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[ Pdf My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist ☆ literary-criticism PDF ] by Mark Leyner  I read this book half a lifetime ago, while I was in college If goodreads had been around then, I would probably have rated it five stars, or at least four Going through it to prepare for this review, I debated giving it two I might have if I had re read the whole thing This reflects the ways we change as we grow older, as well as how what we want from literature changes The book hasn t changed, but I sure have People in their early twenties are often trying to figure out the rules of the game by breaking them, and seeing how far they can run with that An older person has figured out which rules serve their purposes, and which ones don t, so is unlikely to be as impressed by gratuitous rule breaking in others.
The back cover calls this a novel, but each of the chapters had been previously published as a short story, and there is no connection between them, except for the writing I had a crush on this book when I was a kid The book, not the man behind the book I remember reading the story, The Suggestiveness of One Stray Hair in an Otherwise Perfect Coiffure, in my head in the bookstore before buying it and laughing like a friendless madman And I sort of remember reading it out loud at a party or at several parties and laughing like a drunken, friendless madman Girls really dig me, I sort of remember thinking Those were the days.
I still laugh when I bother to reread that story and other stories in My Cousin etc, but my laughter is muffled and restrained, like it s been straitjacketed I m a madman with friends, now And friends want to share a laugh over a joke or about something that happened on tv, not some book that doesn t even make much sense Like most cases of puppy love, this one couldn t be sustained I ve read most of his other books and none of twee little dessert item some enjoyably oddball passages keep the interest, much like listening to someone go on and on during their acid trip when you aren t on acid yourself irritating and occasionally hilarious but mainly exhausting.
A bit uneven throughout, but probably as good as any introduction to the mind of this demented pervert.
It is fun reading this book than watching Frank Sinatra gently grate cheese over a head of hair before garnishing it with a sprig of parsley It s been 12 years since I ve picked the book up, but I swear, there is a line somewhere in it referencing such a scene This is one of the few books that was so precious to me that I could not bring myself to recommend to anybody That, and the fact that any friend of mine who read it would immediately know how much of my conversation was plagiarized from Mr Leyner Now that I m older and mature pronounced mat oor , I know I d cringe at the quirkiness for quirkiness sake that so rampantly runs throughout this book On this basis, I m deducting one star from what would have been a perfect 5 star rating, which begs the question, should ratings be based on how we now feel about the book Or how we fe

Just because it s weird doesn t mean it s interesting Just because it s different doesn t mean it s good.
I keep getting bamboozled into reading Mark Leyner because he s often paired with David Foster Wallace as an influential writer of the 1990s But while I love Wallace s work, I don t understand Leyner s appeal Why was he popular Why was he highly praised This book was published in 1990 much of it appeared as short fiction in the late 1980s so it s technically a short story collection, I suppose so perhaps this kind of bizarre fiction hadn t been widely circulated to a mainstream audience But it probably should have stayed underground On an individual, line by line basis there is some good writing to be found, some dazzling turns of phrase here and there But the whole lacks substance It s intentionally discordant, fragmented and incoherent Steven Wright makes wei Pretty much impossible to read, but I did anyway.
I really like Mark Leyner s books and have read most of them now, none being very long and all being very funny His humour is like none I ve come across before and he seems extremely smart and erudite and employs all this in his books postmodern, meta, bizarre, surreal and outrageous little literary gems To explain a Leyner book doesn t really work as they are too outlandish in structure and content to have any normal way of describing them you either like them or you don t, I supposeThis is kind of a collection of loose pieces that run into each other sort of, but not always, as Leyner conjures up insane mental pictures for the reader and scatters a myriad of literary and popular culture references hither and thither at will He also has an amazing vocabulary and isn t afraid to use it, which is no bad thing and its always fun to read one of his works, knowing yo Mark Leyner is not, according to the latest reports, a fictional character created by DFW parodying the sort of 1990s hipster prose artist that writes books composed entirely of rhythmical free association surrealism riddled with medical terminology Apparently, this dude wearing the hilarious red spotted tie on the cover and sporting shades on the inside pic, lowered so we might peer into the artist s mesmeric eyes, is in fact a real person who wrote this real book Strange world Leyner s prose seems like an updated now dated Sukenick using the same techniques of removing full stops and caps for no reason I can discern in stories, and hammering the reader with well honed waves of language, rambunctious sexist antics, and heaps of hypermodern buzzing refer My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist Is A Postmodernist Absurdist Book Composed Of Loosely Related Chapters With No General Storyline It Is Voiced In First Person By An Anonymous Narrator Often Using Jargon, Broken Grammar And Punctuation With A Poetry Like Structure The Narration Shifts Quickly From Random Idea To Idea With Little To No Connectivity Between Them, Typically Giving Vivid Descriptions Of Abstract Situations The Narrative Styles In The Book Vary Significantly As Well, With No Apparent Solid Identity To The Narrator Itself Some Characters And Ideas Emerge Suddenly And Disappear Without ExplanationWithin This Form Incorporate Elements Of Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Tabloid Journalism, And Advertising Slogans Due To Its Use Of Pop Culture References Eg To Kung Fu Films And Literary Allusions It Requires Knowledge Of Then Current Affairs Leyner Resorts To Irony And Humor As A Means Of Interplay With Traditional Realism Wikipedia

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[ Pdf My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist ☆ literary-criticism PDF ] by Mark Leyner  izmirescort.pro Mark Leyner is an American postmodernist author.Leyner employs an intense and unconventional style in his works of fiction His stories are generally humorous and absurd In The Tetherballs of Bougainville, Mark s father survives a lethal injection at the hands of the New Jersey penal system, and so is freed but must live the remainder of his life in fear of being executed, at New Jersey s