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[Louise Fitzhugh] Ú Harriet the Spy [italy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û I genuinely don t like giving a book a bad review, but if it weren t that I have an obsessive need to finish a book once I start it, I would have put this one down the first time Harriet started screaming like a toddler A large part of the reason I was so put off by this book, is that I had set my expectations that I was reading a beloved and light hearted childhood book about a girl who learns some life lessons after she is caught spying on some friends and neighbors.
These expectations were way off.
For one, I never read this book as a child I had it on my childhood bookshelf, and I think I had read enough of the first few pages to have learned how to play Town when I was 7 or 8, but I never read this entire book like I thought I had After the first few pages, everything was unfamiliar, so I really had no nostalgic feelings to help me appreciate I loved this book as a kid I may just have to read it again And read it again I did I grew up in Harriet s neighborhood almost and the descriptions of the New York of my childhood almost broke my heart.
Harriet is a cranky adolescent, living in a cushy New York world that was already changing when I was young and going to The Gregory School , which was really The Chapin School, located on East End Avenue, across the street from Carl Schurz Park.
The typical brownstones single family, 3 and 4 storey houses have mostly disappeared on the East Side of New York They were replaced by enormous glass apartment towers, and modern readers of Harriet the Spy will find it difficult to understand how Harriet was able to roam around and peer into windows and skylight If you ve ever spent any time wondering how fictional characters like Olive Kitteridge, Eleanor Oliphant or Don Tillman got to be who they are, you need look no further than Harriet the Spy.
It s all here, in this book.
Harriet is a lot like these adult characters, but she s a child, an 11 year old girl And, we learn quickly, she never suffered abuse or neglect Neither parent committed suicide She wasn t sexually molested by a neighbor, either.
She s just freaking quirky.
Is she somewhere on the spectrum Does she have a personality disorder Is she a sociopath It s hard to say Or, I can t say.
But, damn it, she is fascinating.
My 11 year old and I couldn t even read this book without taking breaks We literally had moments where we had to shut the book, put it down on the coffee table, and stare at one another The fragments of our bewilderment went a little like this She broke into the neighbor Book 33 100 of 20154.
5 5 I loved this book read it first in the fifth grade, then read it at least twice a year after that until it fell out of my book bag in the gym locker room in the seventh grade Spent the rest of that term known as Harriet or Fuckin Girly Fag I guess I preferred Harriet.

Okay, who s ready for another dose of nostalgia I remember picking up this book before a summer vacation The trailer had premiered earlier and I was dying to know what happened before I saw the movie All the readers who truly feel me, throw your hands up at me My plan was to read a chapter a day, but I was also reading Ralph S Mouse at the same time nostalgia kicking in yet Anyway, somehow my older brother got ahold of it and finished it before me while I was reading the other book during this vacation And he spoiled it Yeah guys, he was mad because he got scammed because he bought a bootleg version of Dangerous Minds off the street we were visiting family in New York at the time so he took his frustration out that way as typical older brothers in the 90 s did for some reason If you don t understand this, I I re read Harriet the Spy last week and found myself noticing for the first time how deeply subversive and honest it is Even by contemporary standards it s a bracing read hard to imagine what reading this book must have been like when it was first published in 1964 Something that moved me this time around was how defiantly Harriet and Janie resist the half hearted efforts of their parents to make them behave withconventional femininity, and how quickly their parents give up that scheme as represented by the specter of DANCE SCHOOL As little as their parents understand Harriet and Janie, they also seem to have no real interest in changing or controlling them.
This isn t a great children s book This is a great book whose protagonist happens to be very young.
This is a book that manages to be shocking in spite of the absence of sex, drugs, and violence Harriet isn t forced to kick arse in a fight to the death, or struggle to feed her family On the contrary, the only shocking thing about her personal circumstances is how privileged she is Her family employs a housemaid, a cook, and a nurse improbably named Ole Golly It can be hard for a modern reader of any age to understand what exactly that last job entails Harriet isn t sick, or sickly, so Ole Golly isn t that kind of nurse Ole Golly isn t a babysitter exactly, either She does stay with Harriet when her parents go to parties at night, which is frequently but she doesn t supervise Harriet very closely, or even walk her to school She s a bit like a governess, but Schadenfreude That s what this book is about and it s all Harriet thinks about the misfortune of others and how she can find joy in it While that can have its place like in The Hunger Games , it is just disturbing where this book is concerned.
This is one of those rare times where, twenty years later, I reread a book from childhood that I adored, and my opinion of it completely changes as an adult I kept my original copy from childhood, but now I m not sure I will keep it still because I can t imagine ever reading this again It was painful I did not enjoy it It was not charming I thought it was funny for maybe the first couple chapters, but it quickly becomes caustic.
Harriet wants to be a writer Fair enough But there are two very distu Harriet M Welsch Is A Spy She S Staked Out A Spy Route, And She Writes Down Everything About Everyone She Sees Including Her Classmates And Her Best Friends In Her Notebook I Bet The Lady With The Cross Eye Looks In The Mirror And Feels Just TerriblePinky Whitehead Will Never Change Does His Mother Hate Him If I Had Him I D Hate HimThen Harriet Loses Track Of Her Notebook, And It Ends Up In The Wrong Hands Before Harriet Can Stop Them, Her Friends Have read The Always Truthful, Sometimes Awful Things She S Written About Each Of Them Will Harriet Find A Way To Put Her Life And Her Friendships Back Together Back Cover

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[Louise Fitzhugh] Ú Harriet the Spy [italy PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û izmirescort.pro Born in Memphis, Tennessee She attended Miss Hutchison s School and three different universities, without obtaining a degree According to her obituary in the New York Times, Fitzhugh graduated from Barnard College in 1950 She lived most of her adult life in New York City and had houses in both Long Island and Bridgewater, Connecticut.She was married briefly to Ed Thompson, whom she dated in hig