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[ Georgi E. Shilov] Ø Linear Algebra [yaoi PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ø In This Volume In His Exceptional Series Of Translations Of Russian Mathematical Texts, Richard Silverman Has Taken Shilov S Course In Linear Algebra And Has Made It Even Accessible And Useful For English Language ReadersGeorgi E Shilov, Professor Of Mathematics At The Moscow State University, Covers Determinants, Linear Spaces, Systems Of Linear Equations, Linear Functions Of A Vector Argument, Coordinate Transformations, The Canonical Form Of The Matrix Of A Linear Operator, Bilinear And Quadratic Forms, Euclidean Spaces, Unitary Spaces, Quadratic Forms In Euclidean And Unitary Spaces, Finite Dimensional Algebras And Their Representations, With An Appendix On Categories Of Finite Dimensional SpacesThe Author Begins With Elementary Material And Goes Easily Into The Advanced Areas, Covering All The Standard Topics Of An Advanced Undergraduate Or Beginning Graduate Course The Material Is Presented In A Consistently Clear Style Problems Are Included, With A Full Section Of Hints And Answers In The BackKeeping In Mind The Unity Of Algebra, Geometry And Analysis In His Approach, And Writing Practically For The Studentwho Needs To Learn Techniques, Professor Shilov Has Produced One Of The Best Expositions On The Subject Because It Contains An Abundance Of Problems And Examples, The Book Will Be Useful For Self Study As Well As For The Classroom This is an Excellent book, and also a very good value for their quality I will never understand the reason for which other books, bad some of them, reach prices so high presenting topics that are treated by other books so very good value as this, and that they present the topics in excellent form Comparing it with the book of Mirsky I encounter substantial differences, although the content characteristic of the Linear Algebra doesn t change It treats the determinant defining them in a single formula and once and for all Mirsky makes it defining the whole content of the theory of Silvester,enriched,substantial Shilov extends the theory of the determinant along the book, while Mirsky makes it in a single chapter dedicated to its study Mirsky conserves along the whole book, a classic presentation of the lineal algebra, while Shilov tries to enrich the topic introducing Absolutely chalk full of information A fantastic reference.
This book had lots of writing i didn t understand because I never studied Linear Algebra before and I wanted to be ahead of myself and self study something I ready it along with some other aid I got from .
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g Linear Algebra for dummies and such and finally got the hang of Linear Algebra but yet I needpractice on this topic.
The book was well written that is if you know Linear Algebra a little you will have great time finding lots of different use for Linear Algebra in this book.
I would advise readers to ignore the mindless commentsmade by one of the reviewers of this book.
books on Linear Algebra don t come better than this Sure, it is not for dummies like rururu , but for the mathematically mature It is very concise, so you must be prepared to spend a little effort if you don t understand something immediately I found the book very clearly written, with good proofs that are easy to follow, lots of useful examples, and solutions to problems are given at the end of the book.
Readers should note that the author is a very important Russian mathematician, a former professor of mathematics at Moscow University, one of great centres of mathematical research and teaching in the world Shilov collaborated with many important mathematicians such as Kolmogorov and Gelfand If you have read any of Kolmogorov or Gelfand s excellent Dover books, then the style of this book Like most of the Dover books, this is a reprint of a classic text This means that there is not a lot of hand holding, only solid, clearly explained mathematics for those who have the motivation and want to put in the effort not like our friend rururu who learns his math from Schaum s outlines Shilov is one of the great mathematicians of the 20th century and so his proofs are well done and are very helpful for anyone wanting to have a real understanding of Linear Algebra and the follow on courses of ordinary and partial differential equations.
You can t get much better than Shilov when it comes to elegance of presentation And the material here is fairly comprehensive, running smoothly from elementary topics to advanced ones Although I will not recommend this text to beginning readers on the subject, I will recommend it to most others as an essential, useful, and very readable work.
Good book with comprehensive explanations and examples

Georgi E. Shilov

[ Georgi E. Shilov] Ø Linear Algebra [yaoi PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ø izmirescort.pro Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Linear Algebra book, this is one of the most wanted Georgi E. Shilov author readers around the world.