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Download Epub Format à Dead Witch Walking PDF by º Kim Harrison Hated, hated, hated this book Rachel Morgan got on my last nerve, and by the end, I was ready for her to get killed However, her partners Jinx and Ivy were loads of fun.
5 shadowed stars My head tells me 3 stars, but my heart says 4 Which makes an average of 3.
5 but you knew that already WOW.
Yes, that is the reaction I had after starting Dead Witch Walking great title by the way I was so surprised while discovering every creature this book contains There are witches, vampires, trolls apparently, fairies, PIXIES PIXIES guys There are PIXIES Plus, one of them is an important character of the story I m talking about this oneOn the left, we have Ivy vampire and on the right wait for it RACHEL witch And, in between, cute little pixie Jenks So, the world building was an A, for me, in the UF genre The Fever series used to be in the lead, on the very very top, for the world building bu All The Creatures Of The Night Gather In The Hollows Of Cincinnati, To Hide, To Prowl, To Party And To FeedVampires Rule The Darkness In A Predator Eat Predator World Rife With Dangers Beyond Imagining And It S Rachel Morgan S Job To Keep That World CivilizedA Bounty Hunter And Witch With Serious Sex Appeal And An Attitude, She Ll Bring Em Back Alive, Dead Or Undead Every review of this series talks about it being one of the best Urban Fantasies out there, and I have to admit that the world in this one is pretty awesome I liked everything about the world.
So, why the three stars Because I have a little pet peeve with something that I can easily spot for the future of this series And, yes, I have so many book pet peeves that my house smells like a pet peeve litter box, but still I can t resist their cute little faces I know this one doesn t go THAT well, but gosh darn it all, it made me laugh.
Rachel, our heroine, meets up with Mr Baddie, Trent, and he almost kills her and greatly injures her, cages her and allows his assistant to physically abuse her for sadistic pleasure, threatens her, and then tries to have her die by rats, but she is ogling his ass the whole time Plus, maybe, just maybe he is Mr Misunderstood instead of Mr Baddie And, I m like O Don t let the cover, description, cover reviews, or hell, even the title throw you off on this one It looks like a cheesy paperback Possibly even a twisted romance novel, but believe me it s not.
It takes place in a world where instead of going to the moon, money went into bioengineering Of course something went wrong a virus got out, in tomatoes Like a plague it started wiping out humans, Inlanders however people and beings with mystical abilities, witches, weres, pixies etc were immune Well except for the Elves They went completely extinct It hit them worse than humans By the time the thing was under control the population of regular humans and Inlanders was roughly the same No longer feeling the need to hide, being as they were no longer the minority to be prosecuted, the Inlanders became open about who they we 2 7 18 ON SALE for 2.
99 by Rabid ReadsThe Hollows is another one of the first Urban Fantasy series I ever read The bug had gotten me, but I was still new enough to not really know what was available I think I was just pursuing every lead gave me, and that was back in the 3 for 4 paperbacks days, so I was in the habit of ordering the first four books in any newly discovered series.
Which was a good plan, b c by the time I finished Dead Witch Walking, I was well and truly hooked, and if I had days to wait before I could start the next book, I might have cried.
Rachel Morgan a witch lives in one of my favorite UF worlds the creatures out of the closet world.
The first time I encountered this kind of world, I didn t know what to do with it it was too foreign a concept for me to unquestioningly swallow However, Book, you have the right to a speedy trial reviewTHE DEFENSELead heroine is funny and engaging, yet also flawed enough to feel real I felt I could relate whenever Rachel Morgan did something stupidplus when book characters screw up, it makes me feel not as bad for doing at least 8,000 stupid things a dayThat s an exaggeration, of course I only do 7,999 stupid things a day topsI also loved the supporting cast Ivy the vampire is moody yet oh so adorable, Keasley never loses his cool, and Jenks the pixie may be the greatest scene stealer since Winona Ryder told the makers of Girl Interrupted,So what if Angeline Jolie is fairly new at this, everyone will just be watching me anywayMagic system is far thought out than in most novels Rachel doesn t just wiggle her nose and make stuff happen, there are very strict procedures she has to adhere to and l Buddy read with the MacHalo group in June 2016.
Ooops, I m going to bail on this one, sorry guys Urban fantasy is just not doing it for me these days, and since I ve already read this series and it d be a re read anyway, I don t feel too bad PQuick generic review, though if you like urban fantasies, this is hands down one of the best series in the genre, overall Some books aren t as strong as others, but it only gets better I know that can be annoying, but with this series, I think my favorite book was either book 8 or 9 Pale Demon Some of the best world building I ve ever read Some of the best characters I ve ever loved Seriously It s worth reading.
This one was a little rough I remember struggling through it a bit, but I m glad I pushed through and kept going A 20 something witch is th

Making a spell is easy It s trusting you did it right that s hardMcCree from Overwatch voice Dead Witch Walking is just a product of its time and it just reads like an early 2000s PNR UF story I guarantee if I read this back when I was in love with the Fever series, the Kate Daniels series, and the Riley Jenson Guardian series, then I would have enjoyed this way than I did Sadly, we are in 2019, and the true fact is that this didn t age well, in my opinion But I still had a lot of fun reading this one This is a story about a witch named Rachel who works as a bounty hunter for a pretty slimy boss But while on a mission, she and a coworker find a Leprechaun who grants them three wishes, and one of Rachel s wishes is to quit her job, but the coworker, Ivy, leaves wi Kim Harrison Image from Google In an alternate near past, humans have been much reduced as a result of unanticipated problems with bioengineered tomatoes One result is that non humans, immune to the created virus, have become the dominant culture, witches, werewolves, vampires, the usual gang of idiots The main character here is Rachel, a witch who is contracted with the security organization responsible for policing the magical population Her assignments are called runs In such runs she goes after folks who are breaking laws, whether of the murder or traffic ticket variety Of late, the latter Her true desire is to take down the big crime boss in town Stymied in her job by hostile and incompetent bosses, she see

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