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É Read ↠´ Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer Ô Book 3 in The Twilight Saga Bella and Edward are back together, while Bella is struggling to hold on to her friendship with her very best friend, Jacob There is also a new threat lurking on the horizon This was another very entertaining story in the series Romance, action, and some great interplay and moments between the characters, especially Bella and Jacob Jacob continues to grow on meandwith each book It was interesting to learnabout Rosalie and Jasper, and also the legends of the werewolves Atmospheric as always in the small town setting of Forks, Washington I m looking forward to the final book, Breaking Dawn.
I had expectations for this book, but I found it to be a terrible disappointment Where to begin with First of all, I have lost most of the respect I had for Bella as a character Her obsession for Edward has really gone overboard, to the point of becoming downright annoying, even unhealthy She worships the ground he walks on, and is all too ready to dump her parents and friends just so she can spendtime with him without growing old She doesn t seem to have any serious problem with the idea of making her parents worry, or the thought of never see them again she s willing to stomp over anything that isn t Edward, even things that can enrich her life She s like a satellite, her boring life revolving solely around him She has no self worth, and spends a good deal of the book whining, complaining and sighing As Seattle Is Ravaged By A String Of Mysterious Killings And A Malicious Vampire Continues Her Quest For Revenge, Bella Once Again Finds Herself Surrounded By Danger In The Midst Of It All, She Is Forced To Choose Between Her Love For Edward And Her Friendship With Jacob Knowing That Her Decision Has The Potential To Ignite The Ageless Struggle Between Vampire And Werewolf With Her Graduation Quickly Approaching, Bella Has One Decision To Make Life Or Death But Which Is Which snif my link is worthless now.
this is the virgin daiquiri version of wuthering heights, all watered down, plopped in a blender, and sitting at the folding card table with the kiddies.
and they are all gulping it down without knowing that the real deal is wayfun.
elizabeth has probably written the best review this book could ever get, with much wittier analogies, so go read that, then come back here for some less articulate complaints.
i messed up i thought i would have a nice vacation, where i would have plenty of time and concentration to lounge over our mutual friend instead, there was drinking, and some self pity, and vacation langour, and i just couldn t give dickens the attention he deserves you know who really doesn t deserve my complete a This book just made me hate the Twilight series evenIt made me hate Bella and EdwardHell, it even made me hate Stephanie Meyer for not double checking her stupidity all in 629 pages But I do love Jacob ever so much now He rules They suck End of story I read the third novel because of my curiosity, and we all know, curiosity killed my brain This is my review of the novel and my opinion Anyone who is unhealthily obsessed with Edward or the novel should not be reading this unless you want a good kick in the face We are introduced with Jacob my hero writing a letter to Bitchface Bella and just like himself, has many flaws, but usually ends sweetly Charlie is not so crazy about Edward like his dumbass daughter Bella is because he put her in such an emo mood Still, he lets her have her freedom but to only use that freedom to talk to others and not waste time with E Eclipse took what magic was in Twilight and survived the boring but interesting New Moon and killed it off with it s length, lack of imagery, inconsistencies, and lifeless characters.
The high school romance theme is COMPLETELY abandoned we have the occasional, random scene since we need some build up to Bella s very boring graduation where she doesn t care I think the high school theme is one of the reasons Twilight was such a success, the reader was really in Bella s shoes as she solved Edward while attending school to provide a normal break We sometimes read Bella studying for tests but that is only to pass the time until something supernatural happens, we never see the test nor does she feel ANY concern for her dismal grades Heck, Bella doesn t even care about a paid stay at Dartmouth even if it s ju With the imminent This was written in 2010 release of the film and the film getting decent reviews it seemed time to dive back in Meyer is a guilty pleasure, and the 629 pages read like 250 Bella, as usual, straddles the line between vampires and werewolves But Stephanie Meyer has broadened her scope She adds the complication of additional players and increased the battle forces a bit, adding some new recruits to the forces of real darkness and throwing in some preparatory and fun back stories to bolster the coming action She offers us a little literary meat and potatoes this time, with frequent references to Wuthering Heights But whiny Bella still cleaves to Edward while keeping the panting Jacob at something less than paw s length There is emotional and some literal bodice ripping aplenty Can Jacob convince Bella to reconsider Will Charlie grow any consciousness Eclipse Twilight 3 , Stephenie Meyer Eclipse is the third novel in the Twilight Saga by American novelist Stephenie Meyer It continues the story of Bella Swan and her vampire love, Edward Cullen The novel explores Bella s compromise between her love for Edward and her friendship with shape shifter Jacob Black, along with her dilemma of leaving her mortality behind in a terrorized atmosphere, a result of mysterious vampire attacks in Seattle Eclipse is preceded by New Moon and followed by Breaking Dawn The book was released on August 7, 2007, with an initial print run of one million copies, and soldthan 150,000 copies in the first 24 hours alone Eclipse was the fourth bestselling book of 2008, only behind Twilight, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn A film adaptation of the novel

Isabella Swan I promise to love you forever every single day of forever Will you marry meI can feel my teenage heart quivering I m gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating.
That heart just explodedWhewwwww Ten years ago, I would ve fought anyone who challenged Edward and Bella s love Nowadays Not quite as fervently, but I will still go head to head on this one.
In case you ve been under a rock for the last decade, Edward the sparkling vamp loves Bella the clumsy human who loves Jacob the hot headed werewolf but ONLY AS A FRIEND ha Annnd that s pretty much it There s some background stuff evil vampire assembling an army to wipe out Bella, Bella accidentally breaking her bones, the Volturi threatening to kill Bella if she isn t turned into a vampire, yada yadabut MORE IMPORTANTLY she has to finally choose once and for all Let s examine My notes to characters in Eclipse Bella I m so done with you You re a self absorbed little snot You re not a strong modern woman because you don t want to be a teen bride, and you re not cute because you fall down a lot.
Alice You re so not cute either Jacob What you did is called date rape, buckaroo And to think I liked you best until the middle of this book Edward Checking the brood o meter yep, you re still no David Boreanaz.
Leah the one lady wolf I don t understand why you re getting the short end of the stick just because you had your heart broken everyone seemed to cut Bella enough slack in the last book for a lot less Sucks to be a supporting female character in these books, huh Note to Stephenie Meyer Even you must think the Wuthering Heights references are a little over the top, right Oh, and all your acknowledgements Well, you re not cute too.

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