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Trailer Ø Solitary Fitness PDF by Ô Charles Bronson Charlie Bronson Has Spent Three Decades In Solitary Confinement, And Yet Has Stayed As Fit As A Fiddle, Gaining Several World Strength And Fitness Records In The Process Now, In This No Nonsense Guide To Getting Fit And Staying Fit, He Reveals Just How He S Done It Forget Fancy Gyms, Expensive Running Shoes And Designer Outfits, What You Need Are The Facts On What Really Works And The Motivation To Get On With The Job From His Cell At Wakefield Prison, Charlie Has Complied This Perfect Guide To Show You The Best Way To Burn Those Calories, Tone Your Abs And Build Your Stamina Giving You The Know How You Need To Be At The Peak Of Mental And Physical Form Without The Use Of Fancy Gym Equipment, Steroids, Steaks, Supplements, Or Pills You Can Pack On Pounds Of Muscle, Lose Weight Fast, And Gain Superhuman Strength Samson didn t do drugs and Hercules didn t need expensive running shoes they both had sense Charlie Bronson has been in solitary confinement for over 30 years and yet unlike millions on the outside has stayed as fit as an athlete, holding several world records in the process How Exactly what I was thinking as I began this book Without fitness gyms and access to the performance enhancing drinks that I can access second nature, how on earth can he do it Incredibly as it may seem, I have learnt from this book than I have most fitness books that I have read and Charlie has a way of getting it into you, explaining in minute detail why this stretch is good for this muscle and how that ingredient will do your stomach better.
Starting with a long list of supporters of the book, Ch The most bizarre fitness book I ve ever read Covers exercises for every part of a man.
And I mean EVERY part.

Do not get this book if You give up easily.
You are faint hearted.
You are expecting an easy fitness program.
Then again, what do you expect from a book by Charles Bronson The man that can punch through bulletproof glass and do 118 push ups in a minute didn t get his strength overnight By the end of his 30 day program, you will be hurting, but you will be a fitter and stronger you than before.
This is not for the light skinned Charlie shamelessly insults overweight persons, claiming they should be shot and that they are repulsive to look at He also brags about his strength from time to time But if you can look past this, I assure you, you will find a workout like no other His exercises cover all parts of the body I MEAN all parts Even your, as he puts it, manhoo Terrible I thought this would be a great insight to someone who has spent an insane amount of time behind bars on keeping fit, pushing boundaries and getting strong Bronson constantly drives the message of not needing fancy gyms and protein shakes, which is good, but then carries it over into some kind of pissing contest bragging about his achievements, its just the way he writes about it I got half way through this book and I was sick of these idiot people that kept popping up in the book, shit training methods and constant gloating about how many times he has done 1,000 press ups Disappointing

Charles Bronson

Trailer Ø Solitary Fitness PDF by Ô Charles Bronson English criminal and former bare knuckle boxer Bronson is often referred to in the British press as the most violent prisoner in Britain.Bronson wasa petty criminal before being sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 1974 While in prison, he began making a name for himself as a loose cannon, often fighting convicts and prison officers He also embarked on one man rooftop protests He was