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[Katherine Hannigan] ¹ Ida B. . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World [dungeons-and-dragons-manuals PDF] Read Online ¾ I wanted to read something yesterday when I was in bed with the flu, and I wanted a story My currently reading list is all nonfiction right now, but Ida B, with its brightly colored cover, called to me from the bookshelf What a fun, quirky character Ida B is I read the entire book quite quickly Althought it s a little younger than the other YA books I read Ida B is a fourth grader , this is a delightful story written in a creative and humorous voice Just what I needed for an uplifting read Ida B is an only child in a perfect world She spends her days making miniature rafts with questions attached like, What is life like in Canada Her best friends are the apple trees, with whom she has long conversations.
Then one day the apple trees are worried, daddy seems worried, and mommy doesn t seem the same Her parents tell her that her mother is sick and while she s trying to get better, Ida is going to have to stop being homeschooled, and instead go to school in town Ida is furious, hurt, and betrayed.
It takes the loving, and patient help of a 4th grade teacher, her parents, and ultimately Ida herself to break down the stony exterior she builds up, and find a way to heal.
There is an element of environmentalism and protecting the earth s Ida B Applewood Believes There Is Never Enough Time For FunThat S Why She S So Happy To Be Homeschooled And To Spend Every Free Second Outside With The Trees And The BrookThen Some Not So Great Things Happen In Her World Ida B Has To Go Back To That Place Of Slow But Sure Body Cramping, Mind Numbing, Fun Killing Torture School She Feels Her Heart Getting Smaller And Smaller And Hardening Into A Sharp, Black StoneHow Can Things Go From Righter Than Right To A Million Miles Beyond Wrong Can Ida B Put Together A Plan To Get Things Back To Just About Perfect Again After finishing this book and failing to find words for how much I loved it, I checked out some other people s reviews here and onfor inspiration I was surprised to discover that a lot of people think of it as a book about environmentalism I can kind of see that if I squint, but for me the message about loving nature was a much softer undercurrent, not the main point of the book at all.
For me, this is a book about Big Feelings, and about a child going through those feelings for the first time and not knowing how to cope with them It s about feeling so angry and disappointed and betrayed that you don t even remember how to be a friend any, and about going through months of life with that hurt being the only thing animating you And then it s about how to come back alive from that place, how to apologize and forgive, and how to let joy and love back into your life even when the p I am getting old All I could think as I was reading about Ida B proceeding from one bratty, precocious, stereotypical only child action to the next was Get this kid stricter parenting The story is this Ida B, her parents, and their many animals live on many acres of land with trees and a brook Ida B loves to take her animals to the brook and talk to the brook and the trees, which she has given names and which talk back to her She went to school for like three days btw and hated it, so her parents chose to homeschool her Then her mom gets cancer, her dad has a hard time managing time and money, and he has to both stop homeschooling her and sell the land that Ida B s tree friends are on He sells the land to a family that ends up cutting them down Ida B freaks out and is mad at everyone about the trees and about the fact that she has to go to public school Now I In this book, I saw so many similarities between the character and myself This quote describes how I reacted to things many times growing up Quote I couldn t do anything except curl up like a ball on the floor of the barn and lie there, crying The kind of tears that burn your eyes, and the sort of sobs that make your chest ache so that you re sure it s going to bust open And when the sobs finally ran out, the tears kept coming, so I lay there with my mouth wide open, but I hardly made a sound Just air going into me, and a heavy wind full of sorrow coming out But as I cried, my heart was being transformed It was getting smaller and smaller in my chest and hardening up like a rock The smaller and harder my heart got, the less I cried, until finally I stopped completely By the time I was finished, my heart was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand It wa I Love This Book Why didn t it win an award It s brilliant, and it has all the right pieces a loveable main character, gorgeous prose, and a plot so realistically drawn that it s easy to fall into It struck a chord with me, and I found myself laughing even as tears poured down my face Such a beautiful, beautiful novel first novel, especially This book is made of win, and everyone especially teachers need to read it Now.
5 5 on here, 10 10 for myself It s not easy to be an Ida B in our world From an early point in this book, it s plain to see that Ida B s quirkiness extends beyond that of most other kids, into a range of idiosyncrasy that will always make it difficult for her to accept when her well laid plans don t go the way she envisions Most people shrug off unwanted changes and deviations to their plans with relative ease, knowing that our world is too crazy and unpredictable for us to ever realistically expect everything to go our way, but not Ida B I know the burden of how it feels to always care too much, to dream so big that a letdown is crushing beyond one s ability to cope, because I m an Ida B , too And the positives of being an Ida B are indescribably wonderful, emotions so vivid and sweeping that they can carry a person off in their wake on a thrill ride the likes of which few will ever experience But in our

Ida B Applewood has been home schooled for the last five years She tried kindergarten but was so unhappy with the rules and regimentation that her parents, apple farmers, decided it would be best if they educated her at home She s been blissfully happy ever since However, now that she s nine, a big and terrible change has come Mama has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the treatments she must undergo will not allow her to attend to Ida B s instruction Further, without Ida B s mother s help, Daddy will have to do all the farm work himself The girl has to attend school What s , she has to cope with the fact that in order to pay for her mother s medical treatment, her father has to sell some of the family s beloved orchard.
Ida B is not so self centered that she is not distressed by her mother s illness and her father s sadness, but she f Reading this book made me feel that maybe, just maybe I ve been reading too many MG books of late It did get better after a point and has its heart in the right place, but it made me want to break the monotony in my reading habit.
I couldn t help but compare the protagonist to the one in Flipped, and while the character of Juli Baker is one you cannot help falling in love with, the love for nature somehow seemed forced in Ida B.
That said, it made for an easy read and also carried an important lesson, that sometimes all it takes to fix things is a heartfelt apology.

Katherine Hannigan

[Katherine Hannigan] ¹ Ida B. . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World [dungeons-and-dragons-manuals PDF] Read Online ¾ izmirescort.pro Katherine Hannigan s first novel, Ida B and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and Possibly Save the World was a New York Times bestseller, a Book Sense bestseller, and a Parents Choice Gold Award winner, and it appeared on than twenty five state award lists She and several wild rabbits live at the edge of a meadow in northeastern Iowa.