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✓ Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands Í Download by ↠´ Michael Chabon After reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay some years ago, I promptly became a devoted disciple of Michael Chabon If I was well read and given to making sweeping generalizations, I would be inclined to declare Chabon the greatest living writer Such as it is, I avoid committing to sweeping generalizations and still have a lot reading to do before I declare a Greatest Living Writer And by then they ll be dead so I ll have to keep reading Alas,I recommend Kavalier and Clay to anyone who listens and even to some who don t But when recommending Kavalier and Clay, I always recommend a supplementary volume to accompany one s reading of Chabon s Pulitzer Prize winning novel a dictionary You see, Michael Chabon has an extensive vocabulary Saying that Chabon knows a lot of words would be like saying the ocean has a lot of water molecules in it The dude s diction is hot And don t Every book is a sequel, influence is bliss A passionate collection of work In defense of entertainment mostly That incisively examines pop culture and the inbred desire to put it down as something to be moved passed When people complain about Chabon it s often his tendency to bite off a shitload then he can chew that gets their knives out Part of the charm of maps and legends is just how slight the essays are They re not about charting America, mapping the psyche, or symbolism behind Little Lulu They re content to be good solid pieces of intelligent criticism on everything from the pleasures of Sherlock Holmes and Cormac McCarthy, to the comic s industries abandonment of children and the sad sure decline in quality of Philip Pullman Unfortunately Chabon does end the book with some essays about his Jewish heritage and history This is of course not to su Michael Chabon S Sparkling First Book Of Nonfiction Is A Love Song In Sixteen Parts A Series Of Linked Essays In Praise Of Reading And Writing, With Subjects Running From Ghost Stories To Comic books, Sherlock Holmes To Cormac McCarthy Throughout, Chabon Energetically Argues For A Return To The Thrilling, Chilling Origins Of Storytelling, Rejecting The False Walls Around Serious Literature In Favor Of A Wide Ranging AffectionCover Art By Jordan Crane Michael Chabon loves genre fiction Here s what each essay in this collection concerns, in a word or two genre fiction, MC s childhood town, Sherlock Holmes, Norse mythology, Philip Pullman, comics, comics, McCarthy s The Road as science fiction , ghost stories, comics, comics, MC as a young writer , MC s writing his second novel, golems, being Jewish, golems being Jewish This isn t a mistake or anything there s a quote in the first essay that says something about the most successful authors succeeding in the borderlands, meaning in those gray areas between genre fiction and literature, and the book s subtitle is, indeed, Reading and Writing from the Borderlands As such, the collection has a definite cohesiveness, though I found this to be actually a limitation, as the whole thing felt a bit rushed Essay collections usually com Maps and Legends is a book of essays Mostly, it is about the writing of fiction Specifically fiction that is written to entertain including what is commonly known as genre fiction.
For most of my reading life I have welcomed the short stories, novellas, and novels of several genres as if they were life giving oxygen itself Back in my youth I would gladly read a book sometimes even two per day camped out underneath the dining room table of all places for hours at a time I read quickly not at Evelyn Wood speeds mind you, just fast for normal reading methods and two a day meant no book was over 300 pages Do I regret those past summer days spent indoors instead of out tracking dinosaurs or hunting mastodons No Never.
As an adult I was about to write mature reader , but that s neither accurate nor a satisfactory label I have made a conscious effort I really can t take Mr Chabon s essay style At all I love him dearly as a novelist, Kavalier and Clay is one of my favorite books of all time, and I enjoyed The Yiddish Policeman s Union as well His self indulgent prose is very much like the descriptive passages in his novels, but it seems that when you take away the plot motivating aspect of the words, I can t stand him Michael Chabon is a very talented writer, and the next time he publishes a novel, I will be in line to buy it, I just could not take this one.
Oh that clever Michael Chabon What a wit He s precocious, you know Sheeer talent So tender, so for lack of a better word raw Don t You Dare For Get.
But I mean, getting past the endless admittedly lush lists and lists of anything you could possibly list and semi colon dash semi colon period repeat , he really is a fierce essayist with clean ideas and enticing presentation I admit to being a kid who relished fantasy and then was scared off it when I learned that such sub genres are rarely considered top caliber literature This book let me know what I ve missed The author defends and champions sci fi, fantasy and comic books by interweaving his own experiences with theses on the complex themes and cultural significance of, for example, Sherlocke Holmes He also highlights the work of lesser known masters within those genres, which is all very enlightening.
While some of my favorite

This probably could have been called In Defense of Genre Fiction, and I m glad that someone like Michael Chabon is making such important points in favor of genre fiction I just wasn t blown away by a lot of the essays they were smart and well written, but they were occasionally lacking in depth Not all of them, mind you For instance, the essay about Sherlock Holmes was really engaging, but then I felt it didn t go anywhere in particular He mentioned fanfiction at the very end, and then suddenly that was it It seemed as if he had to say Tracing the history of something is always important, but why trace the history if you don t delve into the modern repercussions Maybe I m just being picky, but the book was a little like sitting next to someone super interesting at a very loud dinner party you re grateful for the encounter, but you lament the fact that you weren t able Michael Chabon is to writing what I am to making Kraft Macaroni Cheese okay, that s a little bit of an exaggeration Chabon isn t THAT good of a writer While I m sure there is an immeasurable amount of effort and diligence behind it, his prose flows effortlessly across the page, and everything he writes is linguistic treasure, whether you enjoy the story topic or not In this collection of essays that explore the interplay between genre fiction, flights of fancy, and literature, I m happy to report that the topics are almost universally enjoyable though, man, does that guy like to prattle on about golems.
There s a downside to reading Chabon if you harbor any aspirations toward storytelling yourself, as you realize that you ll never even come close to approximating the skill and confidence with which Chabon writes, even when he s writing about his own insecurity as a w Anyone who has worked in a bookstore, or spent quality time in one, can appreciate Michael Chabon s argument that there is a gray area between literature and genre fiction Many of his essays in his first and personally long awaited nonfiction collection focus on that gray area, the borderlands as he calls it, specifically in regards to fantasy sci fi and mystery There are books that straddle that fine line between literature and genre and it s often difficult to decide exactly where to place it on the shelf The biggest difficulty, suggests Chabon, is that genre fiction is generally looked down upon as something less important than full blown literature He himself grew up wanting to write about space adventures but as he discovered while writing his second novel which was finally abandoned after many years when he turned to his Won

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✓ Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands Í Download by ↠´ Michael Chabon Michael Chabon b 1963 is an acclaimed and bestselling author whose works include the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay 2000 Chabon achieved literary fame at age twenty four with his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 1988 , which was a major critical and commercial success He then published Wonder Boys 1995 , another bestseller, which was mad