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Download Epub Format ¿ Rob Roy PDF by Å Walter Scott The protagonist in Rob Roy is Francis Osbaldistone not the title character Makes a better name,Roy Francis a spoiled son of a rich London businessman,who would rather write poetry than work for his father.
Sent to his uncle s estate as punishment in northern England,bordering simmering Scotland.
He soon becomes involved in a feud with his cousin Rashleigh youngest and smartest of six brothers.
A woman Diana is the main reason isn t it always.
This being 1715 a revolt soon brakes out, Rashleigh steals important papers from Francis s father He took over our hero s job If they aren t recovered, the family will be ruined Osbaldistone finally wakes up and seeks the help of Rob Roy Remember him He is a notorious outlaw The bloody the English love that word conclusion occurs at Osbaldistone Hall.
First a warning the movie Rob Roy has little to do with the novel Rob Roy, except that they share the titular character I was 250 pages into this book before I finally realized this was the case I wouldn t want the rest of you to make a similar error The story is a bit complicated The book jacket says this is a tale set in the Jacobite Uprising of 1715, which sounds exciting, but is true only to the extent necessary to sell this book to you The plot is much subtle than that The hero is not Rob Roy, but young Francis Osbaldistone wha , the callow son of a London tycoon merchant whose business is what we would now describe as import export Dad has been trying to teach Francis the family business, but exiles his son to northern Eng

This book was death And it wouldn t end I just could not get past the language in two ways 1 Get to the point Sir Walter Scott apparently decided that there is no reason to use one word when five will suffice For instance, rather than saying that a character was hungry because he ate lunch earlier than usual Scott notes instead that the character was hungry because he had ante dated his meridian repast, having dined at twelve instead of one o clock, then the general hour of dining Honestly, reading this book was like listening to a preacher describe prom you may get the story, but not the way you want to hear it 2 Scottish isn t English I had high hopes that my Scottish blood would somehow instill in me to the ability to understand what in the world the Scottish characters were saying No such luck It s no fun to read a book in which half the dialogue looks like it was typed by a pre Walter Scott s most popular book along with Ivanhoe and the reason for this I think is obvious, especially to those who like me have read than two books of his Not that his other books are less good, and that this book is so much exceptional, is just that all the elements that make the great writer s books stand out, his romanticism, his witty writing, the alternation of funny and dramatic moments, the creation of distinctive characters, the restrained emotional tension, his distinct look at people s thoughts and attitudes are present here in their clearest form, both in the field of creating an exciting story as in the ideas he tries to express.
The hero of our story who is not Rob Roy is the son of a merchant, the descendant of an aristocrat To say the truth this book is a bit difficult to read as the plot takes shape pretty slowly and the complex ways in which Sir Walter Scott narrates the tale adds to the difficulty The Scottish dialect which the book uses also will take a bit of time to get used to But still i enjoyed reading this book very much as it narrates the characters with so much vigor and attitude, the lush scenery and surroundings of the Scotland with such clarity and tells a fascinating tale of romance and adventure.
The Wikipedia article for this book describes part of the plot as In between hours in the library with Die, he converses with Andrew Fairservice and learns much about goings on at the Hall It does feel like hours, even when reading The characters discuss politics, the situation, love, life, business, etc At great length.
As usual with Scott, the protagonist is rather colourless, the villain is a good deal sympathetic and interesting, and earns his just desserts by the end Hoping these desserts would be tastier than Scott usually tends towards, you will be severely disappointed.
Really, the main problem with the book is that it is rather dull There is a good chance that I simply overwhelmed myself with too much Victoriana lately, but it was almost a chore to plough through, and the heavy uninterpreted Scottish real This was very well narrated, but not very interesting The story is mostly about Frank, a young man who is raised with too much money He s sent to the ancestral estates near the Scottish border where he gets into a bit of a mess which takes him into Scotland That s about halfway through where I got lost simply because the narration was so good Scottish is absolutely incomprehensible You d think with my good Scottish name I d understand it Nope I was born in the USA I don t understand Scottish It sounds like someone stuffed 200 year old English English tough enough to understand into a garbage disposal which then regurgitated it while being beat by a stick Even when we share common words, they re tough to decipher, but they also have enough of their own to require a glossary in the back of the printed edition That pr Rob Roy is my first Walter Scott novel, but I became a quick fan as I was entangled in his writing style, which focuses on verbose and intricate language than it does on a straight forward plot I m sure this style would be a turn off to many readers, but it was right up my alley The descriptions are lush when they need to be, the character development is spelled out rather bluntly, and much of the dialogue requires far effort to decipher than I m used to making out the Highland dialect was tricky at first, but I got the hang of it , but the grammatical gymnastics Scott employs to complicatedly convey simple ideas had me in a constant state of giddyness.
Now, full disclosure I m certain there are two factors An Historical Novel As Gripping As Scott S Ivanhoe It Is A Tale Of Adventure In The Th Century, Set In The Scottish Highlands, Whose Hero Is The Legendary Maverick Outlaw Rob Roy Macgregor Soon To Be Released By United Artists As A Major Motion Picture Starring Liam Neeson, John Hurt, Jessica Lange And Tim Roth Included Also In The Pages Author S Introduction, Notes, Glossary This wasn t quite what I was expecting I ve given it four stars as I really like Walter Scott and I enjoyed the style However Rob Roy himself is a marginal character It is through Frances eyes we see the story and I found him to be a bland and not especially engaging character His observations on other people were acute and well delineated but when it came to himself, he was far less insightful His clumsy courtship of Diana Vernon was only interesting because she was interesting and it was hard not feel that she had been shoe horned in for no other reason than to act as a romantic interest for Frances Frances was such an unlikely Romantic hero that every time he said something along the lines of I reached for my sword my immediate thought was Where did he get a sword Can he actually use a sword He ll just hurt himself Surely he d be better off run

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Download Epub Format ¿ Rob Roy PDF by Å Walter Scott Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Sir Walter Scott was born on August 15, 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland Scott created and popularized historical novels in a series called the Waverley Novels In his novels Scott arranged the plots and characters so the reader enters into the lives of both great and ordinary people caught up in violent, dramatic