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[ Pdf Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ò young-adult-paranormal PDF ] by Susanna Clarke Ê If a writer is going to publish a book this big thousand plus pages then it must be very good, or the readers will never know about the thousands plus pages beyond the heft as they toss it aside or by the thickness as it is put back on the shelf.
This book is that good.
Using language correct for the time period Napoleonic Wards era, early 1800s and richly complex characterizations reminiscent of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, author Susanna Clarke has crafted a gem It was the winner of and nominated for a host of awards like the Hugo, the Man Booker, Nebula, Locus, Guardian First Book, World Fantasy, Mythopoeic Fantasy, Book Sense and Cena Akademie SFFH High accolades all and topped off with a gushing quote from none other than Neil Gaiman, who said Unquestionably the finest English novel of the fantastic written in the la Although Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell turns out to be a book I dearly love, I m afraid I can t recommend it to just anyone Whether you ll like it or not will truly depend on what you expect it to be If you wish for a fast paced excitement then this book is probably not for you Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is a blend of meticulously researched historical fiction and imaginative fantasy, sprinkled here and there with biting social comedy, and written in a style similar to Austen s, which is, of course, relevant to the age in which the story takes place, the early years of 19th century England The plot mainly focuses in the revival of magic in England, an art that has been long fallen into disuse but still theoretically studied by many Among these people two gentlemen who actually practise the art come into the spotlight Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition Of Sophisticated, Witty, And Ingeniously Convincing, Susanna Clarke S Magisterial Novel Weaves Magic Into A Flawlessly Detailed Vision Of Historical England She Has Created A World So Thoroughly Enchanting That Eight Hundred Pages Leave Readers Longing ForEnglish Magicians Were Once The Wonder Of The Known World, With Fairy Servants At Their Beck And Call They Could Command Winds, Mountains, And Woods But By The Early S They Have Long Since Lost The Ability To Perform Magic They Can Only Write Long, Dull Papers About It, While Fairy Servants Are Nothing But A Fading MemoryBut At Hurtfew Abbey In Yorkshire, The Rich, Reclusive Mr Norrell Has Assembled A Wonderful Library Of Lost And Forgotten books From England S Magical Past And Regained Some Of The Powers Of England S Magicians He Goes To London And Raises A Beautiful Young Woman From The Dead Soon He Is Lending His Help To The Government In The War Against Napoleon Bonaparte, Creating Ghostly Fleets Of Rain Ships To Confuse And Alarm The FrenchAll Goes Well Until A Rival Magician Appears Jonathan Strange Is Handsome, Charming, And Talkative The Very Opposite Of Mr Norrell Strange Thinks Nothing Of Enduring The Rigors Of Campaigning With Wellington S Army And Doing Magic On Battlefields Astonished To Find Another Practicing Magician, Mr Norrell Accepts Strange As A Pupil But It Soon Becomes Clear That Their Ideas Of What English Magic Ought To Be Are Very Different For Mr Norrell, Their Power Is Something To Be Cautiously Controlled, While Jonathan Strange Will Always Be Attracted To The Wildest, Most Perilous Forms Of Magic He Becomes Fascinated By The Ancient, Shadowy Figure Of The Raven King, A Child Taken By Fairies Who Became King Of Both England And Faerie, And The Most Legendary Magician Of All Eventually Strange S Heedless Pursuit Of Long Forgotten Magic Threatens To Destroy Not Only His Partnership With Norrell, But Everything That He Holds Dear I so wanted to like this book The idea is just wonderful I was so pleased for a while to be in that world, a historical England I love the dialogue and descriptions And I love the idea of magic in an otherwise real setting, as though it were a normal part of our actual world But it was so frustrating to read after a while The footnotes, auuuugh, the footnotes They were cute at first, because the book is written sort of like a history book from that period But after a while they were just so long and so unrelated to the main story that they became seriously cumbersome And just when the story would be getting involved, she d fast forward 2 years or 10 years and the last part of the story, though unresolved, would be pretty much forgotten Boooo The end was annoying, Jesus Christ, this book reads like molasses It s like the author took every book from her Brit Lit class and consciously tried to make it wordier and longer than all of them combined I get the point she wants to make, but I honestly could not get past the second chapter It also was so incredibly pretentious The whole thing has this superior feel, like having a conversation with someone who is absolutely reassured of how much smarter they are than you It left me feeling bored, stupid, depressed and confused, and those are four words that I do not like to associate with reading.
If you really want to plow through a novel like this, just go read some Charles Dickens You get used to him after a few pages and you start to like him after the first chapter Clarke, however, never rede Book like this are not written any This feels like it should have been published in the nineteenth century and not because of the obvious setting, but because of the remarkable writing style It is very similar to Austen s that I m sure she might have been delighted by Clarke s work Well, maybe But, either way novelists like this do not exist in this age, unfortunately The writing has the feel of a classic, but the plot has the feel of a thoroughly charming fantasy This is a work of complete magical genius Indeed, she has written it in the pastiche style of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens she has used their language style, narrative techniques and masterful characterisations to create a novel that is a superb work of fantasy If Austen or Dickens strayed away from their realism novels then this is what it could look like Susanna Clarke is an absolute wonderful writer I wish there I adore and highly recommend this Regency era fantasy but it definitely isn t everyone s cuppa tea The bad It s a doorstopper of a novel, very long and slow paced The good It s absolutely brilliant, filled with intricate details, REALLY creative Give it a shot Adventures in reading Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell with my real life book club also posted on Fantasy Literature Tadiana This book is like a mashup of Jane Austen, or maybe Charles Dickens, and fantasy, with Regency era British magicians and charming, vindictive and devious faeries It creates an incredibly rich, complex and detailed fantasy world the Raven King mythology is fantastic The main plotline of this novel deals with the on and off friendship between two very different magicians Mr Norrell, who is bookish, stuffy and reclusive, and Jonathan S If a novel of nearly 900 pages can be summarised in one phrase then Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell may, I think, be described as a stately, sly, witty, intricate, comic retelling of Dracula, with digressions and very little blood.
Count Dracula takes life from beautiful young ladies, enslaves them, enchants them, enraptures them, steals them away, into his own twilight oops, sorry vampire world they become something other than what they were, undead, not alive yet not dead, creatures which do his bidding the company I work for does something quite similar so it appears to be legal In Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell, a fairy does exactly the same thing, but there s no blood involved, just a little magic In Dracula it takes quite a wh

