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✓ Heir to the Shadows Ú Download by ¾ Anne Bishop 4.
5 Not for the Faint of Heart StartsThe Black Jewels series is dark fantasy, characters in this do not have easy goes at things and suffer for years on end Daughter of blood hit so many of my hot buttons in it, rape, incest, torture, human trafficking, pedophilia and slavery It was dark and disturbing and I couldn t look away or put it down Heir to the Shadows picks up two years after the events of the first book of the series This is still dark but we have moved away from some of the sexual darkness of the first book and we learn that The Blood have other ways to be horrible to each other.
Jaenelle remains in a coma in Saetan s care two years after the events of Daughter of Blood Daemon at least was able to tie her back to her body but it has left him vulnerable with cracks of his own 2.
5 rounded upThis was nowhere near as good as the first book Still, there s just something about Bishop s writing that I find comfortable, which is similar to how I feel about Patricia Briggs s books That being said, the story in this second book seemed like filler or a bridge between Jaenelle s childhood and adulthood without a whole lot of substance Also there wasn t enough Daemon I could go into and point out some nitpicks but honestly this is an old series and there are a ton of reviews and I m lazy.
Not sure if I m going to read the third book any time soon I don t feel the urgency to find out what will happen next but I know someday I ll continue.
SoI have mixed thoughts about this trilogy, not the least of which it s kind of hard to take seriously a world where hot men are controlled by penis rings BUTI still like it This trilogy seems to me to be the ultimate teenage girl s fantasy Everything is about this main character and her growing up to be the savior of the world, all the men are safe and doting controlled by penis rings if they re super hot, lol , older women are the ones who are evil and jealous and want to control the young girl, etc etc I mean, I REALLY like the books but yeah, there s some psychology going on here that a penetrative mind could glean a lot from THAT SAID I loved the first book, I felt like the mystery of the main character was a BIT infantilized in this one, she seemed way kiddie towards the last half of the book, but it s a great cont

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It took me a full year to build up the courage to listen to Heir to the Shadows after being thoroughly traumatized by book 1 I really love Anne Bishop s THE OTHERS series, and I m a firm believer in second chances when it comes to authors, so after twelve months of mental preparation, here we go again It s with a massive sigh of relief that I write this review because A no nightmares B this installment was a vast improvement upon the previous one It was slow paced, and was about the dialogue than the action, but we re definitely getting somewhere.
This novel concentrated on Jaenelle s road to recovery after two years in a coma, she must battle her way back to sanity, and then take the necessary steps in order to become Omg this series is just one big clusterf ck I mean honestly, this book had SO MUCH going on and because of that, the story was all over the place It was hard to concentrate, so I lost interest real fast There were so many loose ends and things weren t consistent and all the main characters were acting so different in this book compared to how they were in Book 1 Saetan was a bumbling idiot in this book You re the dark lord How are ppl able to trespass onto your property without you noticing Why are you fretting over killing bad guys Why are you letting ppl walk all over you Jaenelle was still annoying because since she doesn t have a direct pov it s hard for me to understand her character She has no personalit Reread 9 6 7 17First read 4 3 5 17This book was so SO GOOD I love these characters so much I missed Daemon through a lot of it, but I also understood it And freaking LUCIVAR is awesome I love the brother sister dynamic between him and Jaenelle.
Saetan continues to be given a hard time by Jaenelle He loves it, but I m sure he sometimes wishes he were capable of falling into an early not so much grave.
For such a dark series, I end up laughing a lot, and I feel so much for all of these characters I can t wait to start the next one Literally, I m starting it right now.
Wow My face is still a bit damp from tears and my heart is still pounding This is the second book in this trilogy I read but didn t review the first although it was almost as good I m a lover of fantasy, humor, sex and mystery and this trilogy contains all of that This second book was light on the sex but when you read something this amazing, it really doesn t matter to me.
This is the fantasy story of a girl and how she becomes queen of almost all she sees In the first book we find out some about her lineage and then about the horrible people that pose as her family She is witch and has power beyond any that has been seen before but she must grow up as human and take the abuse and use that goes along with it This second book is her story of her rise to power, her search for her true lover and her love and acceptance for the kindred of the Blood her lineage This Librarian S Note See Alternate Cover For This Edition HereEnough Time Has Passed For The Young Girl Jaenelle, Heir To The Magical Darkness, For Her Physical Wounds To Heal, While Amnesia Keeps Her Frightening Memories At Bay But With Saetan A Black Jewelled Warlord Prince And Jaenelle S Foster Father To Protect Her, She Will Continue To Grow Her Magic Will Mature Her Memories Will Return And Jaenelle Will Face Her Destiny When She Remembers Daemon, Saetan S Son, Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Love Edited 12 30 13 reread Totally loved it as much as the first time Some of the scenes that shouldn t have been as intense since I already took the ride were just as intense for some reason Thanks for the BR and a reason to do the reread BW and Esra Wow This book totally consumed me I haven t read a fantasy with so many pieces woven together without getting overwhelmed with the politics I guess I was just in the PERFECT mood for this book I don t think I skimmed a single adjective There was just sooo much tension Even when nothing was going on you just felt like things were about to explode I think Janelle might be my favorite heroine of all time Sorry Elena.
haha I loved this book so much I feel like giving the first in the series an extra star Dusting off a spot on my favorites shelf Moving right along while I still know who is who haha 1st read July 20142nd read October 2018Buddy read with AlyDaughter of the Blood may have been an incredibly dark and at times shocking story but I loved every minute of it so although I had to brace myself beforehand I couldn t wait to continue reading Jaenelle s story in Heir to the Shadows I was expecting an intense read when I picked up this book and I wasn t wrong but I was also pleasantly surprised to find it isn t quite as dark and disturbing as the first book Although this sequel wasn t quite as painful to read it does still contain scenes of mental and physical torture so I should probably warn anyone new to the series that you need to prepare yourself for the worst I m not trying to put anyone off because it s a FANTASTIC series but if you don t

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