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Download Epub Format Ä My Lobotomy PDF by ¸ Howard Dully At Twelve, Howard Dully Was Guilty Of The Same Crimes As Other Boys His Age He Was Moody And Messy, Rambunctious With His Brothers, Contrary Just To Prove A Point, And Perpetually At Odds With His Parents Yet Somehow, This Normal Boy Became One Of The Youngest People On Whom Dr Walter Freeman Performed His Barbaric Transorbital Or Ice Pick LobotomyAbandoned By His Family Within A Year Of The Surgery, Howard Spent His Teen Years In Mental Institutions, His Twenties In Jail, And His Thirties In A Bottle It Wasn T Until He Was In His Forties That Howard Began To Pull His Life Together But Even As He Began To Live The Normal Life He Had Been Denied, Howard Struggled With One Question Why October , I Gather That Mrs Dully Is Perpetually Talking, Admonishing, Correcting, And Getting Worked Up Into A Spasm, Whereas Her Husband Is Impatient, Explosive, Rather Brutal, Won T Let The Boy Speak For Himself, And Calls Him Numbskull, Dimwit, And Other Uncomplimentary Names There Were Only Three People Who Would Know The Truth Freeman, The Man Who Performed The Procedure Lou, His Cold And Demanding Stepmother Who Brought Howard To The Doctor S Attention And His Father, Rodney Of The Three, Only Rodney, The Man Who Hadn T Intervened On His Son S Behalf, Was Still Living Time Was Running Out Stable And Happy For The First Time In Decades, Howard Began To Search For Answers December , Mr And Mrs Dully Have Apparently Decided To Have Howard Operated On I Suggested They Not Tell Howard Anything About It Through His Research, Howard Met Other Lobotomy Patients And Their Families, Talked With One Of Freeman S Sons About His Father S Controversial Life S Work, And Confronted Rodney About His Complicity And, In The Archive Where The Doctor S Files Are Stored, He Finally Came Face To Face With The TruthRevealing What Happened To A Child No One Not His Father, Not The Medical Community, Not The State Was Willing To Protect,My Lobotomy Exposes A Shameful Chapter In The History Of The Treatment Of Mental Illness Yet, Ultimately, This Is A Powerful And Moving Chronicle Of The Life Of One Man Without Reticence, Howard Dully Shares The Story Of A Painfully Dysfunctional Childhood, A Misspent Youth, His Struggle To Claim The Life That Was Taken From Him, And His Redemption Wow What an amazing story Rarely do books truly bring a tear to my eye, but anyone who is not moved by what this guy endured is surely bereft of a soul.
I had heard of Walter Freeman, the doctor who popularised the use of the transorbital lobotomy, but reading the experiences and feelings of someone who d been on the other end of the ice pick is entirely different.
Howard Dully was essentially loathed by his step mother She seems to have wanted rid of him, one way or another Bewilderingly, Howard s father and any number of medical professionals, and other adults who should have been in positions of responsibility, allowed Freeman who was neither a trained surgeon or psychiatrist , to poke an ice pick into the brain of a 12 year old boy and jiggle it around a bit.
Unsurprisingly, this pretty much screwed up Howard s chances at leading a normal life Although not intellectually imp Update 1.
99 Kindle special today A chilling page turning TRUE STORY Took place in my neighborhood Part in Los Altos Hills and part just up the street 2 blocks from my house and part in a school about 5 miles up on a hill opened and closed all in one year etc etc etc.
This story is amazing Won t take than 3 or 4 hours to read because you will have trouble putting it down once you begin reading it.
I read this ages ago then got to talking about it with another GR s friend the other day.
Its chilling shocking intriguing Its sad Its TRUE It happened in my neighborhood A young boy at the time was raised by parents who just didn t love him at least not his stepmother His father pretty much agreed to whatever Dr Freeman, working downtown Los Altos Hills, California, had invented the ice pick lobotomy, and performed it in his office H

I read this book carefully as my grandfather had bi polar disease or manic depression as it was called then and regular electric shock treatments and was recommended a lobotomy I could not for the life of me see what difference a lobotomy made to the author He suffered not a single one of the complications of the operation and it was only his shame at having been lobotomized that affected his life He made it the centre of his life when it was really not the issue at all.
The issue was the extreme child abuse, of which the lobotomy was part, handed out by his stepmother, a classic wicked stepmother for true The stereotype of Snow White s murderous stepmother, the abusive stepmothers of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, even Imogen s stepmother in Shakespeare s Cymbeline are all brought to life in the person of the second Mrs Dully and her hateful, enabling husb This book annoyed me from the beginning It s the literary equivalent of The Da Vinci Code While I realize that lobotomy is not an accepted form of psychiatric treatment today, back when Howard was growing up and exhibiting a large number of red flags concerning his state of mind from failing in school, to doing drugs, to robbing places, his inability to connect with any other people and generally refusing to take any responsibility for his own actions, I can completely understand why the lobotomy happened to him especially with his stepmother lobbying for help to anyone who would listen I just couldn t stand how he proves himself as a huge, whiny victim the entire time and then, finally, at the end decides that what really needs to happen in som

Howard Dully

Download Epub Format Ä My Lobotomy PDF by ¸ Howard Dully Dully was born on November 30, 1948, in Oakland, California, the eldest son of Rodney and June Louise Pierce Dully Following the death of his mother from cancer in 1954, Dully s father married single mother Shirley Lucille Hardin in 1955.Neurologist Walter Freeman had diagnosed Dully as suffering from childhood schizophrenia since age 4, although numerous other medical and psychiatric professiona