Ð Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition ¾ Download by â Richard Petersen

Ð Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition ¾ Download by â Richard Petersen I got this as a like new book, for 1 10th what a friend paid for a new edition Mine apparently had never been opened, certainly not USED It is going to be used as a reference guide, and I am getting good use out of it.
I ve found this book to be of limited use It has, however, given me some initial pointers as to where to look when setting up different aspects of Linux Invariably, searching on the web leads touseful andcomplete solutions Used as a first step it s great, but don t expect there to be any cheat sheet style solutions to common problems in here or you ll be disappointed.
After being away from linux for a year I thought i d get back in to it, so I needed something to refresh my mind with so i bought this book purely because it is the most complete book on linux out there I was not wrong This book covers everything and i mean everything desktop, services, shells, kernal compilations, setting up of servers http, ftp, dns and so on it also does a nice job of covering a couple of troubleshooting situations.
All in all, this book is in depth enough for you to grasp each subject very well This book is NOT aimed at any particular distro release just Linux itself, this, i loved, considering most books on Linux normally cover the 3 main big distro s ie the Linux Bible series Wished I had paid 30 for this now because it is worth every pence.
830 pages of useful information on Linux.
I like the way the author goes in depth on the networking As someone new to Linux, changing over from Microsoft I found this a usefull addition to my computer book library.
My copy is well worn Anyone who s a GNU Linux user will find this book to be a valuable asset Whatever I can t get good enough information on via Linux Questions or Unix Men or whatever, this usually gets me over the hump I m a home user that s a fan of Mint, and I m not a serious pro level geek Still, this book is easy enough for me to follow, though there s enough in this book for anyone up to and including a system manager to find it helpful If you only buy one Linux book, this should be it.

Superb book Deals with the small and the large stuff and deals with it well.
Nice reference.
Of all the Linux books growing obsolete daily, this book is aging the slowest I dig in to this when in doubt for a command or just curious Some days I m working on 6 different versions of Linux, each with or without commands I can use to get a job done This book fills in for Man pages and so on.
A latecomer to Linux, I m enjoying itandI tend to learn from the things I need to do, so a handy reference would be useful especially as my knowledge of Unix is patchy at best So I bought this impressive looking book, and indeed a quick tour of the sections would suggest that everything is covered After all, that s what a complete reference is supposed to do, right Yesterday though I needed to make a drive image, and a friend with a history in sysadmin pointed me at the powerful dd command duplicate data , as far as I can make out, the chief danger of whose use seems to be in confusing source and destination Understandably it s not in the Linux Pocket Guide, but gets several good mentions in the 300 page Ubuntu Linux Toolbox But no mention at all that I can find in this Complete Reference I notice that another reviewer has called it an introduction an 800 page one , so I guess he mus Publisher S Note Products Purchased From Third Party Sellers Are Not Guaranteed By The Publisher For Quality, Authenticity, Or Access To Any Online Entitlements Included With The ProductYour One Stop Guide To Linux Fully Revised And ExpandedGet In Depth Coverage Of All Linux Features, Tools, And Utilities From This Thoroughly Updated And Comprehensive Resource, Designed For All Linux Distributions Written By Linux Expert Richard Petersen, This Book Explains How To Get Up And Running On Linux, Use The Desktops And Shells, Manage Applications, Deploy Servers, Implement Security Measures, And Handle System And Network Administration Tasks With Full Coverage Of The Latest Platform, Linux The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition Includes Details On The Very Different And Popular Debian Ubuntu And Red Hat Fedora Software Installation And Service Management Tools Used By Most Distributions This Is A Must Have Guide For All Linux Users Install, Configure, And Administer Any Linux DistributionWork With Files And Folders From The BASH, TCSH, And Z ShellsUse The GNOME And KDE Desktops, X Windows, And Display ManagersSet Up Office, Database, Internet, And Multimedia ApplicationsSecure Data Using SELinux, Netfilter, SSH, And KerberosEncrypt Network Transmissions With GPG, LUKS, And IPsec Deploy FTP, Web, Mail, Proxy, Print, News, And Database ServersAdminister System Resources Using HAL, Udev, And Virtualization KVM And Xen Configure And Maintain IPv, DHCPv, NIS, Networking, And Remote AccessAccess Remote Files And Devices Using NFSv, GFS, PVFS, NIS, And SAMBA

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