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[ Read Online Number Theory å astrology PDF ] by George E. Andrews  One of the reviews of this book notes that the equations are images and rather on the small side I checked the preview and decided they were big enough, and went ahead and bought the Kindle version Big mistake The equations when seen through the Kindle reader are about half as big as in the preview and make reading the book without painstakingly enlarging each equation next to impossible.
Although Mathematics Majors Are Usually Conversant With Number Theory By The Time They Have Completed A Course In Abstract Algebra, Other Undergraduates, Especially Those In Education And The Liberal Arts, Often Need A Basic Introduction To The TopicIn This Book The Author Solves The Problem Of Maintaining The Interest Of Students At Both Levels By Offering A Combinatorial Approach To Elementary Number Theory In Studying Number Theory From Such A Perspective, Mathematics Majors Are Spared Repetition And Provided With New Insights, While Other Students Benefit From The Consequent Simplicity Of The Proofs For Many TheoremsAmong The Topics Covered In This Accessible, Carefully Designed Introduction Are Multiplicativity Divisibility, Including The Fundamental Theorem Of Arithmetic, Combinatorial And Computational Number Theory, Congruences, Arithmetic Functions, Primitive Roots And Prime Numbers Later Chapters Offer Lucid Treatments Of Quadratic Congruences, Additivity Including Partition Theory And Geometric Number TheoryOf Particular Importance In This Text Is The Author S Emphasis On The Value Of Numerical Examples In Number Theory And The Role Of Computers In Obtaining Such Examples Exercises Provide Opportunities For Constructing Numerical Tables With Or Without A Computer Students Can Then Derive Conjectures From Such Numerical Tables, After Which Relevant Theorems Will Seem Natural And Well Motivated The other reviews pretty much say it all The book begins with a pedestrian approach to the topic and then gradually becomescomplex Should be accessible to most readers.
A few years ago, I read this book by George Andrews of Penn State University into chapter 8 and this 1971 textbook by him already shows his long interest in both combinatorics and Number Theory Where I stopped reading was when the author s proofs started being multiple pages long.
Here are the titles of the chapters with their starting pages PART I Multiplicativity Divisibility 1 Basis Representation 3 2 The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic 12 3 Combinatorial and Computational Number Theory 30 4 Fundamentals of Congruences 49 5 Solving Congruences 58 6 Arithmetic Functions 75 7 Primitive Roots 93 8 Prime Numbers 100 PART II Quadratic Congruences 9 Quadratic Residues 115 10 Distribution of Quadratic Residues 128 PART III As a retired statistician and teacher, I never had the opportunity to formally study Number Theory Over the years I was exposed to the topic and learned some of the basics sort of the tip of the iceberg I learned enough to want to knowhence, the acquisition of this book I am quite familiar with Dover Publications and a big fan of their libary Dover typically publishes comprehensive texts at reasonable prices So when I was looking for a book on this subject and saw this one, I decided to buy it.
I am glad I did I am working my way through it problems and all and have finished the first three chapters I find the material well presented and satisfying my needs As a statistician I appreciate the fact that Dr Andrews elected to take a combinatorial approach to the topic Being familiar with this type of reasoning makes certain topics easier for me t Good book It may help to be familiar with proof by induction before reading this book However the book does spend 1 chapter in the beginning covering proof by induction.
Number Theory is both easy and difficult This book does a good job of highlighting some of these aspects in a clear and straightforward way It also does a good job of discussing the role technology is playing for some in the field today.

The difficulty of this book quickly becomes impossible unless you have a very strong background in math Probably not the best book for education and liberal art majors without a background in math.
George Andrews is the reigning expert on partitions in the mathematical community who has written many seminal papers on the subject over the past half century If you don t know what partitions are in the theoretical sense, don t worry, the text provides ample introduction I don t think you can find aelementary introduction to the difficult, but extraordinarily powerful and elegant theory of partitions The book covers the basics of Number Theory well, but it is the chapters on partitions that make this text stand out It covers the Rogers Ramanujan identities as well as the Jacobi triple product identity It is rare in the mathematical community that an expert in a subject also writes a ground level introductory text but that s what you have here Thanks to the dover edition, it s now quite affordable.

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