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✓ Read  Friend of My Youth by Alice Munro Ì Munro never disappoints These are all wonderful stories Though, plot wise, my life is nothing like the stories here, I am left wondering after each story how Munro knows my inner life so well Her grasp of human nature, her evocation of the world of her characters all of it is astounding The I read of Munro, the I am convinced of her genius.
I have a new best friend Best of all, she has written a lot of books Not only were these great short stories but there was that bit of carry over here and there that let me construct the locale, the town, the lake, the salt mine beneath Lake Huron is mentioned But the clue finally came up about a road, that let me know what bit of Ontario I was visiting And I ve been there Not for long, but I have been there the extra reward that comes from good short stories.

Wow, what a ride.
Disquieting Merciless Thought provoking.
Two sisters, one man Much misery.
Men and women and their ascribed roles moving from generation to generation and leaving track on their children Changing the pattern requires an effort that not all women are ready to make Do we get any choice at making effective decisions about what our life is going to be like Religion, society and fear become the worst enemies towards emancipation There is no time to hesitate, because life releases a blow when one is not expecting it, and it cuts our plans short Cautionary tale with subversive undertone, quintessentially Munro.
Small town southern Ontario settings, ordinary people going about nothing spectacular than living, loving, working, dying but Alice Munro turns the seemingly mundane into glowing, jewel like tales that reveal the shameless, marvellous, shattering absurdity of life Each story leaves you faintly breathless, full of wonder at how she can so smoothly pull back the curtain, reveal the essence, the core of being What I particularly loved in this, her seventh collection, first published in 1990, is how she allows you to see the kernel of the creative process, how she speculates as to the motivation of the figures she has created from newspaper reports or a letter of her mother s, how she makes the reader party to her lack of real knowledge about them But then how can we eve Reading this was a long time in coming The story Meneseteung that I read five years ago in the Best American Stories of the 20th Century was actually the first Alice Munro that I had come across and then over the years countless people mainly writers have mentioned her as a favorite This stands to reason Munro is a writer s writer She spins tales she writes real stories Yet they have a modernism and sophistication that transcends time, place, trends, gender everything Her style reminds me Ann Beattie, Raymond Carver and good Margaret Atwood, and maybe the reason for this is that her stories are as real as the stuffy subway platform on a rainy Thursday afternoon What s interesting about some of her stories in this collection, like Ora Kinda boring Well written, but each tale of domesticity and humdrum ity fell flat for me after the first two stories Just too much husbands and wives and domestic ho hum I understand there s plenty under the surface there, but I GOT BORED, YO I actually stopped reading with 100 pages left Onward This lady stuns me in so many ways She offers lessons in subtlety Yes, brilliance can be quiet Munro takes the past and modernizes it, rereads it with a savvy and uncertain lens, with paradox Themes of female sexuality, of desire, of deception self and other , of dis connection, of still present pasts, permeate this collection No one escapes his her history or historical contexts individuals lives do not play out in a vacuum generations are different, but it s still complicated and takes conjecture to pinpoint how and why the title story is an excellent primer on these issues, but they relate to every story And, her endings , they seem to snap right off, break their branch in interesting ways often with an honest getting so far.
Alice Munro master of the short story, winner of the Nobel why did these stories leave me stone cold Could it be that I m not much into the politics of sex and how they play out between lovers, husbands and wives, and best friends No That s a theme with universal appeal And the writing is seamless I have no issue there The problem is, once you peel off the paper and ribbon, there s no soul underneath These stories are written with a dispassionate eye that mostly skims the surface They re too gossipy for me Too petty They don t have any heart.
Winner Of The Nobel Prize In Literature A Woman Haunted By Dreams Of Her Dead Mother An Adulterous Couple Stepping Over The Line Where The Initial Excitement Ends And The Pain Begins A Widow Visiting A Scottish Village In Search Of Her Husband S Past And Instead Discovering Unsettling Truths About A Total Stranger The Ten Stories In This Collection Not Only Astonish And Delight But Also Convey The Unspoken Mysteries At The Heart Of All Human Experience Alice Munro is second to none

Alice Munro

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