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á Mary, Bloody Mary (Young Royals, #1) ☆ Download by ↠´ Carolyn Meyer This almost received only a 1 star from me Why the exception I love historical fiction I was very interested in learning about Mary, the oldest surviving daughter of King Henry VIII I had seen Carolyn Meyer s books on the shelf at the library and was curious I picked this one up as well as her book on Princess Elizabeth, half sister to Mary I was very disappointed with the overuse of the word bas Yes, after King Henry divorced his loyal and faithful wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary was considered an illegitmate daughter Which is the definition of bas However, just because the term was used frequently and was a common way back then It is not now Now days it is a very offensive term So, why use it so frequently in a book I was shocked by some of the events that occurred in this book There is so much I would like to write up about it that I think I ll forget much of it.
I ll start by saying that I was not able to set this book down I enjoyed it But it also reinforced my opinion that being royalty would truly stink Although watching The Queen while reading this helped fuel this argument even While reading this books I was wrapped up in a bunch of emotions for the characters complete hatred at Anne Boleyn, resentment to Mary s cold father King Henry, sorrow for her mother who I had come to know in Carolyn Meyer s Patience, Princess Catherine A Young Royals Book, and shock at how such a somewhat sweet sounding girl who had so much unfortunates in the early part of her life mainly teen years turned into the queen who killed so m The Story Of Mary Tudor S Childhood Is A Classic Fairy Tale A Princess Who Is To Inherit The Throne Of England Is Separated From Her Mother Abused By An Evil Stepmother Who Has Enchanted Her Father Stripped Of Her Title And Forced To Care For Her Baby Stepsister, Who Inherits Mary S Rights To The Throne Believe It Or Not, It S All True Told In The Voice Of The Young Mary, This Novel Explores The History And Intrigue Of The Dramatic Rule Of Henry VIII, His Outrageous Affair With And Marriage To The Bewitching Anne Boleyn, And The Consequences Of That Relationship For His Firstborn Daughter Carolyn Meyer Has Written A Compassionate Historical Novel About Love And Loss, Jealousy And Fear And A Girl S Struggle With Forces Far Beyond Her Control Unfortunately, despite having read and loved this as a child, as an adult I believe it has a few good points, but a weak and abrupt ending and sometimes nonsensical writing I will be reading the second book though, and it s certainly got me reminiscing and interested in Tudor historical fiction It even reminds me of when I studied Mary at A level happy times.
Mary is not remembered as being a great Queen, the nickname Bloody Mary should tell you all you need to know regarding her reputation But it s easy to forget, just how terrible her upbringing was This book takes you from Mary as a young child all the way into her twenties, just after the death of Anne Boleyn She had everything stripped from her, her title, her legitimacy and is taken from her mother Forced to wait on her new sister who has taken her place and she also lives in fear that she will be assassinated at any time It s aimed at teenage readers, the book is written in an interesting enough way It would certainly pique your interest in the subject and hopefully prompt you to find out factual information However I fee While it s nice to hear about Mary Tudor s childhood everyone knows about Elizabeth s already I can t say I liked this book all that much The problem for me was the voice Mary just seemed to recount all her trials and tribulations in a flat, matter of fact manner I would rather she has shown emotion.
Well, because of blogger I was able to finish this book in almost no time at all I m quite proud of myself On to the reviewAs a baby, Mary was adored by her father, who carried her around on his shoulder and displayed her for the court to admire But as his marriage with her mother, Catherine of Aragon, waned for lack of a male heir, Henry began an affair with the beautiful Anne Boleyn Mary was convinced that Anne was a witch Didn t everyone know she had a sixth finger And wasn t it Anne who persuaded Henry to declare his first marriage invalid As the king grows ever colder, Mary is banished to a distant house, forbidden from seeing her mother, left to wear rags, and finally at Anne s bidding summoned back to court to be a servant to her baby half sister Elizabeth Once there, Mary lives in constant dread that she will be poisoned or sent to the executioner s block in one of h

First sentence Anne was a witch I never doubted it Most people know, or think they know, Bloody Mary The queen of England who killed all the Protestants But, once, she was a young girl As a child, she was doted on by her mother and father, being their only living child Then Anne Boleyn came into the picture, promising to give Mary s father, Henry VIII, the son Mary s mother had not Mary suddenly finds herself a bastard and shunned from court She is separated from her mother and made to wait on her half sister, Elizabeth, like a common servant Her pampered life as princess no longer exists, and she has to beg for the king to even send her money for new clothes It is a lot for a teenage girl to handle.
This book When I was a very young girl in grade school, I was in the library scanning my fingers across the titles as I walked down aisle after aisle of bookshelves I stopped at this title, because I knew Bloody Mary as that game you played at slumber parties where everyone goes into the bathroom, shuts the door, and chants Bloody Mary in hopes of getting scared Little did I know that Bloody Mary was the nickname of Princess Mary Tudor, and as I read the book, I had yet to realize that the Princess was an actual historical person When I realized this by the end of the novel, I was greatly intrigued It was because of this book that my love for studying the Tudors the English monarchy sparked Now as a young lady I read about how horrible Queen Mary was, however this book portrays her completely different Even if it is fictional I have a soft spot for Mary because Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at wage a personal war against the stereotypes that plague stepfamilies I grew up in one and am now a stepmother in my own right Still, I am big enough to accept that wicked is sometimes an all too accurate description One such example is the case of Mary Tudor and her stepmonster, Anne Boleyn.
Mary was born the beloved daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Queen Catherine Their only surviving child, she wanted for nothing She lived a blissful existence, the cherished heir to the throne, until the arrival of Anne Boleyn Mary s father was not known for his fidelity but Anne was unlike any of Henry s previous mistresses Ambitious and cunning, Anne s seduction of England s king set in motion a chain of events that would alter the course of the entire nation Henry s daughter Mary

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á Mary, Bloody Mary (Young Royals, #1) ☆ Download by ↠´ Carolyn Meyer Carolyn Meyer is as versatile a writer as you will find Along with historical fiction and realistic novels for young adults she has written nonfiction for young adults and books for younger readers on topics as diverse as the Amish, the Irish, Japanese, Yup ik Eskimos, a rock band, rock tumbling, bread baking, and coconuts And ten of her books have been chosen as Best Books for Young Adults by t