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Download Epub Format Ò Marie Antoinette: The Journey PDF by ☆ Antonia Fraser Next Saturday, October 16th will be her 217th Death Anniversary On that same day, 217 years ago, Marie Antoinette or Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna 1755 1793 was executed by guillotine She was convicted of treason Nine months prior to that her husband, King Louis XIV was executed These all happened at the height of the French Revolution 1789 1799.
Marie Antoinette was a victim from birth to death Her marriage to King Louis XIV was a move to forge alliances among the warring countries included in the Seven Years War Included in these countries were Austria, where Marie Antoinette was an Archduchess and France, where Louis Auguste who became King Louis XIV was a Dauphin Prior to their marriage, France was used to be Austria s traditional enemy Even at the time of her execution, peasants were shoutingHang the Austrian woman Long live FranceMarie Anto Not only does Antonia Frasier dispell the rumor that Marie Antoinette ever uttered let them eat cake when told that the French were starved for bread, she gives a fuller picture of the queen that shows her than just an extravagant self involved royal out of touch with reality Frasier packs in gossipy details that keep this from being a dry read.
Marie Antoinette is born to be a pawn in her mother s Hapsburg Empress Maria Theresa bid to expand Hapsburg power and influence At the age of 14, a deal is cut for Antoine to marry the future king of France, sealing an alliance between the two empires Immediately, preparations begin to prepare her for the marriage Since birth, Marie Antoinette, like all good royal girls, is groomed to be a feminine and submissive As a former French major in college, I really enjoyed this book and learned so much about this period of time and the dynamics of the monarchy in France While at times it was difficult to keep all the characters straight since they had multiple names titles, I found that the overall narrative was compelling Most people today have little sympathy for this queen, but I came away from this book with a much altered impression of her character and personality She was truly in an impossible positiona queen in a country where the royalty was expected to live in a certain fashion, where, in fact, the people demanded it, and yet where the resentment for that lifestyle would eventually be her demise It reminded me of the hero worship of athletes and entertainment celebrities yet the gratification many feel when they are brought down It s as though we want them

Madame, vistes v s da ustria para isto Lu s XVIMaria Antonieta era uma inquestion vel amante do prazer e na persegui o desse prazer foi extravagante O facto de a fam lia real francesa, no seu todo, ser pr diga nos seus gastos, o que explica a atmosfera em que Maria Antonieta vivia, n o a isenta de culpa No entanto, devemos acrescentar em sua defesa n o s a beleza que criou sua volta, mas tamb m o gosto genu no pelas artes, especialmente a m sica em todas as suas formas, o que fez dela uma protetora generosa H ainda a quest o de a sua frivolidade ser o resultado de uma situa o extremamente infeliz e humilhante durante os primeiros sete anos e meio do seu casamento O azar perseguiu a mal p s os p s em Fran a, embaixatriz indesejada e inadequada de uma grande pot ncia, esposa menina rejeitada at ao fim, at se tornar o bode expiat rio de uma monarquia em decad ncia Sofia Coppola inspi Marie is bae.
Marie Antoinette 0 385 48949 8I love reading and learning about Marie Antoinette as a historical figure she had such a fascinating life, and was such an interesting person but I could not have been disappointed with this book I m really surprised that it has so many high ratings, so take my review with a grain of salt, but I just found this book to be a complete chore to wade through.
