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[H.P. Lovecraft] ☆ Tales of H.P. Lovecraft [heritage-preservation PDF] Read Online Á Not my cup of tea Lovecraft never says something outright when he can hint at it for 20 pages instead, and he s never met a run on sentence he didn t like.
There are two central recurring elements in Lovecraft s stories the academic and the fear of miscegnation The academic nature of his stories is what causes so many of them to bloat and become glacially slow reads, but at the same time it is essential to Lovecraft s idea of horror an idea which does not fit into our mental world, which scares even when there is no immediate danger In a way Lovecraft s stories can be seen even as an assault on academia, showing the limits of the pursuit of knowledge This is theoretically a good idea for horror fiction the reader doesn t have a serial killer breathing down their neck, but they read the ideas just as well as the characters The problem is that to a modern reader, or at least this modern reader, most of these ideas are less frightening and just kind of cool.
And then there s the miscegnation thing Most people t When He Died In , Destitute And Emotionally And Physically Ruined HP Lovecraft Had No Idea That He Would Come To Be Regarded As The Godfather Of The Modern Horror Genre, Nor That His Work Would Influence An Entire Generation Of Writers, Including Stephen King And Anne Rice Now, At Last, The Most Important Tales Of This Distinctive American Genious Are Gathered In One Volume By National Book Award Winning Author Joyce Carol OatesCombining The Nineteenth Century Gothic Sesibility Of Edgar Allan Poe With A Daring Internal Vision, Lovecraft S Tales Foretold A Psychically Troubled Century To Come Set In A Meticulously Described, Historically Grounded New England Landscape, His Harrowing Stories Explore The Collapse Of Sanity Beneath The Weight Of Chaotic Events Lovecraft S Universe Is A Frightening Shadow World Where Reality And Nightmare Intertwine, And Redemption Can Come Only From Below In Her Preceptive And Penetrating Introduction, Oates, Herself A Virtuoso Of The Gothic Style, Explains How Lovecraft S Singular Talents Fused The Supernatural And Mundane Into A Terrifying Complex, Exquisitely Realized Vision Whenever I m in the mood for a couple of sleepless nights spent listening for hell beasts under my bed, I just wrap myself in a few blankets and settle in with my big book o Lovecraft.
DNFI see how these horror stories influenced so many amazing authors I see the brilliance in the horror I can t get over the racism The only monster here is the author.
This is my first time reading H.
P Lovecraft I ve always heard his name mentioned, particularly in reference to The Call of Cthulhu, which is mentioned quite frequently in pop culture I ve seen Cthulhu stuffed animals, Cthulhu T Shirts, and even World of Warcraft references H.
P Lovecraft lore with their Ancient Ones Anyway, I finally read his works, and I do have some mixed feelings about his writing style, but overall, I really liked this book Tales of H.
P Lovecraft is a general collection of his better known short stories I ll break it down story by story, to give a good idea of my impressions.
This Introduction itself by Joyce Carol Oates is highly interesting I do suggest reading the Introduction first as it gives some very good background information on H.
P Lovecraft s life and writi These stories are to horror literature what hops are to beer strongly floral, ocasionally overpowering adjectives, dear lord, so many adjectives , sometimes adding a ridiculous, ill tasting, or pompous flourish, but utterly essential to keeping the basic recipe interesting I read some of these stories while I was traveling in England and quite ill, and I recommend them to those with fevers The Colour Out of Space is especially satisfying effective and creepy.
Damn, those tales were damned After awhile, they began to resemble each other too closely, but I had been waiting to read The Call of Cthulhu for a long while and the experience I must not speak of.

Weirder Than You Think A Book Review of Tales of H P Lovecraft edited by Joyce Carol Oates Without a doubt Howard Philips Lovecraft, or commonly known as H P Lovecraft, is one of the greatest writers the turbulent twentieth century ever produced No one can refute that he is indeed the natural inheritor of the American horror tradition next to his literary hero, Edgar Allan Poe, to which Lovecraft is usually compared to Peeking further into the life of H P Lovecraft, it seems call it a trick of fate, coincidence, or a bad joke by the ghastly gods of the unknown that than the similar quality of the stories they churned bizarre, brilliant, inspired, original, yet frequently hackneyed, derivative and repetitive, if I may quote from Joyce Carol Oates s introduction from this particular book s edition both their life carve out parallel I m not reading these in order necessarily Finished The Dunwich HorrorProbably one of the best known stories by Lovecraft and pivotal to the Cthulhu mythos This is quite gruesome and gory Lovecraft has a wonderful way of giving us the setting and carrying the plot forward However, likely because of the time this was written, there is zero character development This is disappointing given that there is a person whom I would really have liked to know about I also want of the book story yes it s the Necronomicon I m hoping there is about books origin in other stories.
Finished The Shadow Over InnsmouthI chose this one next because of its influence on the Aquaman movie So, I need to come up with Mel s Abridged Versions of classics because the first 20 pages of this story are completely unnecessary There s a lot of extra prose in this one Otherwise it s a decent story I liked the twist

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