Without a doubt the best book I have read this year I write that without hesitation and with a beaming smile on my face Incredible Enthralling Amazing The book was over 800 pages long and it did not seem long enough When I finished the book, I immediately turned out the light and tried to drift off to sleep, because I knew nothing else I did that night was going to top the feeling I got after blowing through the last 100 pages like a madwoman I want to start it over again, immediately.
The book is like reading Dickens, with the dialogue of Jane Austen, and the best writing of every classic fantasy I ve read All at once Clarke manages to pay her homage while being entirely original herself And the pages just keep turning and turning You almost don t notice as 200 pages go by in less than two hours This is a book to devour Again, and agai B 77% Good NotesVery slow paced and the ending doesn t justify its length, but characters are strong and it shows flashes of brilliance.

Susanna Clarke

[ Pdf Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ò young-adult-paranormal PDF ] by Susanna Clarke Ê izmirescort.pro Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell.From 1993 to 2003, Susanna Clarke was an editor at Simon and Schuster s Cambridge office, where she worked on their cookery list She has published seven short stories and novellas in US anthologies One, The Duke of Wellington Misplaces His Horse, first appeared in a limited edition, illustrated chapbook from Green Man Press Another, Mr Simonelli or The Fairy Widower, was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award in 2001.She lives in Cambridge with her partner, the novelist and reviewer Colin Greenland.