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Trailer á Ever PDF by Æ Gail Carson Levine Nope Do I really have to explain A god and a human fake laughter Not even gonna start I picked the book up without fully comprehending what it was about My mistake.
I wanted to like this because I like so many other books by this authorbut it was utterly impossible The very first chapter starts out stupid strange and hard to remember names, odd notions about gods etc.
, and absurdly short sentences Why is it that when certain authors are trying to write from the perspective of someone from long ago he she assume the characters don t speak their language very well It s almost as if Levine was trying to imitate a weak translation into English She also switches points of view between the main characters Every chapter, without letting the reader know she s doing it It s obviously easy enough to catch on, but when I ve seen other authors employ this writing style they usually change the font or heading or something And lastly, even to a young reader which I realize this is geared to , the characters are not particularly likable or Falling In Love Is NEver Easy, But Falling In Love With An Immortal God While Your Days On Earth Are Numbered Is Almost Than A Young Girl Can BearNewbery Honor Author Gail Carson Levine Has Created A Stunning New World Of Flawed Gods, Unbreakable Vows, And Ancient Omens In This Spellbinding Story Of Kezi, A Girl Confronted With A Terrible Destiny Attempting To Thwart Her Fate, Kezi And Her Love, Olus The God Of Wind And Loneliness Embark On A Series Of Dangerous And Seemingly Impossible Quests From title of this post is my favorite quote from Ever, the new novel by Gail Carson Levine Y know, she wrote Ella Enchanted And then some other books that weren t as good in my personal opinion Anyway, this one is amazingly good to the point of being ridiculous It s so good, it s almost like eating chocolate Unless you don t like chocolate, in which case you probably aren t allowed to read in the insane asylum you are in.
The story is told in alternating short chapters by Olus, the Akkan God of the Winds, and Kezi, a girl living in Hyte Olus has decided to do what no god has Ever done before and live among humans in Hyte, the country bordering Akka Kezi, along with the rest of Hyte, has nEver heard of Akka or their gods, and worships Admat, the One and the All There are two problems with this The first is that Adm I was a bit baffled by this book at first I couldn t figure out if I liked it because it is by Gail Carson Levine who I highly admire or because I actually enjoyed the book I certainly like Fairest and Ella Enchanted , but Ever is still really good.
Kezi lives with her Mati and Pado under her God, Admat Her Mati gets sick very suddenly, and her Pado promises to Admat to sacrifice the first person to congratulate him if her Mati gets better Kezi is already nearly 16, the age at which girls are married She has an eye out for a certain boy, until she meets Olus.
Even though she knows that she will die in thirty days, Kezi can t help but fall in love with Olus She s very offended by Olus s confession that he is the Akkan god of winds He is immortal, while her death approaches rapidly Olus thinks he has a way to save Kezi, but it will take a lot of Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.
comOlus, the young god of the wind, prefers to live with humans rather than his divine companions, all of whom are hundreds of years older than he is In his travels he can t help noticing and falling in love with the beautiful and talented Kezi At first he forces himself to be content merely watching, but then Kezi s father makes a deadly oath, and Kezi has only a month left to live Unwilling to let her die, Olus reveals himself and offers Kezi a chance at life But before Olus and Kezi can defy fate and make a new life for her, they must survive the most frightening tests of their lives alone Can they prove themselves worthy in the gods eyes, and their own Ever is a touching novel about the power of love in overcoming fear, and the many different types of faith The myth like story takes place in Jadi gini critanya Seorang anak dewa nih, namanya Olus Olus ini dewa angin Diramalkan bahwa nanti Olus tidak akan bahagia sampai dia bisa mendapatkan apa yang seharusnya dia tidak boleh dapatkan bingung silahkaaann pTrus ada lagi seorang anak manusia, dia ini cantik dan suka menganyam Namanya Kezi Kezi ini anak gadis normal lah, seperti halnya gadis gadis lainnya, ingin memiliki pacar yang ganteng dan udah punya inceran , ingin hidup bahagia, de el el.
Nah, bagaimana keduanya bisa bertemu Apakah ramalan tentang Olus berhubungan dengan Kezi Ya iyalaahhh dari sini aja udah ketebak ya hehehe Oke, lanjut jadi nih, Olus ceritanya pengen ngerasain hidup seperti manusia biasa Dia ingin berempati lah gitu sama manusia Kedua orang tuanya sih menentang, tapi secara Olus kesepian di rumahnya yang di atas awan itu, akhirnya teteup pergi juga, dan dia memilih sebuah tempat yang jauh dari rumahnya, I wasn t expecting much, and didn t get much out of this book Gail Carson Levine just hasn t written as good a fairytale since Ella Enchanted Besides the fact that I thought the whole storyline was rather ahem stupid, I thought it was weak, the characters were weakit just lacked the special something , I thought I didn t care about the characters, didn t care what dangers they went through, or whether or not they d make it in the end It won t be one I ll read again

A lot of people reviewing this book are complaining about the writing style and seemingly flat characterizations in the story The writing style used in this book is an intentional imitation of ancient Mesopotamian texts and story telling techniques, which was a quirk that I really enjoyed, perhaps because I knew where it was coming from and what she was doing HowEver, I can understand why others who don t know where this is coming from are having problems with it This imitation also impacts her characterizations, which are complex when the motives of the characters are examined, but appear flat since the author doesn t make any of these motivations explicit, exactly as was common in most Mesopotamian texts Again, I liked this, but I admit to not being the average reader I minored in Ancient Near Eastern History, and even spent a few months trying to learn Sumeria I normally love anything by Levine.
But this was book.
different I wasn t expecting much, gotta love goodreads reviews, but I was expecting something Someone pointed out the characters were flat, another said the writing was simplistic Its all that butI felt no sympathy for the main characters, not the mortal girl or her supposed god of the wind The writing wasn t as magical, its almost impossible to imagine, or care, what happens next.
Mostly though, I was disgusted the gods and particularly Admat One excellent reviewer pointed out that, perhaps without meaning to, it almost mocks the Christian God An all seeing being who is Everywhere, but aparently no where Though I don t think this is Levine s first time at attempting to touch on religion, I was disgusted.
So, my final thoughts For those of you who normally enjoy her books, do

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Trailer á Ever PDF by Æ Gail Carson Levine Just letting you all know I m only going to review books I love There s enough negative criticism without me piling on A book is too hard to write.Gail Carson Levine grew up in New York City and began writing seriously in 1987 Her first book for children, Ella Enchanted, was a 1998 Newbery Honor Book Levine s other books include Fairest Dave at Night, an ALA Notable Book and Best Book for Yo