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[ Read Online Building Cisco Remote Access Networks ê maritime PDF ] by Catherine Paquet Á I easily passed BCRAN by using only this book Catherine delved into the material deep enough to give a good understanding of the technology, but not too deep to make it difficult to understand She covers everything you will see on the exam even though this is NOT an exam prep book.
There are some obvious mistakes in the book which is the only reason I didn t give it 5 stars , but if you really understand the material, these will be apparent to you If you never find these problem areas, then you need to reread the material.
As I wrote above I ve just come back from Sylvan center where I got almost 900 points on BCRAN CCNP 2.
0 track test.
This book is very good It covers everything you need I used only this book and I didn t find any significant gaps.
This book looks a bit strange because it doesn t have any test question examples and you can t check yourself Questions are really close to the real test ones.
A few words about exam It s relativly easy because passing score is low just 709 and, the most important thing, if you are asked to enter command they give you a list of about 50 possible command to choose from I had few questions on 1600 model line and you should memorize all 16xx configurations and types of ISDN interface I don t know why Cisco likes 16xx Lot s of information Some chapters are fair some are terrible It does presents all the information needed to pass the test However, to pass the test you will have to rely on memorizing the material You will not be able to understand it, much less being able to do the job In order to be able to do the job read Bill Burton s Remote Access for Cisco Networks Bill Burton s book is excellent, very clear and coherent Unlike Catherine Paquet s book it flows smoothly, it is easy to follow and in the end you can perform the job.
Onetip, all remote access books I looked at miss one important piece they do not explain the complete set of interrelationships between serial interfaces, asynchronous interfaces, lines, controllers, vtys, ttys, etc Therefore you need to read introduction section from Cisco IOS 12.
0 Dial Solutions It is a horrible read and you will have to fight t This book is for the people taking the new BCRAN exam For CMTD, stick to Cisco IOS Dial Solution book and with the Exam objectives Look for some neat dial cookbooks covering the exam objectives on the Cisco website For BCRAN candidates, this book is recommended If you are attempting BCRAN, pay special attention to X.
25 and frame relay techologies SVCs, PVCs, Frame Relay shaping etccommands and their outputs Since this is the OFFICIAL bcran title, stick with it

This book is so completely disjointed and self contradictory that I thought it was ghost published by Sybex the worst techno publisher of ALL time I have many years of experience in the industry and I still needed several days and a secret decoder ring to decipher a few paragraphs I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with Cisco on this one I would give it a one, but I do believe that if you blindly memorize with NO concern for comprehension, that this will probably limp you through passing.
Anyhow, enough bashing Just save your money and look else where.
Patrick Smith MCSE, MCP I, CCNA v1 v2, CCNP I didn t take the Cisco course I just used this book with some experience with the equipment and passed the exam first time with 887 Despite what you might have heard elsewhere, take it from me that this is a difficult exam It covers a large range of subjects the book covers all these subjects, however, to echo some of the other reviews here, the book is badly let down by typos and some of the configs are downright wrong A few of the chapters also don t go into enough detail, for example, the section on compression and queuing The book should also cover the router models in greater depth since the exam stresses this point Nevertheless, this is definitely the book to buy if you want to sit the exam If you have been on the course, don t bother buying since the con For those folks like me who were stymied looking for study material for CMTD, look no further This book has a great deal of the info that you need to prepare for CMTD, and some chapters you should go ahead and read even if you re not preparing for BCRAN Check your exam objectives if you re working on CMTD, and download any missing info from Cisco s website.
Catherine Paquet does a tremendous job in presenting information The best part of the book is the case study you find at the end of most chapters Instead of the typical multiple choice questions, you re asked to come up with solutions to customer demands for remote access This is great practice for actually applying what you have learned, which is a must f Terrible I ve come to be fairly accepting of occassional flaws in Cisco Press books Given the pace of the technology they must describe, its to be expected that their editing cycles can t be full and perfect Still, this book sinks to new lows for coherence and writing quality Stylistically, this text resembles littlethan a jumble of power point documents pasted into book format Numerous charts, bulleted lists, and diagrams are thrown together with a simulacrum of connecting text The author s train of thought derails frequently, and copious space is wasted restating section headings Near entire pages appear to have been cut and paste from other sections of the text e.
g pages 29 and 30 , and repetition is seen throughout.
The best that can be said for this book is that it is easy to read the author s intentions from the flawed writing style, and extract the course notes that the text h Cisco Authorized Self Study Book For CCNP Remote Access Foundation Learning Prepare For CCNP Certification While Learning The Fundamentals Of Remote Access Networks Apply Cisco Solutions For Assembling And Cabling WAN Components Enable On Demand Connections By Configuring Asynchronous Connections With Modems And Configuring Point To Point Protocol Enhance On Demand Connectivity Using ISDN And DDR Technologies Learn How To Manage Permanent Connections With X, Frame Relay, Backups, Queuing, And Compression Building Cisco Remote Access Networks Is A Cisco Authorized Self Paced Learning Tool It Teaches You How To Design, Configure, And Maintain A Remote Access Network Using Cisco Products This Book Helps You Enable And Enhance The On Demand Connectivity Of A Small Office, Home Office, Or Telecommuter Site To A Central Site It Is Divided Into Six Main Areas Introduction To Remote Access Networks, Identifying Cisco Solutions To Remote Access Needs, Enabling On Demand Connections To The Central Site, Enhancing On Demand Connectivity, Enabling Permanent Connections To The Central Site, And Scaling Remote Access Networks Building Cisco Remote Access Networks Offers Detailed And Concise Solutions For Working With Remote Access Networks Configuration Examples Demonstrate Management And Troubleshooting Techniques Step By Step Configuration And Troubleshooting Lists Walk You Though Remote Access Network Set Up And Management In Depth Discussions Teach You How To Maintain And Scale A Remote Access Network Finally, Chapter Ending Questions Help You Assess Your Understanding Of Key Concepts And Start You Down The Path For Attaining Your CCNP Certification Building Cisco Remote Access Networks Is Part Of A Recommended Learning Path From Cisco Systems That Can Include Simulation And Hands On Training From Authorized Cisco Learning Partners And Self Study Products From Cisco Press To Find Out About Instructor Led Training, E Learning, And Hands On Instruction Offered By Authorized Cisco Learning Partners Worldwide, Please Visit Cisco Go Authorizedtraining

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