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[ Pdf PS, I Love You á cats PDF ] by Cecelia Ahern ↠´ A Novel About Holding On, Letting Go, And Learning To Love AgainNow In Paperback, The Endearing Novel That Captured Readers Hearts And Introduced A Fresh New Voice In Women S Fiction Cecelia Ahern Holly Couldn T Live Without Her Husband Gerry, Until The Day She Had To They Were The Kind Of Young Couple Who Could Finish Each Other S Sentences When Gerry Succumbs To A Terminal Illness And Dies,Year Old Holly Is Set Adrift, Unable To Pick Up The Pieces But With The Help Of A Series Of Letters Her Husband Left Her Before He Died And A Little Nudging From An Eccentric Assortment Of Family And Friends, She Learns To Laugh, Overcome Her Fears, And Discover A World She Never Knew Existed The Kind Of Enchanting Novel With Cross Generational Appeal That Comes Along Once In A Great While, PS, I Love You Is A Captivating Love Letter To The World After being obsessed with the movie for months, I decided to take the plunge and read the book Finally And I can tell you that the book was equally as satisfying but completely different to the Gerard Butler perv fest that I so dearly love.
There were so many changes made to translate this book to film I won t go into them all here now because I wouldn t want to ruin it but let s just say they were significant From love interests to careers, everything was different And for that reason, I think I probably did it the right way round watching the movie first and reading the book second.
I m giving it 4 stars for because Cecilia Ahern is just so easy to read It requires no effort to get into a rhythm and it s the perfect little book to pick up when you re in between epics She tackles grief without making you feel life is pointless There is always hope And I think that s what Gerry gives Holl I made the mistake of seeing the movie before reading the book, thinking that the book is always better than the movie And the movie changed so much of the book that it made it difficult to settle into the book as an independent, standalone work I have mixed feelings about both the book and the movie which is irrelevant, except that it influenced my experience of the book I m impressed that Cecilia Ahern was able to imagine the scenario, flush it out, and write an okay novel about it at only 21 years old And as a nice, sweet novel, it workedI guess But I ve been widowed for 2 1 2 years right now I was 27 and my husband 28 when he died and from a grief standpoint and as representation of a believabe human experience, I only give it a C Some of the issues raised are spot on, but the level of healing and closure both gag worthy

Beautiful Wonderful Lovely A Masterpiece Heart warming Fantastic Sensational Emotionally evoking Cecilia, you are and amazing thinker and writer I don t know how you thought of this story, but you did it well But you delivered to paper even better This beautiful piece was like watching the most beautiful portrait ever painted through a glass spotted with the spots of the rain, with the rain representing the emotion that even the world feels knowing this book exists It was truly amazing I look forward tobooks from you I hear Love, Rosie is good.
I seem to be one of very few who didn t like this book First of all I must point out that I love girlie books and cry at anything even the slightest bit sad With that said, I didn t enjoy it at all and couldn t wait for it to end I WANTED to like it I hoped something would happen to make me change my opinion but it didn t The whole book felt like a rambling and dull conversation with a repetitive yet inconsistent story line I would normally have full sympathy for Holly s situation but honestly she just annoyed me Her friends annoyed me Her family except her mum, I liked her annoyed me And the notes from Gerry what a sweet, romantic idea but I didn t get that from them at all Even they lacked any realism or real emotion for me.
I m glad it

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[ Pdf PS, I Love You á cats PDF ] by Cecelia Ahern ↠´ izmirescort.pro Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty five million copies of her novels worldwide Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.