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ó Brother Odd ä Download by ↠´ Dean Koontz Loop Me In, Odd OneThe Words, Spoken In The Deep Of Night By A Sleeping Child, Chill The Young Man Watching Over Her For This Was A Favorite Phrase Of Stormy Llewellyn, His Lost Love, And Stormy Is Dead, Gone Forever From This World In The Haunted Halls Of The Isolated Monastery Where He Had Sought Peace, Odd Thomas Is Stalking Spirits Of An Infinitely Darker NatureThrough Two New York Times Bestselling Novels Odd Thomas Has Established Himself As One Of The Most Beloved And Unique Fictional Heroes Of Our Time Now, Wielding All The Power And Magic Of A Master Storyteller At The Pinnacle Of His Craft, Dean Koontz Follows Odd Into A Singular New World Where He Hopes To Make A Fresh Beginning But Where He Will Meet An Adversary As Old And Inexorable As Time ItselfSt Bartholomew S Abbey Sits In Majestic Solitude Amid The Wild Peaks Of California S High Sierra, A Haven For Children Otherwise Abandoned, And A Sanctuary For Those Seeking Insight Odd Thomas Has Come Here To Learn To Live Fully Again, And Among The Eccentric Monks, Their Other Guests, And The Nuns And Young Students Of The Attached Convent School, He Has Begun To Find His Way The Silent Spirits Of The Dead Who Visited Him In His Earlier Life Are Mercifully Absent, Save For The Bell Ringing Brother Constantine And Odd S Steady Companion, The King Of Rock N RollBut Trouble Has A Way Of Finding Odd Thomas, And It Slinks Back Onto His Path In The Form Of The Sinister Bodachs He Has Met Previously, The Black Shades Who Herald Death And Disaster, And Who Come Late One December Night To Hover Above The Abbey S Most Precious Charges For Odd Is About To Face An Enemy Who Eclipses Any He Has Yet Encountered, As He Embarks On A Journey Of Mystery, Wonder, And Sheer Suspense That Surpasses All That Has Come Before B A D B O O K Koont z purple prose give me a migraine and makes me want to kill This book will give your pets cholera.
This book is responsible for increases in the gas tax.
This book emanates the odor of previously owned Romano cheese.
This book slapped my husband.
This book voted for Bush.
I love Odd Thomas I think he is a great character endearing, quirky, funny All the qualities I would want in a good friend And of course, his ability to see ghosts, and his fundamental compassion towards those spirits, makes him special and even admirable.
So I was fully expecting to love this book, as I did the first two in this series Odd Thomas and Forever Odd.
Unfortunately, SPOILER ALERT the climax of this book was very disappointing It lasted approximately 1 and 1 2 pages out of the 430 pages of the book It was over so quickly as to be anti climatic There was a huge buildup fortifying the monastery against the evil forces, bringing together the Brothers and all their make shift weapons, protecting the children at all costs, and then, bang One shot and its all over It was way to simple and quick of an ending for me.
And the actual ending Odd Thomas is such an awesome character I loved his integrity, his dry humor and his bravery I recall reading a quote, something along the lines that bravery isn t the absence of fear, it s the presence of fear but the willingness to do what is needed, anyway That describes Odd Thomas to a T.
The title says it all Brother this was Odd Not too sure if it was A a comedy posing as a horror story or B a horror story trying to be humorous Which ever it was, for me, it failed on both accounts.
A lot of the humour was just plain puerile, like the ghost of Elvis, who appears on numerous occasions, sticking his finger up his nose and wiggling out his ear This kind of puerile humour just goes on ad infinitum As a result of the ODD humour the horror story just never takes off.
The book is 440 pages long, about 140 pages too long This could have been achieved by removing most, if not all, of the quantum physics theorising and the inane humour As for the cliff hanger ending it was just like the rest of the book much ado about nothing.
Recommended only if you have read and enjoyed the other Odd Thomas books read July 8, 2008I really enjoy this series I love Odd and how, without even trying, or even wanting to, lives up to his name Odd is struggling with his loss Even with all that happened in the previous book and maybe because of it , he is still almost consumed by the loss of his forever love , Stormy Llewellyn He has retreated to St Bartholomew s Abbey to live amongst the monks and the Nun s, who run a school hospital for children who the world has forgotten or doesn t want any to try and find peace When the Bodachs first show up, Odd knows that evil and destruction are not far behind As he rushes to save the Abbey and its inhabitants who he has grown to respect and love , Odd has to both look deep inside himself AND draw from strength he never even knew he had.
Loved this book RE read July 7, 2012STILL give this book FIVE stars This still is my I didn t care that much for the second book in the Odd Thomas series but this third book really kicked it up a notch I thought the end came a bit too easily, but there was a lot of genuine tension throughout the book and some very nice description to go along with interesting characters.
This is the fourth time I ve actually read Brother Odd Good thing for Goodreads to help me keep track of how many times Brother Odd is among my favorites in the Odd Thomas series For a long time, I said it was my favorite but now I am rather partial to Odd Interlude and Odd Apocalypse.
I like the idea of creating our own reality which I hadn t seen in Koontz s works since By the Light of the Moon , From the Corner of His Eye and most recently experienced in Ashley Bell.
The most impressive thing to me is still the fact view spoiler that Boo is a Ghost Dog I never saw that coming the first time I read the book and still upon re reading the book, am impressed the way Dean writes this character into the story hide spoiler Bizarre, funny, and horrifying three things I have come to expect from Odd Thomas It didn t blow me away, but I enjoyed it.
Also, since I live in the Indianapolis area and Odd spends a good deal of time discussing Indianapolis, Hoosiers people from Indiana, not the movie , etc.
, I was entertained The story itself didn t come anywhere near drawing me in as much as the characters In fact, I am not sure I fully understand what happened, but oh well Finally, one heck of a cliffhanger that has me very interested in the next one.
Brother Odd is Dean Koontz s redemption piece after the fiasco that was Forever Odd, whether or not the author thinks so is beside the point He redeemed himself in my eyes Everything I hated from the second book is thankfully absent from the third, while everything I adored about the first book returns in abundance Odd doesn t have to spend 120 pages walking this time around because he s already at the site of the book s action I have read other reviews that complain about the story line being too far fetched, but when going into a read about a dude that sees dead people and hangs with Elvis s ghost, I tend to expect outlandish plots and ideas I refuse to spoil anything this time around because there is much to be given away While reading Brother Odd I came to understand w

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