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Û Hearts in Atlantis Ö Download by ☆ Stephen King I really felt like this is one of King s best collections The film version of Hearts in Atlantis was also excellent A great group of narrativesthis is one of my favorite King books.
5 For trying, and succeeding in a new concept Individual stories interconnected by a string.
I loved this book This is, by far, one of Kings deepest books delving into the time period, one of tension and fear and the humanity of the characterstheir coming of age, their trials, their sanity, and even deaths It is far than a collection of short stories, as there is a continuation of characters throughout the book in some way in each story I m not saying that this is like a novel, it s a book with a string holding the stories together in a unique way We are able to see how a lot of the characters introduced in the novella that starts the book developed including one who seemed to get what was coming to him after attacking Carol Gerber brutally in the first story Nice touch I don t remember ever reading a set of short stories that were all My favorite

Before you go casting aspersions on this review, please note that I m not a big fan of these short story collections, and I only read this for the Dark Tower tie ins, which the first story delivered in spades.
In Wolves of the Calla, Father Callahan shared some of his story with our ka tet Part of which involved his travels down highways in hiding, and the relentless pursuit of his trail by the Low Men in Yellow Coats So I was eager to learn about these mystery men through the first story in this collection What better way to kick things off than with this perfect little time capsule of 1960, and those sublime childhood days at the start of summer vacation with a couple of your best friends in tow Where there are seemingly new and exciting adventures waiting to be discovered, around every corner, and those friendships are sure to last forever Everything s just peachy, until a m So This is not one of my favorite King books The first time I ever read it, I did so without realizing that it was a collection of inter related short stories, and not having read The Dark Tower series though, Ted wouldn t have made an appearance in that series way back when anyway, so , but either way it didn t really do much for me On subsequent reads, the confusion regarding the format is not there, but the stories just don t really grab me like I want them to, and how I m used to King s stories grabbing me I will say that they are much better appreciated by me now, at the age I am, and with the experience I now have, than it was when I first read it as a teen The first story is by far my favorite, and the one I always think of when I think of this book It s the one that speaks to me the most out of the whole collection I love This is nowhere near being one of Kings scariest books, but it may possibly be one of the deepest novels he has written Being a child of the 60 s, having grown up in the Vietnam era, this book really hit home for me But it wasn t just because of the war itself This was a look into the hearts of man and woman.
Interestingly enough, I started out in the first story being entertained in the fantasy of a tale that not only took me back to a time of my childhood but was also connected to King s Dark Tower series, a series I consider a masterpiece So yeah, I was having a good time but by the time I reached the fifth and last story of the book I was angry angry at war, angry at the man, angry at the government, angry at the system, angry at the atrocities of life and angry Hearts can break Yes, hearts can break Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don t Hearts in Atlantis is quite an unusual book is that it is comprised of 5 interlinking stories technically 2 novellas and 3 short stories that contain the same recurring characters and take place chronologically The stories refer to events that take place in the 1960s, primarily the Vietnam war I also feel like this will be quite hard to review without spoiling, so bear with me Low Men in Yellow Coats is the first novella and was actually my favourite part of the entire collection It tells the story of a young boy Bobby Garfield, who comes into contact with a strange man who moves in upstairs, Ted Brautigan, who possesses some physic abilities This story contains amazing Dark Tower references and connections, and as a DT junkie, Five Interconnected, Sequential Narratives, Set In The Years From To Each Story Is Deeply Rooted In The Sixties, And Each Is Haunted By The Vietnam WarStephen King, Whose First Novel, Carrie, Was Published In , The Year Before The Last US Troops Withdrew From Vietnam, Is The First Hugely Popular Writer Of The TV Generation Images From That War And The Protests Against It Had Flooded America S Living Rooms For A Decade Hearts in Atlantis, King S Newest Fiction, Is Composed Of Five Interconnected, Sequential Narratives, Set In The Years From To Each Story Is Deeply Rooted In The Sixties, And Each Is Haunted By The Vietnam War In Part One, Low Men In Yellow Coats, Eleven Year Old Bobby Garfield Discovers A World Of Predatory Malice In His Own Neighborhood He Also Discovers That Adults Are Sometimes Not Rescuers But At The Heart Of The Terror In The Title Story, A Bunch Of College Kids Get Hooked On A Card Game, Discover The Possibility Of Protestand Confront Their Own Collective Heart Of Darkness, Where Laughter May Be No Than The Thinly Disguised Cry Of The Beast In Blind Willie And Why We Re In Vietnam, Two Men Who Grew Up With Bobby In Suburban Connecticut Try To Fill The Emptiness Of The Post Vietnam Era In An America Which Sometimes Seems As Hollow And As Haunted As Their Own Lives And In Heavenly Shades Of Night Are Falling, This Remarkable Book S Denouement, Bobby Returns To His Hometown Where One Final Secret, The Hope Of Redemption, And His Heart S Desire May Await Him Full Of Danger, Full Of Suspense, Most Of All Full Of Heart, Stephen King S New Book Will Take Some Readers To A Place They Have Never Beenand Others To A Place They Have Never Been Able To Completely Leave Do the parts make a whole I m not sure But does it even matter when the totality adds up to something that held me totally enthralled from start to finish.
The parts are made up of two novella length tales, two short stories and an epilogue that seeks to tie up loose ends The uniting theme here is, I guess, the Vietnam War, although maybe it s about growing up and discovery and friendship and pain I suppose it s for the reader to decide The stories flow chronologically and the first is set in 1960 We follow the plight of eleven year old Bobby Garfield who lives with his protective mother in Connecticut King paints a nostalgic picture of that time and for the most part it feels like a standard coming of age tale But Bobby befriends lodger Ted, wh If I could give six stars to this book, I would And seven And eightAnd nine And ten

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Û Hearts in Atlantis Ö Download by ☆ Stephen King Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.