☆ Linux Kernel Development Æ Download by Ò Robert Love

☆ Linux Kernel Development Æ Download by Ò Robert Love I just got the book today I feel deceived in that the details about this book stated around 500 pages Given the price, I figured this was a reasonable price page ratio Now that I have the book in hand, I realize it s only 330 pages, including index and stuff.
I guess this isof a beef withthan the book.
Linux Kernel Development Details The Design And Implementation Of The Linux Kernel, Presenting The Content In A Manner That Is Beneficial To Those Who Wish To Write And Develop Kernel Code This Book Is For Anyone Who Wants A Fun, Practical Approach To The Linux Kernel The Author, A Core Kernel Developer, Shares Valuable Knowledge And Experience On The Very Latest Linux Kernel The Book Discusses The Major Subsystems And Features Of The Linux Kernel, Including Their Design And Implementation, Their Purpose And Goals, And Their Interfaces Specific Topics Covered Include Process Management, Scheduling, Time Management And Timers, System Call Interface, Memory Addressing And Management, Caching Layers, VFS, Kernel Synchronization, Debugging, And The Kernel Community The Book Covers The NewLinux Kernel, And Includes Numerous Sections On Its New Features, Such As The New OScheduler, The New I O Schedulers, The New Block Layer, And Kernel Preemption This Book Is An Authoritative, Practical Guide That Helps Programmers Better Understand The Linux Kernel, And To Write And Develop Kernel Code This is a very easy introduction to hacking on the linux kernel, there is not much discussion about design choices, but it explains how the kernel work, how to program on it and what things one need to look out for.
The book is readable for both newbies and uber kernel hackers andthrough out the book Robert has a great sense of humor that mostother technical books does not have Highly recomended read.
The author is really a good teacher He gradually takes the reader into the dark woods of kernel and still assures the ease of understanding the programming concepts well.
You really feel the joy of evolving into a professional as you read this book.
I own it.

I like the book because it is well organized, clear, no nonsense, explains the subject top down, up to date including kernel 2.
6, contains very little code and despite the subject still readable as a regular book It is like a book about operating systems in general but about Linux only I d recommend reading this book before Understanding the Linux Kernel.
However, I find the word Development in the title a little misleading because the book contains very little about the actual howto and could have been backed up by for example an appendix with an example from real life with a step by step walk thru by the hand.
There is only 1 reason that I didn t give this book a 5 star rating I found the memory management a bit below par But that s probably because the initial chapters up the bar so high that the last few fail to live up to those high standards.
The chapter on Scheduling is phenomenal easily the best Maybe even that is an understatement An added advantage is that this book is on kernel 2.
If you re entering the realm of kernel hacking, my recommendation is, read this first, Linux device Drivers by Rubini next, and then Understanding the Linux Kernel by Bovet and Cesati.
What next The source that s where you ll get all the answers.

Robert Love

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