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☆ Girl with a Pearl Earring ¸ Download by ¿ Tracy Chevalier Another one of my wife s recommendations I read a lot of books that way , I picked it up from the bookshelf the night we came back from seeing the film with Scarlett Johansonn and Colin Firth I loved the movie it was just so incredibly sumptuous and was curious to know the story in the novel, which I knew from experience, and from my wife s continuous comments, would be different, detailed I was right.
Chevalier has won a place in my heart and bookshelf Her novels are well crafted, simple to follow, and addictive Girl was no exception The story of the maid Griet in 1600 s Delft, Holland, was amazing in its simple prose and endless emotion Completely fictional no one knows who exactly were the models for any of Vermeer s paintings , it nonetheless possesses a veracity that makes you believe Chevalier found the long lost journal of th Girl with a Pearl Earring, Tracy ChevalierGirl with a Pearl Earring is a 1999 historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier Set in 17th century Delft, Holland, the novel was inspired by Delft school painter Johannes Vermeer s painting Girl with a Pearl Earring Chevalier presents a fictional account of Vermeer, the model, and the painting The novel was adapted into a 2003 film of the same name and a 2008 play Sixteen year old Griet lives with her family in Delft in 1664 Her father has been recently blinded in an accident, and the family s precarious economic situation forces Griet s parents to find her employment as a maid in painter Johannes Vermeer s household Becoming a maid casts doubt on Griet s respectability because of the bad reputation that maids have for stealing, spying and sleeping with their employers It is not revealed how much of this I know almost nothing about art, but even I can tell that Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer is a brilliant painting captivating is probably the best word to describe it One presumes that Chevalier agrees with me, and this is what lead her to write a novel about the painting, its subject and its creator So, is the novel as captivating as the piece that inspired it The short answer would be no.
Now for the longer answerChevalier is probably one of the best known historical novelists of the last ten years, with this book always in the foreground when she is discussed As far as historical information goes, I think she does okay with it I had a pretty clear picture of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century by the time I was done with the book whether or not its accurate or not is another matter , but I felt at times that there wasn t that deta

I approached this novel trepidatiously How could I ever suspend my disbelief with this work How could I ever believe such a ridiculous tale about Vermeer and one of his most revered paintings I must admit that I opened this novel expecting to utterly detest the lies it weaves By page two I realised that I was an idiot who should never be listened to Griet is hired as a maid to the Vermeer family in Delft This novel supposes that Griet the maid was the sitter for Vermeer s great work Girl with a Pearl Earring However that is not the story, or at least it is only a small part of it The novel mainly concerns the inner workings of the Vermeer household and Griet s attempts to keep everything in control It is a fantastic character study and I do admire Chevalier s bravery in using the first person narrative Whilst I will admit that at times Griet s dialogue is s I CAN T SHOUT MEHLOUD ENOUGH The popular fame obtained by this book and its subsequent movie version starring Scarlett Johansson two hours later Sorry, I was daydreaming had me expecting a tumultuous romance, a grab ya and hold ya reading experience But thisI don t know what this was, but it wasn t exciting in the least Girl with a Pearl Earring is about a maid, who becomes a model, who gets her picture painted and attracts the notice of a few men The painter is famous, so that s interesting His patron is rich, of course, and expects to get what he wants, so there s your villainkind of Really, our protagonist s main enemy is jealousy But that enemy s effectiveness is quashed by another force money And that leaves So the parts when Vermeer was actually being a painter were interesting Seeing as I slogged through this on account of a recommendation that arose from an art class lecture on Vermeer, I was hoping that the art stuff would at least deliver But it s not a good sign when a book s most compelling moments revolve around two people grinding pigments And, no Grinding pigments is not a euphemism for artist bangin It is, quite literally, referring to the detailed descriptions of how paint was made in the days before those fancy metal tubes replaced pig bladders as the paint storing vessels of choice.
This was the most predictable book I ve read in a while, and that includes the two graphic novel series that are simply retelling stories I know well in a new medium I knew exactly where the plot was going within the book s first dozen pages Every subsequent thread was introduced w Beautifully written and read aloud, this is an imagining of the possible life of the girl depicted in Vermeer s lovely painting.
With Precisely Canvases To His Credit, The Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer Represents One Of The Great Enigmas Of Th Century Art The Meager Facts Of His Biography Have Been Gleaned From A Handful Of Legal Documents Yet Vermeer S Extraordinary Paintings Of Domestic Life, With Their Subtle Play Of Light And Texture, Have Come To Define The Dutch Golden Age His Portrait Of The Anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring Has Exerted A Particular Fascination For Centuries And It Is This Magnetic Painting That Lies At The Heart Of Tracy Chevalier S Second Novel Of The Same Title Girl with a Pearl Earring Centers On Vermeer S Prosperous Delft Household During The S When Griet, The Novel S Quietly Perceptive Heroine, Is Hired As A Servant, Turmoil Follows First, The Year Old Narrator Becomes Increasingly Intimate With Her Master Then Vermeer Employs Her As His Assistant And Ultimately Has Griet Sit For Him As A Model Girl with a Pearl EarringTracy ChevalierPlume, 2001The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a painting done by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, around 1665 Not much is known about Vermeer which gives Chevalier creative license to develop what I believe is an interesting story The painting is currently on exhibition in New York, at the Frick Collection The exhibition is scheduled to be there until January 19, 2014.
The story told in first person by Griet the protagonist starts in Delft South Holland , in 1664, when she was sixteen 16 Griet is the daughter of a tile painter who has recently lost his sight Griet parents hired her out as a maid to the Vermeer family Griet was expected to help out her family by bringing home the fruits of her labor In the first few pages of the book there is considerable change in this family The father has lost his sight, her brother Frans thirteen 13 .

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☆ Girl with a Pearl Earring ¸ Download by ¿ Tracy Chevalier Born 19 October 1962 in Washington, DC Youngest of 3 children Father was a photographer for The Washington Post.Childhood Nerdy Spent a lot of time lying on my bed reading Favorite authors back then Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madeleine L Engle, Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Joan Aiken, Susan Cooper, Lloyd Alexander Book I would have taken to a desert island Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery.Educa