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Î Darwin's Radio ↠´ Download by ½ Greg Bear I really liked this book The author obviously researched the subject matter thoroughly, and there was a good balance of science and engaging plot line I found it to be an easy and fun read, and I will definitely be reading books by this author in the future.
An excellent idea sadly marred by poor writing, the impression is that Greg Bear came up with a great idea for a novel, researched it and then decided to tell everyone look at what I have learned The main problem is the there is a distinct clumpiness to the story a few pages of story followed by look at what I learned today, a rushed ending just as the book begins to take shape.
It borderlines on being turgid If we look at Andy Weir s The Martian, which is undeniably a well written novel, it contains a excellent balance of science and storytelling that makes the book a pleasure to read in quiet an addictive way.
this book became so leaden in the middle that I took time out and read Weird Things Customers Say In Book Shops by Jen Campell and Fifty Sheds of Grey By C T Grey for some light relief and begun re Cu toate c am r t cit o vreme printre termenii din genetic , paleontologie i virusologie, premisa c r ii a fost chiar fascinant view spoiler dac evolu ia uman nu este un proces lent de tip darwinist i ADN ul nostru con ine cheia unor salturi evolutive fulger toare hide spoiler I did not enjoy this book in the slightest I probably should have seen it coming, what with the very first sentence of the very first chapter likening the color of the sky backdrop of the alps to a dog s pale crazy eye Even when, on the very next page, Bear described a frozen waterfall as a gnome s upside down castle I thought oh, this won t be so bad.
I was wrong Dead wrong.
First, let s talk about geek talk I m a big fan of Michael Crichton, and as such I expect a book s geek talk to be nicely interwoven into the regular dialog and not be too over the top for me, as a non scientist, to handle An author needs to be very talented to accomplish this, and he must also be able to understand the importance of An interesting look at what might possibly be the next stage of evolution Greg Bear s Hugo nominee is a wonderful mix of scientific and political thriller as well as a study of human reactions and relationships Beautifully laid out and written in an interesting manner.
After I finished this book I sat back and thought, my god, I know all about viruses and diseases and retroviruses now Greg Bear does not dumb down the science to make sure his audience gets it, instead he explains everything several times in innovative ways to make sure the reader comprehends the importance of his storyline The science in this book is complex and believable, compelling and worthy While I am generally a physics and chemistry lov

5 stars Excellent concept and great science highlight this very good hard SF story Winner Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee John W Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel The first 200 pages or so of this book are incredibly engaging and interesting I wasn t put off by the science talk, though there was too much of it someone who truly understood it would probably find a lot of holes in it, and someone who didn t get it beyond the basics didn t really need to read so extensively about it but after the first half, the book starts taking a plunge south I stopped caring about the characters at some point in the middle, the female lead turning into quite a trope by the the end, the ending was completely unsatisfying and left a bunch of story lines hanging, plot holes and rambling side stories that never saw any closure It was like Bear got tired of writing the story and just wanted to finish it, so he glossed over a lot of the things he had so carefully set The sad part is th As warned by a friend, the ideas here are pretty fascinating the book might be fifteen years behind in terms of science, but there s nothing inherently ridiculous about the idea based on the scientific knowledge of the time but the actual narrative is pretty deadly boring Some of the writing is just why would you let that slip past, editor Hard SF isn t just about the cool ideas there has to be some element of execution there as well, or there s no point in writing it as a novel there d be a non fiction audience for speculation about the future too, undoubtedly.
It s pretty unfortunate, since Bear did the work here in setting up the world, figuring out the details, making A lead to B without a gap in logic Unfortunately, the prose is flat, most of the characters likewise, and isn t there a song with lyrics that go I don t care a lot Because it s in my head right now.
The first time I read this I felt horrified and dazed for weeks I still consider this a masterpiece of horror sci fi The characters are somewhat memorable, but memorable is their pain indeed, the pain of the whole world was felt in the back of my mouth, preparing it rise up from my stomach, up the pipe, out the maw, to hang onto my lip and smack me thrice on my face, wink, and then jump off to slither under the door jam and horrify someone else.
Don t get me wrong, this is a pure sci fi novel, but no sci fi affects me as much as the types that are just as facile in other genres This one does and gleefully so I may not know that much about biology, or enough to tear Bear apart, but I followed his arguments and treatment and was amazed at the way he pulled a rabbit out of the junk DNA.
I ve been a fan of Greg Bear s work for many year Molecular Biologist Kaye Lang S Theory That Ancient Diseases Encoded In The DNA Of Humans Can Return To Life Has Become A Chilling Reality The Shocking Evidence A Virus Hunter Has Tracked Down A Flu Like Disease That Kills Expectant Mothers And Their Offspring

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Î Darwin's Radio ↠´ Download by ½ Greg Bear Greg Bear is one of the world s leading hard SF authors He sold his first short story, at the age of fifteen, to Robert Lowndes s Famous Science Fiction A full time writer, he lives in Washington State with his family He is married to Astrid Anderson Bear He is the son in law of Poul Anderson They are the parents of two children, Erik and Alexandra.