It s really frustrating to see Fraser take such a fascinating historical figure and rob her of all interest with some of the dullest writing and bald assertions I ve ever seen in a biography I m sorry to say that the book reads like the worst of high school history books dryly vomiting up names and dates with very little context, and jumping about the map to cover events chronologically with very little effort made to tie events to one another with any sort of compelling o I am not a history buff, so it s hard for me to judge if this book is historically accurate What I can attest to is that Antonia Fraser knows how to write a very engaging non fictional narrative And from my limited experience with non fiction, it is a hard thing to do Marie Antoinette doesn t appear to be an overly objective book, the tone of it is very involved and I guess that s what makes it so readable Fraser paints a very sympathetic portrait of Marie Antoinette, who at some point in French history was the most hated woman in the country and was accused of being sexually deviant to the point of incest , an Austrian spy, an enemy of French people, of bankrupting the country the list goes on Fraser s French queen is extremely likable Not raised for the high throne, lacking education and crucial understanding of politics, Marie Antoinette is a tragic figu Brilliantly Written, A Work Of Impeccable Scholarship An Utterly Riveting And Intensely Moving Book By One Of Our Finest BiographersNever Before Has The Life Of Marie Antoinette Been Told So Intimately And With Such Authority As In Antonia Fraser S Newest Work, Marie Antoinette The Journey Famously Known As The Eighteenth Century French Queen Whose Excesses Have Become Legend, Marie Antoinette Was Blamed For Instigating The French Revolution But The Story Of Her Journey Begun As A Fourteen Year Old Sent From Vienna To Marry The Future Louis XVI To Her Courageous Defense Before She Was Sent To The Guillotine Reveals A Woman Of Greater Complexity And Character Than We Have Previously Understood We Stand Beside Marie Antoinette And Witness The Drama Of Her Life As She Becomes A Scapegoat Of The Ancien Regime When Her Faults Were Minor In Comparison To The Punishments Inflicted On HerThe Youngest Daughter, Fifteenth Out Of Sixteen Children, Of Austrian Empress Maria Teresa And Francis I, Marie Antoinette Was Sent On A Literal Journey By Her Mother From Vienna To Versailles With The Expectation That She Would Further Austrian Interests At All Times Yet, Marie Antoinette Was By Nature Far From Interested In State Affairs And Much Inclined To Exert A Gracious, Philanthropic Role, Patronizing The Arts Especially Music, As Royalty Would Come To Behave In The Nineteenth Century Despite This The French Accused Her Of Political Interference And Wrote Scandalous Tracts Against Her, Mocking Her Lack Of Sophistication Meanwhile, Longing For A Family And The Birth Of An Heir Who Would Have Cemented The Franco Austro Alliance, The French Queen Had To Endure Than Eight Years Of Public Humiliation For Her Barren Marriage Before The Delivery Of Her First Of Four ChildrenAs These Problems Unfold, Antonia Fraser Also Weaves A Richly Detailed Account Of Marie Antoinette S Other, Poignant Journey From The Ill Educated And Unprepared Girl Who Sought Refuge In Pleasure As A Consolation Into A Magnificent, Courageous Woman Who Defied Her Enemies At Her Trial With Consummate Intelligence, Arousing The Admiration Of Even The Most Hostile RevolutionariesBrilliantly Written, Marie Antoinette Is A Work Of Impeccable Scholarship Drawing On A Wealth Of Family Letters And Other Archival Materials, Antonia Fraser Successfully Avoids The Hagiography Of Some The French Queen S Admirers And The Misogyny Of Many Of Her Critics The Result Is An Utterly Riveting And Intensely Moving Book By One Of Our Finest Biographers This was a good for a beach ready kind of history Fraser s good in terms of readability, but she bends over backwards to explain how Antoinette was misunderstood without really coming to terms with the complexity of her public face I would have liked footnotes, although I m probalby not the target audience in that regard I REALLY would have liked some editing, not just in terms of overall repetitiousness, but in terms of readability Fraser writes engagingly and well most of the time, but every now and then, you arrive at these sentences that make no sense at all I prefer histories that try to stir up an argument or some kind of engagement with the reader I felt like I was being handed a bill of goods.
I have a slight fascination with Marie Antoinette She is what led me to study the French Revolution whe I did my minor in History While in Paris, I wanted to visit everything related to her, and when anything on the History Channel comes on about the French Rev.
, I must watch it She is probably one of the most misunderstood monarchs I suppose it s unjust of me to sympathize with her, but she too, was just a girl Married at 14 to a prince who knew nothing about how to rule a kingdom Forced to learn the French language and the French ways Taught that decadance was her right and then punished for living up to that expectation Forced to see friends and loved ones beheaded I can never get over how they lifted the Princess de L

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Download Epub Format Ò Marie Antoinette: The Journey PDF by ☆ Antonia Fraser Harold Pinter, who died on Christmas Eve 2008 She lives in London.