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Trailer ß Bridget Jones's Diary PDF by ß Helen Fielding Find all of my reviews at so many others out there the holidays can sometimes get me feeling blah Not like seasonal depression or can t get out of bed kind of depression,like just meh In an effort to combat that, I do things like going balls out on Christmas decorating well before Thanksgiving, making giant Sunday dinners with all the fixins as soon as the leaves start to change in case I turn into a please just go get Taco Bell kind of Mom between Thanksgiving and the New Year and tipping the scales heavier than usual when it comes reading watching things of the feel good rather than the stabby variety Thus is the case with Bridget Jones and her diary I m not a big re reader but I am HUGE re watcher My family always knows I m about to go spelunking in the basement for decorations as soon as I ve watched Christmas Vacation usua I m torn as to how to rate this On the one hand, Fielding nails the humor Humor is very hard to capture in literature and I often found myself smiling or chuckling But when I wasn t, I was exasperated with Bridget Jones Fielding nails her too Why do women insist on being proud of being so shallow Idiotic, blind about themselves and their lives, and obsessed with all the wrong things in life I didn t sympathize with Bridget at all, nor did I really care about the holes she dug herself into This book is the perfect example of why I don t read chick lit I just don t relate to this definition of what women are More than that, I m embarrassed by it.
I also didn t buy into the love story I didn t really get why Bridget liked him other than he was there But what else than a shallow love interest did I expect from Bridget I m glad that the Prid Let s review this book the Bridget wayReading goal for 2011 35 books not bad books actually read 38 v.
g No of chick lits supposed to be read in a year 1 fair No of chick lits actually read 2 including Bridget Jones s Diary But wait a second Who can callBridget Jones s Diarya chick lit That would be an insult to such a master piece No, Bridget is no wannabe chick lit heroine and this book is certainly no trashy best sellerBridget Jones s Diaryis definitely a piece of literature It is well written, it s funny and it is extremely relate able Bridget, like most girls, tends to make mistakes, fall in love with the wrong guy and she gives an all new twist to the story ofPride and PrejudiceIn a way, it is a work of read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big read Poll of 2003.
Let me introduce you to the B chamel Test No, not the Bechdel Test, that s different And not the sauce, either.
The B chamel Test is a very simply checklist to see if you should read a book or simply set fire to it Here s how it works 1 Is There A Gay Best Friend 2 Are There Moments When The Main Character Would, If The Book Was Set In The Current Time Period, Do Something Awkward and Say, Awkward Out Loud Afterwards In An Incredibly Irritating Faux American Accent With A Hint Of Irony But No Clue As To What Irony Actually Is 3 Is The Protagonist Selfish, Deluded, Thinks 9st Is Overweight, Doesn t Think Maybe A Bit Of Exercise Would Help Pretty Muc Get up and make sensible plan Will work hard on journal paper during day, then go for well earned picnic at open air movie theatre Tonight s movie Bridget Jones s Diary v good Make salmon florentine for picnic, will eat half there and save rest for tomorrow Feel v organized.
Hard to concentrate thoughts on journal paper After lunch go back to bed, need to recover energy Wake up again mid afternoon Decide to postpone working on paper until tomorrow, have to tidy apartment since guests coming for picnic and place looks like tip Pack picnic Guests arrive, walk down to water and find good spot to pitch camp While waiting for movie to start, eat all salmon florentine followed by large serve of chocolate mousse and most of two bottles of wine Halfway through movie, stretch out hand to grope girlfriend and spill remaining wine over brand new picnic rug v bad Girlfriend no

Bridget Jones s Diary Bridget Jones, 1 , Helen FieldingBridget Jones s Diary is a 1996 novel by Helen Fielding Written in the form of a personal diary, the novel chronicles a year in the life of Bridget Jones, a thirty something single working woman living in London She writes about her career, self image, vices, family, friends, and romantic relationships 2005 1384 280 9643622932 20 2001 2001 2001 97 26 218,929,795 2004 20161990 1996 1999 Of course the book is all about Bridget s feelings and emotions.
it s a diary I think anyone, man or woman, would quietly admit to themselves the selfish thoughts they have when something terrible happens to someone they know, Bridget is just doing that in her diary The book provides an excellent outlet for anyone woman who feels the pressures of impending singledom, rubbish careers and crazy parents and it makes the reader see that IT S OK NOT TO BE PERFECT We love Bridget cos she is fun, honest and finds true love even though she is shock horror average and has arse the size of Brazil Obviously not for everyone but one of the best reads I have come across and a must for any single girl.
This certainly wasn t a novel but, what s worse, it wasn t even a credible diary Who records their mishaps while cooking and running late in their preparations Perhaps if this were written in the phone texting age, I could imagine someone constantly chronicling their every move, no matter how pressing the situation or how inane and empty the commentary, but as it is, this book serves as a frightening precursor to a new generation of books with no established atmosphere, characters, dialogue, or insight Fielding would be better off looking into a crystal ball and telling people their fortunes than writing another non novel.
I didn t enjoy this book in an ironic way, or in a it s good even though , or I can t believe I do but I perversely can t help it or any other angled, roundabout, halfway indirect from behind kind of way No I sat on my couch and wolfed this thing down in one sitting while laughing my ass off.
I read it last spring when I decided I was curious about what chick lit was, so that I could form an opinion and generally improve my likelihood of passing as a somewhat informed member of civilization This was not the only chick lit book I attempted I tried Bergdorf Blondes , the first few pages of which made me want to stab my eyes out with a rusty fork well, maybe it made mewant to stab someone else s eyes out Plum Sykes springs to mind , but my point is that it wasn t just bad but act Meet Bridget Jones ASomething Singleton Who Is Certain She Would Have All The Answers If She Could A LosePoundsb Stop Smokingc Develop Inner PoiseLbs How Is It Possible To Put OnPounds In The Middle Of The Night Could Flesh Have Somehow Solidified Becoming Denser And Heavier Repulsive, Horrifying Notion , Alcohol UnitsExcellent , CigarettesPoor But Will Give Up Totally Tomorrow , Number Of Correct Lottery NumbersBetter, But Nevertheless Useless Bridget Jones Diary Is The Devastatingly Self Aware, Laugh Out Loud Daily Chronicle Of Bridget S Permanent, Doomed Quest For Self Improvement A Year In Which She Resolves To Reduce The Circumference Of Each Thigh ByInches, Visit The Gym Three Times A Week Not Just To Buy A Sandwich, Form A Functional Relationship With A Responsible Adult, And Learn To Program The VCROver The Course Of The Year, Bridget Loses A Total OfPounds But Gains A Total OfShe Remains, However, Optimistic Through It All, Bridget Will Have You Helpless With Laughter, And Like Millions Of Readers The World Round You Ll Find Yourself Shouting, Bridget Jones Is Me

Helen Fielding

Trailer ß Bridget Jones's Diary PDF by ß Helen Fielding Helen Fielding was born in Yorkshire She worked for many years in London as a newspaper and TV journalist, travelling as wildly and as often as possibly to Africa, India and Central America She is the author of four novels Cause Celeb, Bridget Jones s Diary, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason and Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, and co wrote the screenplays for the movie of Bridget