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Sad to say, but I feel almost certain that if this book had been written by a woman, it would probably be lumped into that most dreaded category chick lit.
Kind of a homecoming class reunion book for O Brien, July, July plays well off his Vietnam related novels and is a nice compliment to his other writing This is a great story that I really enjoyed.
I have hit the highs five stars for The Things They Carried and the lows one star for Tomcat in Love for Tim O Brien And ensemble cast like the one that appears in this book means the old TV show thirtysomething or the movie The Big Chill to me very good things So I have high hopes for this book but am prepared for the worst What will it be, Tim This is another of the nostalgia about Vietnam books for me How can that still be There is even a section about a guy who goes to Canada rather than be drafted He is set to fly off with his true love but then she doesn t show up She is a Republican and supports the war so it is probably for the best But she stays and marries his best friend Have we gotten to the too much part for you yet Well, when I am dealing with nostalgia, the too much part is pretty far out there so I am reveling in it But it is important to realize that r I absolutely love Tim O Brien s writing I have never been much of a fan of war movies or memoirs, but ever since my sopho year English teacher taught a unit on war and we read The Things They Carried I have enjoyed his work, in spite of such an evident focus on Vietnam Something about his language is so comfortable to read, and always has some sense of nostalgia, no matter how grand or minute Additionally, he pays a great attention to character development and can juggle many plot lines and people throughout the course of a novel.
I struggled a bit with reading In The Lake Of The Woods and don t think I ever actually finished reading it So I was excited to find out he had a new er book, and didn t even care what it was about July, July was a bit of a departure from what I see This is, for certain, a difficult book I usually knock off a book of this size in two days This one took me four days There are about a dozen fairly major characters in it, and as many people have commented, it is very difficult to keep all of the voices distinct.
Nonetheless, I eventually told myself to relax and not be so concerned with who was who or who was fucking or not fucking who , and suddenly, the purpose of the book became clear to me O Brien is evoking a time in America that I never experienced I was born in the year of the re union he centers the book around Tim O Brien s talent is as an evoker just as he did so masterfully in The Things They Carried he eventually gives you the sense of the There are bits and pieces of enjoyable writing interspersed in not very interesting scenes from a college reunion 30th of the class of 1969, who went to a small liberal arts college in Minnesota where they protested the war and had boyfriends and girlfriends I found the reunions scenes not credible, as I have been to reunions and as far as I could tell, everybody wasn t scheming over large amounts of vodka to sleep with someone they had pined for all these years But there are some credible and moving scenes from Vietnam, including one eerily remiscent of one from Dues, which I have just finished But the section I enjoyed most takes place at an old folks home, with a hip young van driver who pulls the wool over a member of the class she didn t make it to the reunion w I had a hard time following this book It felt like I was readling half finished thoughts and sentences I did find the actual plot interesting and enjoyed reading all of the characters backstories.
Unfortunately I was left waiting for a climatic point that never came and an ending that made me wonder why I continued reading I m looking forward to checking out a different book by this author so that I can see if it was just the story I disliked or the actual style of writing I have read with dismay some of the negative reviews of this amazing text Frankly, I don t get it I am not a product of the Vietnam generation I am 30 but that is not the primary power of the novel Rather the power of this text is the truth that it reveals about human nature, dreams, and maturation People have complained that some of the characters are one dimensional I don t see it , boring, unlikable, selfish, etc Yeah folks, that s the point Look around you Do you not know a plethora of people like this in your world And yet, they are still people, who share with us a common humanity If anything July,July is too painfully real, precisely because at times it is so unpleasant All of the characters are flawed, as are all of us, and yet most of us can find in Tim O Brien is a storyteller and this book showcases his ability in a different way than Going After Cacciato or The Things They Carried He follows a cohort, the class of 69 from Darton Hall clearly a remake of his Alma Mater, Macalester We are granted the unique perspective of knowing their past, present and everything in between we watch them play Monday Morning Quarterback, lamenting their lives and the choices they ve made and what they ve become For some, the reunion is a chance to mend life just a little bit and for others, it solidifies that the path of least resistance is all they will ever follow despite how glorious grandiose dreams of change may appear And of course, being a native of the Twin Cities, I feel a stronger connection with the story and the places referenced Although not necessary information, I alwa

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Trailer ☆ July, July PDF by ✓ Tim O'Brien Tim O Brien matriculated at Macalester College Graduation in 1968 found him with a BA in political science and a draft notice.O Brien was against the war but reported for service and was sent to Vietnam with what has been called the unlucky Americal division due to its involvement in the My Lai massacre in 1968, an event which figures prominently in In the Lake of the Woods He was assigned to