reason After reading the book jacket, I knew this was definitely going to be an interesting read to say the least Claudia and Ben are the perfect coupleat least to everyone around them anyway Claudia is a successful book editor and Ben is a successful architect who are both enjoying their married childfree life Although they both agreed in the dating stage that neither wants to have children, the issue come back up when the find out that their mutual friends are going to have a baby Claudia sticks to her guns about not wanting children but Ben is now not so sure I chose this because the premise seemed interesting I too chose not to have children as did many of my friends So I wanted to read this and I had already read the Something Borrowed series.
While not quite up to that level, I did enjoy this book about choices and the ramifications of the ones we make I thought the book was quite realistic As a woman myself, I cannot even say how many times that same question has been asked.
don t you want kids and it has been asked to many of my friends who are childless too It does get annoying and I could relate to the heroine.
I also was reading this while in the waiting room at a doctor s office The receptionist saw what I was reading, I d just started and said to me, you are going to love this book We then talked a Ugh It s very rare that I get this pissed off by a book, especially such random chick lit This review contains spoilers, so don t read any if you ever plan to read this book.
Ok, here goes The story was about a NYC couple, Ben Claudia, that are madly in love They both agreed before marriage that they never want kids, but after a close friend had a baby, Ben changes his mind It s out of the question for Claudia, and since neither will compromise, they promptly divorce and this was the fastest divorce I ever heard of, fictional and all No counseling, no conversations, nothing just divorce.
Claudia then starts dating this hot guy from work and after he takes her to Lake Como and gives her this wonderful cocktail ring, she decides that she doesn t want to be with him WTH The only way I wouldn t want to be wi I m only a few pages in and I m hooked This woman is me, plain and simple I m sitting here wondering when Emily Griffin found the time to sit down and write a book all about me I m really hoping the main character doesn t sell out in the end to garner the mass appeal of chick lit readers If she does, I might have to swear off Ms Griffin for good So far, though, she understands me, which lets me know that there are other women out there who feel exactly the way I do about the prospect of having kidswhich is insert obnoxiously loud vomitting noises here.
LaterSPOILERS AHEAD So, I finished it Normally, I m not the sort to bash a book because I m butt sore about the ending, but this one struck a chord with me The heroin decides that she ll have a baby if that s what it tak Yet another Emily Giffin novel, and I think it was okay for the most part The thing I HATE about Giffin as a writer is she makes a really interesting, difficult scenario that makes you sympathize with her characters, and then she can t think of how to solve the moral dilemma, so near the end of her books she pulls something COMPLETELY horrible, whether it s a clich plot development or a seriously erroneous logical argument for making her characters change motives an anti feminist anti individualist argument in this case The fact that one of her good characters references Romeo and Juliet as an example of true love is truly sickening, and yet this is the turning point argument that makes one of her main characters change their mind on a crucial issue Ugh Other than that, which for a while seriously made me want to

Emily Giffin has the literary capacity to create the most aggravating, unlikable characters in all of chick lit that I positively can t stand and yet somehow by the end of the novel I am empathising with and rooting for every single one She gets me every time and quite frankly I m sick of your shit, Giffin I m going to come right out and say it people who say they don t want children astound me I m not sure what it is I don t even like children So I struggled to grasp the concept of this book for a long time a 35 year old woman abandons her incredibly happy marriage because she simply refuses to have the child her husband desperately wants It just seemed really extreme to me The couple in this book are financially sound, in their thirties, with st This book annoyed me I couldn t figure out why at first, and then I realized it I don t agree with the author s message The protagonist spends the whole book trying to get over her ex husband who left her because she didn t want children In the end, they reconcile because while she still doesn t want children, she d consider having them to be with her soulmate I think that is a selfish notion yes, it seems unselfish to procreate because you love your husband so much and that is what he wants And to me that works for everything I ll convert for you , I ll live in Des Moines for you EXCEPT children Because a child should be wanted and loved by both parents for the family unit to work Enough ranting go read Something Borrowed ins This is one of the WORST books I have ever read Please do not torture yourself.
I have mixed feelings about this book I had picked this up as the third novel by Ms Giffin, having already read her first two Something Borrowed, Something Blue All the characters in her books seem to be somewhat interrelated, and the back cover looked interesting, especially since I, like the heroine, am a thirty something woman exceedingly tired of being asked when I will have children Like Katherine Hepburn, I suspect I am just far too selfish to make a decent mother, and I think it should reflect WELL on me that I know this and don t have kids, not POORLY on me that I am actualized enough to realise this before they were born I was very happy with the beginning of the book Boy and Girl Meet, Boy and Girl Don t Want Kids, Boy and Girl Get Married, Have Lovely No Kid Life I was thrilled to finally have a literary he From The Author Of The Smash Hits Something Borrowed And Something Blue Comes A Novel That Explores The Question Is There Ever A Deal Breaker When It Comes To True Love First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage Then Comes A Baby Carriage Isn T That What All Women Want Not So For Claudia Parr And Just As She Gives Up On Finding A Man Who Feels The Same Way, She Meets Warm, Wonderful Ben Things Seem Too Good To Be True When They Fall In Love And Agree To Buck Tradition With A Satisfying, Child Free Marriage Then The Unexpected Occurs One Of Them Has A Change Of Heart One Of Them Wants Children After AllThis Is The Witty, Heartfelt Story About What Happens To The Perfect Couple When They Suddenly Want Different Things It S About Feeling That Your Life Is Set And Then Realizing That Nothing Is As You Thought It Was And That There Is No Possible Compromise It S About Deciding What Is Most Important In Life, And Taking Chances To Get It But Most Of All, It S About The Things We Will Do And Won T Do For Love

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