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Ù Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close á Download by ñ Jonathan Safran Foer I read the first chapter and stopped I am pissed off I have rarely felt so manipulated as a reader in my life, and I think the manipulation is about the way it is written than what it is written about, although that is, in itself, fairly manipulative If this is how Foer usually writes, I want no part of him or his work Still, if this was a short story and I reached the point where the Dad is about to talk to his son before the towers collapse, I would be excited by the cleverness of the moment, would look forward to the conversation, and be pleased in anticipation of the genuine anguish that must be coming But it s not a short story It s the first chapter in what is a pretty long book, and I imagine all manner of excruciating crapness A apt title would have been Terribly Artificial and Unbearably Pretentious This seems like the kind of thing I would have thought was a profound idea when I myself was nine, laboring on crayon illustrations to include with my manuscript into the wee hours of the morning Maybe that means Foer succeeded I happen to think it means his efforts were an abject failure, and that he has a great many readers and critics completely snowed.
With a book like this, you either accept it as charming wistfulness, or you don t You either think random tabbing on pages is innovative, or you don t You think empty pages and single phrases on other pages is a daring deconstruction of traditional publishing s, or you don t I don t Nine Year Old Oskar Schell Is An Inventor, Amateur Entomologist, Francophile, Letter Writer, Pacifist, Natural Historian, Percussionist, Romantic, Great Explorer, Jeweller, Detective, Vegan, And Collector Of Butterflies When His Father Is Killed In The September Th Attacks On The World Trade Centre, Oskar Sets Out To Solve The Mystery Of A Key He Discovers In His Father S Closet It Is A Search Which Leads Him Into The Lives Of Strangers, Through The Five Boroughs Of New York, Into History, To The Bombings Of Dresden And Hiroshima, And On An Inward Journey Which Brings Him Ever Closer To Some Kind Of Peace When Thomas Pynchon invented what James Wood later named hyper realism , he did literature no favors To read Pynchon is to witness genius at its most joyless A mind capable of inventing myriad things and compelled to record them all But at least Pynchon showed genius.
What Jonathan Safran Foer shows, however, is mere gimmickry Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close takes readers who thought they might have seen a glimmer of greatness in Everything is Illuminated and convinces them all they really saw were special effects.
It s very difficult to read Foer s second novel without reflecting on his first Everything is Illuminated began in such an original way that a reader forgave the 150 or so dull pages of less than Extremely Precocious and Incredibly Irritating I m Oskar with a k like Liza with a Z cause Oskar with a k is krazy also kind, klever and kultured I m 10 going on Dalai Lama I make jewellery I know and collect butterflies who have died naturally and play a tambourine constantly You have to wonder why no one has killed me since I must drive people insane with my maximum cuteness Oh, and have shortwave radio conversations with my grandma over in another desirable residence in the Upper West Side I have empathy for every living thing including you This great and terrible tragedy happened to me so nobody, not even those horrid GR people, can make fun of me, even when I m so twee a hobbit would thwow up all over the nearest elf This is the way I speak with my MomMom Yes Nothing What is it, baby Well it s just that wouldn t it be great if mattresses had spaces for your arm, so that when you rolled on to your side, you coul Today while tutoring, I ve met with one student right at 1 and another at 4 In between those times, I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Perhaps that was not the smartest thing to doSometimes I find the book so funny that I laugh out loud Which is fine if I had a quiet laugh, but I don t And I tutor in a common meeting space which is a center room with offices surrounding it Clearly, everyone in the office knew I was getting paid to laugh at what I was reading I felt bad if I was working, I wouldn t want to hear someone who was getting paid to read laughing In my defense, at least everyone could see that writing matters to me and I appreciate quality literature, which further proves my already established qualifications as a tutor.
But then I got to the climax of the book, and I was moved by how t

Extremely Loud and Incredbily Close Jonathan Foer s novel of love, loss, and memoryThere are events that leave an indelible stamp on us for a great portion of our lives This happens from generation to generation.
Ask those living at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor where they were and what they were doing, they will be able to tell you the answer Similarly, ask me where I was when I heard John F Kennedy was shot, I can tell you.
Ask what I was doing when the attacks of 9 11 occurred, I can tell you I had arrived at work at the District Attorney s Office My chief side kick with whom I was working prep for a trial, ran into the grand jury room and said turn on the television I did What I saw was something I could not accept Jonathan Foer goes far past the point of remembrance Foer drops you into the shoes of 8 year old Oskar Sche well, i m naturally drawn to those people who are overwhelmed by existence, by people who hurt too easily who, for them, life seems to be almost too much for whom the unceasing cacophony of thought and memory and idea is just too painful and all the cruelty and the violence is inconceivable and the mystery of life and love and foreverness and the past and all of it is just overwhelming to the point in which one wishes one could scream so loud that it would just make it all go away, that one could exorcise all of it, that one could just somehow leave, just leave their body and leave the planet and get away from all the people and all the loss and all the memories that sit in the stomach and the chest and the throat and just get away from death and from the mo There must be something wrong with me I m not as smart as my goodreader friends I lack empathy My humor is deficient I have no compassion And I suck at life.
Of the 40 of you friends who read this, this is how you rated it 5 stars 18 people 4 stars 13 people3 stars 7 people2 stars 2 people1 star 0 peopleSomething wrong with me indeed Or something wrong with all of you No I didn t finish it I value opportunity and freedom too much for that I listened to it People tell me if I had read it instead of listening to it I would have liked it I now tell them that I don t care.
I have returned this grouping of compact discs to my local library They are now safely out of my hands Its twelve separate discs no longer have to worry about me yelling obscenities at them extremely loudly They need not be concerned tha

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Ù Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close á Download by ñ Jonathan Safran Foer Jonathan Safran Foer is the author of two bestselling, award winning novels, Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and a bestselling work of nonfiction, Eating Animals He lives in Brooklyn, New York.