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[Koushun Takami] ✓ バトル・ロワイアル [gender-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ So unputdownable it s ridiculous Took a 4 hour plane ride i intended to sleep on and instead read all 624 pages of this and while I m a fast reader, even I m not THAT fast usually.
Basically, as everyone else is saying, it s a book about one class of Japanese junior high kids put on an island with a small bag of supplies, a random weapon grenade crossbow Uzi fork , an exploding tracking collar, and orders to kill, kill, kill Nice fascist dystopia world you see around the edges of this place, but it doesn t go into so much detail you re distracted from the good stuff And the good stuff is watching all the little petty relationships of being 15 suddenly twisted horribly by the extreme fear of knowing only one person will be allowed Before reading this book, I believe Ms Collins, author of The Hunger Games, had ripped off Battle Royale, and after reading BR the novel, I continue to believe THG is a rip off For example 1 different bags of weapons and food given by the government 2 the battle filed gets smaller everyday 3 view spoiler two winners in the end instead of just one hide spoiler I first read this story in Manga form a few years ago one of only two manga series I ve enjoyed and I quickly became addicted to these characters and their individual stories Whilst reading Battle Royale, you go on an intense journey into the minds of nearly all 42 students and discover what it is about them that enables normal high school kids to kill their classmates or decide not to.
I d recommend reading the manga before or instead of the novel for a few reasons For one, it makes it a lot easier to keep up with all the similar sounding names when you have a face to put to it For another thing, you don t have to struggle through a translation that isn t too smooth I felt there were times during the novel where the sentences were d I FINALLY FINISHED WOW.
In my opinion, this book could and should have been way shorter The only reason this book is so long is because the author felt it necessary to go into tons of detail about each character s backstory before killing them off I can see why some people might like that, but it didn t work for me.
I really enjoyed the ending though, so I m glad I pushed through I also loved how brutal this book was, both in terms of the violence and the way the characters interacted with each other They swore and did all sorts of crazy things, and none of that is hidden from the reader which I thought was really refreshing This one is definitely not your typical YA novel if you d even call it that So overall I enjoyed this, but obviously didn t LOVE it.
A busload of Japanese teenagers is kidnapped and dumped off on an island, where they are forced to fight to the death until one student remains, all in the name of The Program Which of the 42 students will survive I remember hearing about the film version of Battle Royale ages ago but never managed to watch it Seeing that a lot of people compare The Hunger Games to Battle Royale, I figured I should give it a shot and I m quite glad I did Battle Royale is The Hunger Games with gore and without the annoying love triangle.
Battle Royale takes place in an alternate present, where Japan is largely a totalitarian police state Every year, a class is chosen for The Program, a free for all that makes Thunderdome look like an episode of The Care Bears Each student is given a backpack and a weapon Videorecensione film perla vera di un regista storico come Kinji Fukasaku stato un must della mia preadolescenza Visto un milione di volte e amato alla follia Per qualche motivo, non avevo mai letto il romanzo Lacuna che ho colmato durante queste brevi vacanze Il libro oggettivamente scritto male male, ma scorre liscio, avvincendo e tenendo incollati talmente tanto che queste 670 pagine scorrono in un battibaleno Che bello ritrovare personaggi che nel film avevo amato come Shuya, Shogo, Noriko, Takako, Mitsuko e Hiroki qui ancora pi approfonditi I pro del romanzo Una maggiore attenzione sulle tematiche politiche e satiriche sulla distopia e la natura del gioco del massacro che nel film vengono tralasciate e un forte studio psicologico di TUTTI i personaggi pe Koushun Takami S Notorious High Octane Thriller Is Based On An Irresistible Premise A Class Of Junior High School Students Is Taken To A Deserted Island Where, As Part Of A Ruthless Authoritarian Program, They Are Provided Arms And Forced To Kill One Another Until Only One Survivor Is Left Standing Criticized As Violent Exploitation When First Published In Japan Where It Then Proceeded To Become A Runaway Bestseller Battle Royale Is A Lord Of The Flies For The St Century, A Potent Allegory Of What It Means To Be Young And Barely Alive In A Dog Eat Dog World Made Into A Controversial Hit Movie Of The Same Name, Battle Royale Is Already A Contemporary Japanese Pulp Classic, Now Available For The First Time In The English Language I read the first hundred pages of Battle Royale and fell asleep That night I dreamt that I was in The Program I remember fleeing a pretty intense gunfight and thinking nonsensically dammit, at least I m getting good exercise I hardly thought about it until the next evening, when I began to read again and only finished as the sun rose You cannot know gunfights or car chases until you ve read Battle Royale.
It s fantastical, it s pulpy, and it s brilliant I wish it had been written with realism, but you can t have everything Perhaps Koushun Takami will write another, some day.
There s this rumor that Suzanne Collins ripped off the idea for The Hunger Games from Battle Royale After reading the supposed original, I could say that the plot for both books are pretty similar but Koushun Takami s novel is of an entirely different league it s quite incomparable Battle Royale does have a very colorful and well handled take on the the fight to the death premise than anything I have ever read before It s a book of mass slaughter than forty deaths and practically each one is described, and a litany of brutality and betrayal that even in its many variations, can be a bit of overkill Still, for such a long book littered with so many bodies, Takami manages to keep things moving, and hold my interest There s constant tension, and a few good surprises There are too many characters to really get For the last, oh, 200 pages of this book or so, I kept thinking about what I d say in my review I never know how I ll start a review, but this time I kept thinking of possible opening lines But, like Lays potato chips, I couldn t stop at just one, so here are my top 3, in no particular order 1 There once was a book of ellipses which occasionally had words in between them 2 I ll never read the phrase That s right the same way again 3 I see dead people Finally Like many people I assume I heard of Battle Royale through The Hunger Games, as people like to claim that THG is derivative of Battle Royale and whatnot And so, at a library sale last year, I acquired a copy I was all excited about it, too, because it was super cheap it was bag day everything you can stuff into a grocery sized paper bag is 3 SCORE ,

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[Koushun Takami] ✓ バトル・ロワイアル [gender-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ izmirescort.pro Koushun Takami Takami K shun is the author of the novel Battle Royale, originally published in Japanese, and later translated into English by Yuji Oniki and published by Viz Media and, later, in an expanded edition by Haika Soru, a division of Viz Media.Takami was born in Amagasaki, Hy go Prefecture near Osaka and grew up in the Kagawa Prefecture of Shikoku After graduating from Osaka Uni