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[ Read Online Cryptonomicon ↠´ dragonlance PDF ] by Neal Stephenson Ó I m shocked by the critical acclaim this book received in the sci fi category but I suppose even a turd can float Two stars is really pushing it Maybe a star for the number of laughs I got per 100 pages This is the work of a technically inept egomaniac He does have some technical background he drops Unix hints and anagrams the name of a supposed deity who dies and then later comes back w no explanation However, it s not enough savoir faire for any of the content to make sense It might sound dangerous to some but just plain stupid to computer geeks such as myself It s obvious that this is not his first book by the way that the author is allowed to recklessly abandon the main plot or any of the 4 sporadic narratives for 70 100 page tangents If he hired a first yr EE student to clarify some basic principles, snipped about 500 pages and got some rit My friend Stuart s reading this and I stupidly started spoiling one of the best lines in the book it pops up as Shaftoe s motto and he was mildly irritated with me Fortunately for him, he is vastly smarter than me so while he was quite generously acting annoyed he was probably thinking to himself, Maybe one day I will spoil math and engineering and the details of Riemann zeta functions for Conrad Now I m rereading it out of sympathy and it s even better than I remembered.
Anyway, while I haven t yet approached the implosion that I know is coming toward the end, I am really even impressed at the catholicity of Stephenson s concerns than I was the first time I read the book He has insightful things to say about information theory, natch, but also Tolkein, postmodern literary criticism OK, he s a little reactionary about this, but he s also right , the wisdom of joining the Marin Cryptonomicon Zooms All Over The World, Careening Conspiratorially Back And Forth Between Two Time Periods World War II And The Present Our S Heroes Are The Brilliant Mathematician Lawrence Waterhouse, Crypt Analyst Extraordinaire, And Gung Ho, Morphine Addicted Marine Bobby Shaftoe They Re Part Of Detachment , An Allied Group Trying To Break Axis Communication Codes While Simultaneously Preventing The Enemy From Figuring Out That Their Codes Have Been Broken Their Job Boils Down To Layer Upon Layer Of Deception Dr Alan Turing Is Also A Member Of , And He Explains The Unit S Strange Workings To Waterhouse When We Want To Sink A Convoy, We Send Out An Observation Plane First Of Course, To Observe Is Not Its Real Duty We Already Know Exactly Where The Convoy Is Its Real Duty Is To Be Observed Then, When We Come Round And Sink Them, The Germans Will Not Find It Suspicious All Of This Secrecy Resonates In The Present Day Story Line, In Which The Grandchildren Of The WWII Heroes Inimitable Programming Geek Randy Waterhouse And The Lovely And Powerful Amy Shaftoe Team Up To Help Create An Offshore Data Haven In Southeast Asia And Maybe Uncover Some Gold Once Destined For Nazi Coffers To Top Off The Paranoiac Tone Of The Book, The Mysterious Enoch Root, Key Member Of Detachment And The Societas Eruditorum, Pops Up With An Unbreakable Encryption Scheme Left Over From WWII To Befuddle The S Protagonists With Conspiratorial Ties One of the problems when reviewing Cryptonomicon is that you could easily end up writing a short novel just trying to summarize it Here s my attempt to boil the story down to its essence.
During World War II, Lawrence Waterhouse is a genius mathematician who is part of the effort to break Japanese and German codes, and his job is to keep them from realizing how successful the Allies have been by faking events that give the enemies reasons other than compromised codes to pin any losses on Marine Sergeant Bobby Shaftoe had to leave behind the woman he loves in the Philippines when the war broke out in the Pacific and after surviving some brutal island combat, he finds himself assigned to a unit carrying out dangerous and weird missions that seem to have no logical goals.
In the late 90s, Waterhouse s grandson Randy is an amiable computer geek w 2015 reread In World War II, Bobby Shaftoe is a Marine, and Lawrence Waterhouse is a cryptographer In the present, Randy Waterhouse is part of a tech start up in the Phillipines How are the two threads linked, other than by the mysterious Enoch Root Okay, so this kitten squisher is a lot complicated that but after 1200 reviews, it s hard to come up with teasers some days.
As noted above, this was not my first time reading Cryptonomicon I first read it when it was published, way back in the bygone days before the world moved on When it popped up for 1.
99 on one of my cheap o emails, I snapped it up.
This mammoth tome is classified as science fiction but could easily be looked at as historical fiction since the sf element is minuscule Neal Stephenson weaves together multiple plot threads Reading this book was a lot like riding in a car that steadily picks up speed and then stalls out I wanted to like it a great deal than I ended up doing I would be trucking along, really getting into it, starting to get eager about turning the page and finding out what was going to happen next, and thensome reference to hairy legged academic feminists or the Ejaculation Control Commission or those things women always say to manipulate men and my enjoyment would come to a screeching halt Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook I am FINIIIIIISHED I thought it didn t have an ending I thought Neal Stephenson kept sneaking to my house and inserting pages in the back while I was asleep I thought he would never be appeased until I begged him to stop with a deck of cards, morse code and a wide variety of pleading looks This is a massive boy book A MASSIVE boy book It s got overwhelmingly male characters, and they do really boy things, like coding, and shooting things, and drawing logarithmic graphs about the last time they masturbated I kept being surprised that I could open this book and it didn t immediately smell overpoweringly of old canvas and sweat And I say this in the most endearing way, generally speaking the characters in this book have no idea, none at all , that I am not One Of Them, so I got to romp about with the best of them, messing about with submarines and mid nineties hacker polit Cryptonomicon.
A 1000 page tech info dump comfort read Yes, comfort read,I think this is my fourth read of this wonderful novel and it just keeps on giving I m still picking up new subtleties, offhand comments that I missed, imagery that was lost on me on the last time through There is a reason why this is one of my favourite novels and why Stephenson is my favourite author Cryptonomicon is the story of money, value and information Lawrence Waterhouse, a math genius, works alongside Alan Turing at Bletchley Park and responsible for misinformation and broadening the bell curve Alan cracked the codes, but how do we not let the enemy know we have broke the codes Along comes Corporal Bobby Shaftoe and Detac

Pretenses are shabby things that, like papier mache houses, must be energetically maintained or they will dissolve Neal Stephenson has written an overlong novel focusing on the significance of cryptography both in the world today and the time of World War II He links the two by using multiple family generations The predecessors inhabit the early cryptographical universe of Turing and others, dealing with cracking German and Japanese cyphers The latter family representatives are trying to develop a secure cryptography that will support the creation of a global monetary system, based on gold stashed in the Philippines near the end of the war Neal Stephenson from the LA TimesStephenson provides considerable payload here, providing details of cryptography then and now, an Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, is to techno intellectuals as Bryant Denny Stadium is to redneck college football fans it is a monument According to Stephenson in this very enjoyable, but lengthy book nerds won the Second World War and are keeping global society free from tyranny nowadays Weighing in at 1168 pages, this behemoth saddles up to the literary buffet line alongside Atlas Shrugged and War and Peace How does a book this big get published and how does an author achieve that goal much less make it entertaining, endearing and just plain good to read By being expertly written by a very talented author, who is also funny, making similes and metaphors that frequently made me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud Neal Stephenson comes across like a geeky Jonathon Franzen, blending erudite sci fi qualities with meti

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[ Read Online Cryptonomicon ↠´ dragonlance PDF ] by Neal Stephenson Ó izmirescort.pro Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World , as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac. He lives in Seattle, Washington.