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Ð Mirror Mirror ✓ Download by Ð Gregory Maguire Out of all the novels by Gregory Maguire, this one is my favorite one True Wicked was popular, there was something about this novel that touched my imagination in a way that I cannot really explain I can say that the novel itself is a mix of both fairy tale and historical events Also, I can tell you that the tale takes place in Tuscany, Italy which in my opinion is a fine setting for such a book.
I have to say that giving Snow White a exotic and foreign name of Bianca de Nevada was quite smart on Maguire s behalf It made me truly believe that Snow White truly is the fairest maiden in the land and in all respects she is as it attains to this novel The novel starts out with Bianca at seven years old with her father Don Vicente They come into pocession of a mirror that was made by This is by far the least appealing and satisfying of the Maguire fairy tales I ve read I m not really sure where to begin I was all set to devour this retelling of Snow White, set within a beautiful Italian landscape and with the wicked stepmother cast as an untraditional outcast of royalty Maguire does possess a gift for understanding the prevalence of politics these stories imply However, the rest was slow going Unfortunately, I will have to re read it to give specific reasons for disliking it Yes, it s that unremarkable All I remember was persevering to the end because of my stubborn insistence of finishing things I start, and then regretting it.
The World Was Called Montefiore, As Far As She Knew, And From Her Aerie On Every Side All The World DescendedThe Year Is , And Seven Year Old Bianca De Nevada Lives Perched High Above The Rolling Hills And Valleys Of Tuscany And Umbria At Montefiore, The Farm Of Her Beloved Father, Don Vicente There She Spends Her Days Cosseted By Primavera Vecchia, The Earthy Cook, And Fra Ludovico, A Priest Who Tends To Their Souls Between Bites Of Ham And Sips Of WineBut One Day A Noble Entourage Makes Its Way Up The Winding Slopes To The Farm And The World Comes To Montefiore In The Presence Of Cesare Borgia And His Sister, The Lovely And Vain Lucrezia Decadent Children Of A Wicked Pope No One Can Claim Innocence For Very Long When Borgia Sends Don Vicente On A Years Long Quest To Reclaim A Relic Of The original Tree Of Knowledge, He Leaves Bianca Under The Care So To Speak Of Lucrezia She Plots A Dire Fate For The Young Girl In The Woods Below The Farm, But In The Dark Forest There Can Be Found Salvation As Well The Eye Is Always Caught By Light, But Shadows Have To Say I really hated this book It was like Snow White on acid Very fragmented and choppy Even the book cover was creepy I love retold fairy tales, but I thought this one was a bit of a stretch, and justweird I couldn t tell where it was try to go was it a horror story, a murder mystery, a complete mistake All in all, it was trying too hard to be too edgy, in my humble opinion Mirror Mirror didn t recapture the magic that all of Maguire s other novels held I was really disappointed In fact, did I even finish reading this I don t even remember Bad sign Sorry, Gregory Maguire That s a strike.
The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have to say What child does not feel itself perched at the center of creation Small children know the truth that their own existense has caused the world to bloom into being Speaking uses us up, speeds us up Without prayer, that act of confession for merely existing, one might live forever and not know it Faith is a floor If you don t work at making it for yourself, you have nothing to walk on Silence can be tactical Even God used silence as a strategy The way a man slakes his thirst and a woman slakes her thirst are not identical, for they thirst for different things She sat amidst us, or less naked as a human baby, looking, but it was we older brothers older than trees, older than wind, older than choice who were born in her presence He put his mouth to hers and apologi At first I was a little surprised by all the negative reviews of this book I think it s one of his best In fact, I ended up liking it better than Wicked The first time I read the book, I didn t really get it The second time though, I was floored It strikes me as a psychological and metaphorical novel Whereas Wicked and it s sequels are pretty much straight up exciting storytelling rife with action and politics, Mirror Mirror has extended sections that in first reading are confusing But in those chapters, Maquire delves into the netherworlds of the psyche and one never quite knows what is real and what is not I didn t find Blanca boring Granted, she is not the fully fleshed character that Elphaba is, but she is representative of innocence on the brink of womanhood The dwarves are intriguing in how they morph and c Stuff I read Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire ReviewI was surprised how much I liked this book I probably shouldn t have been, because I liked Wiked, but in some ways I was disappointed with Wicked as well, with how it dealt with the Dorothy aspects of the story, and I am much a fan of the Oz books than I am with anything Snow White related Of course, that s possibly why I liked this one , because I was less invested in the setting Also, I m a sucker for historical fantasies and this is a good one, visiting Provincial Italy during the squabbles of the Borgias and the Medicis and all the rest It s a compelling read, tragic and full of flawed characters.
The one character that really isn t flawed, of course, is Bianca She makes an excellent Snow White, being basically a child, trapped by that innocence and ignorance She is, in many ways, the mirror of Lucrezia, who becomes the

Erin GortMs HousemanH World Lit5 May 2008Gregory MaguireMirror MirrorNew York Harper Collins, 2004280 pp 16.
00978 0 06 098865 4 The novel Mirror Mirror was an immense letdown after reading Wicked and Son of a Witch Gregory Maguire is noted for recreating or retelling previously created tales of fantasy Mirror Mirror is the reinvented story of Snow White Placed in the fantasy tale are Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, the famous children of Pope They plan the demise of Bianca De Nevada, the innocent and pure Snow White The novel has difficult Italian vocabulary and requires history of Rome and the Borgia family Maguire constantly changes the scene and character throughout the novel, leaving characters dull and undeveloped These flaws in the writing cause the reader to be left bored and confused The requisite fairytale ingredients are present magic mirror, dwarves, beautiful girl I m a little surprised to see so many dismal mediocre reviews of this story here I found myself to be just as fixated by this story as I was by Wicked I can t say that about another of his popular novels, The Ugly Stepsister.
I appreciated the position Gregory took in this re telling of Snow White I found the inclusion of an actual historical family the Borgias intriguing, although I m not going to research them I absolutely adored his description of the dwarves and I think that s where Maguire s storytelling capabilities are best shown his ability to give description to the obviously indescribable I almost covet his imagination and creativity and would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Wicked.
Okay, well Shana and I were at the Used Book Sale at St Agnes yesterday and she chided me for buying this when I said I d probably dislike it I said I would because I m not sure anything Maguire does will compare with the freshness, the intrigue and the delight I found in Wicked Or the quiet painterly tension in Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, which I liked almost as much.
The gimmick, of course, is getting old In Mirror, he takes Snow White into the viper s nest of the Borgia family in 16th century Italy and, well, it sort of falls flat None of the characters get enough page time to really develop at all, not the way Elphaba did You don t get into their minds and see the classic flat fairy tale twisted on its edge What s the point in retelling a fairy tale if the retelling is as one di

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Ð Mirror Mirror ✓ Download by Ð Gregory Maguire Gregory Maguire is an American author, whose novels are revisionist retellings of children s stories such as L Frank Baum s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz into Wicked He received his Ph.D in English and American Literature from Tufts University, and his B.A from the State University of New York at Albany He was a professor and co director at the Simmons College Center for the Study of Children