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µ Read Û My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe by Berniece Baker Miracle ¾ This book is about Bernice and her sister Norma Jean They had a family and careers They tried their best to do right They encouraged each other and helped their family Then things happened that spoiled everything Norma Jean lost her life and Bernice lost her sister Oh, by the way, Norma Jean was really good at acting, and always had a goal for better roles than the ones she was type cast in But she never got the chance.
A dear friend gave this to me years ago and I m so happy I finally got around to reading it This makes me want to run right out and read all I can find on Marilyn, if only I could trust the veracity of the information or the motives of the authors In the early years Marilyn is described as a fun loving, loyal and confident woman that you would totally want to hang out with Boy, does super fame seem ever nutso and sad Great read.
Few People Know That Marilyn Monroe Had A Sister, And Even Fewer Know The Story Of Their Relationship During Marilyn S Rise From Obscurity To Fame In MY SISTER MARILYN, Berniece Baker Miracle, Working With Her Daughter Mona Rae, Tells The Story She Has Kept Private For Fifty Years The Book Includes Than Forty Photographs Of Marilyn And Her Family And Friends This Portrait Of Marilyn Is Irreplaceable Entertainment Weekly A LITERARY GUILD SELECTION I recommend this book to anyone vaguely interested in Marilyn Monroe, not merely the die hard fan I do not fall into that category but am aware of her enduring presence as an icon This book lived up to its intriguing promise of providing ANOTHER viewpoint about Marilyn other than the myriad biographies which have been about Marilyn by outsiders and those enriching themselves on the proceeds.
This is very much the biography of Norma Jean Baker as she came to be known by her sister.
The picture of private Marilyn depicted here does an enormous amount to restore Marilyn s humanity, her connection with her family and peers, the person behind the impenetrable Goddess Icon that she has become in the decades since her death This is the uncommodified, unexploited Marilyn, a person who loved and was loved It s a great corrective to the hagiographic or shallow tendencies of most Marilyn What a great change of view for Norma Jeane It is so tragic that she died the way that she did when she did She truly was a very private person I dont believe that she showed all of her true self to anyone One was lucky if she even shared a moment.
This was a very interesting book written by Marilyn Monroe s half sister, Berniece Baker Miracle and her niece, Mona Rae Miracle about the person who they knew as Norma Jean and loved as family It dispels much of the rumor and sensationalism that surrounds this interesting, iconic woman and sheds light on what sounds like a sweet, very ambitious, smart, insecure and tragic human being.
This was an ok book for me I think this is because there wasn t any new information on Marilyn that I had not read before Still I m sure Marilyn Monroe fans will find it enjoyable since it was written by Marilyn s sister and neice.
Berniece Miracle s book My Sister Marilyn is a wonderfully written tribute to Marilyn I loved it

What a charming book about Marilyn Monroe by someone who should knowher very own sister I haven t read any other books on Marilyn but this book intrigued me because it was written by her sister I felt thankful that Marilyn s sister would want to open up and share her precious memories Her stories were heartfelt and you got the sense of getting to know what Marilyn was really like, beyond the Hollywood image she portrayed so well This book made me sad for Marilyn, sad for Berniece and Mona Rae, and for everyone who knew the real Marilyn, because her life was over way too soon We in the general public don t stop to think that movie stars are real people with family and friends that love them for who they are without them being famous We forget they are human beings just like the rest o Though this took me 20 days to finish, it wasn t due to lack of interest In fact, if I wasn t such a busy person, I could have finished this in two days It was so interesting.
What I really enjoyed about this book was the fact that it was written by Marilyn s sister, Berniece, who knew Marilyn before she was Marilyn I ve always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, and was interested to get past all the media and news stories, which were mostly fabricated With this book, you really get to the heart of the true story behind Marilyn, and who she was before the fame and glamour took over.
You find out that Marilyn was a very sweet, quiet, intelligent, and thoughtful person, and hated inconveniencing others and hated being late It s a far cry from the thoughtless, airheaded Marilyn that was painted in the tabloids She also absolutely love

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