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í Read í My Place by Sally Morgan ô This wasn t part of my school s curriculum when I was going through, and I believe that nowadays it is often one of the required reads for students I think this is a great idea it opens communication about a range of issues, but particularly what it was like to grow up as an indigenous Australian in the 1920s and 1930s, and also what it is like to grow up not knowing your family history.
Sally tells this as her story, but also incorporates her great uncle s, grandmother s, and mother s stories.
I found this book incredibly sad to read The information was nothing new, I am all too familiar with the issues and treatment of Indigenous Australians Nan was right, don t ever trust doctors, the Government or wealthy people.
very wise.
We like to feel Australia has made huge leaps in the treatment and handling of Indigenous people but it s not true It s what we say to ourselves so we don t feel too bad about the blackfellas rotting away in the middle of outback Australia, out of sight out of mind.
unless of course there is a large mineral supply on their land then it s pack up and move along They have disgustingly high mortality rates for a first world country, they still suffer and die from illnesses and diseases that have been easily treatable in this country for 50 years But the 1980 s and 1990 s are over and it s not Looking At The Views And Experiences Of Three Generations Of Indigenous Australians, This Autobiography Unearths Political And Societal Issues Contained Within Australia S Indigenous Culture Sally Morgan Traveled To Her Grandmother S Birthplace, Starting A Search For Information About Her Family She Uncovers That She Is Not White But Aborigine Information That Was Kept A Secret Because Of The Stigma Of Society This Moving Account Is A Classic Of Australian Literature That Finally Frees The Tongues Of The Author S Mother And Grandmother, Allowing Them To Tell Their Own Stories Finish date 17 November 2017Genre memoirRating BReview This is one one of the first books written from the Aboriginal point of view No one knows what it was like for us pg 208 Sally Morgan s family shame was so strong that she had not been told she was indigenous She was well into her teens when her mother admitted the truth pg 170 71 Sally Morgan s book My Place was written 30 years ago But is is still a very relevant She is an excellent storyteller and her family history will touch a heart string.
It touched mine Last thoughts I started this book My Place yesterday in the train I never looked out the window to look at the landscape speedingbhy because this story was too engrossing The book really picks up steam in chapter Owning up pg 165 Pages 7 164 deal with Morgan s childhood Basic info but not overly interesting So you I haven t finished this book but I give a full five stars It is written in an honest, uncompromising Australian vernacular without seeming to be a caricature of Australians or the way some speak I read this and Sally Morgan has made me crack up and weep and wish I knew way about our indigenous history and languages I am only 31 but I do not remember being taught anything remotely like what I have learnt from this book My history department was too busy teaching us about the glorified Captain Cook, snore I recommend this for every Australian, and I can t wait to read of her work.
This book really touched me I first became aware of the situation of the Aboriginal peoples in Australia when I was working for Blackwell North America during the early 1980s We provided books to several Australian academic libraries, and they seemed to order everything on North American Indians One of the other Blackwellians, who had visited Australia several times on business, told me how bleak life was for the Aboriginals, and that many Australians were trying to figure out how to improve the situation.
Now, years later, I met a young lady from Australia at the gym I go to, and we got to chatting about publishing and books She lent me her copy of My Place I didn t think I would enjoy it, but once I opened it I put it on top of my reading stack and read it straight through.
In some ways, My Place reminded I knew next to nothing about aboriginal history before reading this for my postcolonial module, and now I want to read all I can on the topic This is an incredibly moving memoir, and it made me laugh as many times as it made me cry It s not the most perfectly written book, but it s beautiful nonetheless.

I read this book in year 11 for Literature It is a 440 page tome, but the extent of our analysis was So this is a memoir How much of memoir is true and why does it matter I was a bit disappointed Why did I do all that reading to ask such a basic question There s obviously a lot to get from this book, and re reading it eight years later I appreciate its richness Morgan starts off with a chronological story of her childhood and growing up, right through to getting married, having kids, and starting the quest for Aboriginal identity that forms the basis of the book There is a lot of talk about the book in the actual book It starts to take on this almost mythical quality People in the story are so doubtful that Sally will actually write the book that I was drawn into this framework to the point that I disbelieved its very material existence even as I read from it Needless to say, thi My Place, by Sally Morgan is now an Australian Classic, but it wasn t when I first read it back in 1988, Australia s bicentennial year Like many Australians, I was shocked to read this deeply moving memoir which revealed without bitterness or rancour a chastening story of endemic racism in our country I had thought I was an educated person and this book made me realise to my dismay that I knew nothing about the Aboriginal heritage that underpins Australian identity When I saw My Place as an audio book, I wanted to revisit this memoir, to test its power in the 21st century when Morgan s voice is now one of many Aboriginal Australians telling their disconcerting stories Let me assure you, it has lost nothing of its impact Born in Perth, Western Australia, Sally Morgan is a year older than I am She and her siblings were brought up to answer que 3.
5 Stars I honestly have to say that I probably never would have picked up this book if it wasn t sent to me by a friend Mostly because I never knew it existed, but that s beside the point, hehe I m not really a memoir reader, but I am trying to read non fiction this year, so this blended perfectly with this goal My Place tells the story of how Sally Morgan discovered who she is In a way, it was a very touching story, and I m glad that I read it I ve never really given much thought to my own family history when it comes to race, but then race has never been something that I think about I register different skin tones, yes, but I can t say that I label or judge people because of them It s just not how I think Which is why racism makes me so angry I just don t understand the way that certain people feel that they are better t

Sally Morgan

í Read í My Place by Sally Morgan ô izmirescort.pro See this thread for information Sally Morgan is recognised as one of Australia s best known Aboriginal artists and writers She is one of a number of successful urban Aboriginal artists.Sally was born in Perth in 1951, the eldest of five children As a child she found school difficult because of questions from other students about her appearance and family background She understood from her mother that she and her family were from India However, when Sally was fifteen she learnt that she and her sister were in fact of Aboriginal descent, from the Palku people of the Pilbara This experience of her hidden origins, and subsequent quest for identity, was the stimulus for her first book My Place published in 1987 It tells the story of her self discovery through reconnection with her Aboriginal culture and community The book was an immediate success and has since sold over half a million copies in Australia It has also been published in the United States, Europe and Asia Her second book Wanamurraganya was published in 1989 It is the biography of her grandfather, Jack McPhee She has also written five books for children As well as writing, Sally Morgan has established an international reputation as an artist She has works in numerous private and public collections in Australia and the United States, including the Australian National Gallery and the Dobell Foundation collection Her work is particularly popular in the United States Her work as an artist is excellently described and illustrated in the book Art of Sally Morgan.She has received many awards, including from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission As a part of the celebration in 1993 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, her print Outback was selected by international art historians as one of 30 paintings and sculptures for reproduction on a stamp representing an article of the Declaration.My Place remains her most influential work, not only because of its very wide popularity but also because it provided a new model for other writers, particularly those of indigenous background.She is currently Director of the Centre for Indigenous History and Arts at The University of Western Australia.