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¸ Read Þ Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride ☆ This is Stuart MacBride s debut novel and I was pleasantly surprised how good it was It s not perfect, though, and I ll get to my criticism in a minute.
I liked the complex story With toddlers missing, the kneecapped body from the harbor, the bin bag girl, and , this was a busy book, but the story flowed very well I liked DS Logan McRae I could be wrong, but most books set in the UK that I ve read seem to have a lead character who is a DI with a DS sidekick Main character DS McRae was a nice change I liked DI Insch and his laid back management style I even liked Roadkill and I could just smell his steadings I also liked the humor.
Now, critically, at 458 pages, the book was too long There was a lot of repetition that eventually became boring Examples are Insch with his constant eating of sweets and sitting half chee My first book by this author and definitely not my last I became quite attached to D.
I Logan McCrae and enjoyed many of the other characters too The story was excellent if a little too graphic at times I am quite accomplished at skimming the really upsetting bits so the nasty details did not bother me too much I found it to be quite neatly put together and rather realistic in terms of police procedure etc Another new author Hooray,, DS Logan McRae And The Police In Aberdeen Hunt A Child Killer Who Stalks The Frozen Streets Winter In Aberdeen Murder, Mayhem And Terrible Weather It S DS Logan McRae S First Day Back On The Job After A Year Off On The Sick, And It Couldn T Get Much Worse Four Year Old David Reid S Body Is Discovered In A Ditch, Strangled, Mutilated And A Long Time Dead And He S Only The First There S A Serial Killer Stalking The Granite City And The Local Media Are Baying For Blood Soon The Dead Are Piling Up In The Morgue Almost As Fast As The Snow On The Streets, And Logan Knows Time Is Running Out More Children Are Going Missing More Are Going To Die And If Logan Isn T Careful, He Could End Up Joining Them The Hook My GR friend Jean and then Christine both gave Cold Granite rousing thumbs up reviews I trust these women so thought Why not The LineThe lasagne tasted like damp newspaper to himLasange is the Scottish rendition of lasagna, just in case someone wants to correct my spelling The Sinker As Christine said Hot Dog It s a debut and a humdinger Now if you re expecting cream puffs and muffins, forget this one Though there s lots of candy floating around in this police department, this is no fluffy police procedural If mistletoe, Christmas Carols, and the spirit of the season is making you merry and bright, wait until the doldrums of January or maybe even February to take this one on It s brutal in its killing and the images and smells of the dead reek off the page, are descriptive, if not a bit gory So why did I With DS Logan McRae back at work after spending a year recovering from a near fatal stabbing, he had been directed to ease into the job But when the call came in that a body had been found, and that body was of a child, he found himself lead investigator in a case that would consume him and the local police for the next few weeks The weather in Aberdeen was cruel an icy cold winter had attacked the residents with the bitter wind relentless in its fury The snow removed any chance of finding evidence, the constant rain made everyone s lives miserable He could see this would be one that no one would want to volunteer for Within days there were children missing bodies being found A sadistic serial killer was on the loose and the full resources of the law were needed to sto It s raining it s pouring The old man is snoring.
He bumped his head and went to bed,And couldn t get up in the morning English nursery rhyme Detective Sergeant Logan MacRae could only wish for such a case But, no His very first day back on the job after a year of sick leave after being stabbed while on duty is quite grim Stuart McBride s debut novel of the Logan MacRae series begins with Aberdeen police at the scene of a grisly discovery a young boy s strangled, mutilated body lying in a ditch The poor wee sod was only three years old It s not long before it s raining missing and dead children.
It s been a hot, humid August in Minnesota, and there s nothing like a cold, wet thriller to chill me to the bone Cold Granite certainly fits the bill Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland, is known as the Granite City, and statistically is the coldest city in the UK I love a th This is the first novel featuring Detective Sergeant Logan McRae, who is a very human and flawed character When we meet him he has been off work for a year, after being seriously knifed in the stomach We also learn that whatever happened on the day he was injured, resulted in his losing his relationship with pathologist Dr Isobel MacAlister This is unfortunate, as their paths will cross many times in this book In fact, almost as soon as McRae returns to work, the crime rate is about to soar.
This is a gritty and hard hitting novel, involving two different investigations, which somehow merge along the way The first involves the fact that little boys are being abducted and killed The second concerns the murder of a gangster, who has ended up in the river minus his kneecaps Thrown into the deep end, McRae finds himself trying to solve the crimes, stay warm whic

Aye Shame He was fucking tasty in his day Quite the lady killer But we couldn t prove it Detective Inspector Steel There is a lot to like in Stuart MacBride s police procedural, Cold Granite To start with, the story is sprinkled with humorous lines like the one above, delivered by likeable, almost quirky, characters Some moments actually made me laugh out loud, which I found surprising as I didn t expect it to be filled with such dark humor The author does a great job of balancing the humorous moments with the serious, and quite gruesome, aspects of the main story.
Detective Sergeant Logan McRae, the MC, is also very likeable I liked that he was human sometimes he got things wrong and sometimes he got things right He was also just a man trying to do his job One thing I would ha Dead things had always been special to him Their delicate coldness The feel of the skin The ripe, sweet smell as they decayed As they returned to God Detective Logan McRae comes back to work after months of recovery from a savage knife attack from a suspect which left him severely wounded His stomach is a mass of scar tissue His mental state is reasonably stable considering that scars on the body tend to leave scars on the mind, as well He works for the Aberdeen police department, located in the Scottish Highlands The weather is wet and windy, and because it is wet, the granite hills surrounding Aberdeen seem even desolate to the eye, and because it is windy, the cold chills the body to the bone It all begins, barely before McRae can warm a seat at the station, with the discovery of a dead child Then another Then another child goe 4.
5 stars rounded to 5 stars Hot Dog I have myself another fabulous series to dig into I love discovering these older series as there will be books waiting for me whenever I get the urge to revisit the characters In addition, there is something about some of these vintage novels that you do not see in books published today Some sort of IT factor that is difficult to explain Cold Granite is the debut novel and a great start to Mr McBride s Logan McRae collection The setting is Aberdeen, Scotland What a totally miserable place It s like chapter 20 and STILL raining At least it finally stops When we reach December Then it doesn t stop snowing I ll say one thing though Mr McBride is such a creative guy that I

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¸ Read Þ Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride ☆ izmirescort.pro Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write ist.Stuart MacBride that s me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I m concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two, when fashions were questionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder, then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musi