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[Dennis Waller] ð Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu A Translation: An Ancient Philosophy For The Modern World [nazi-party PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ New to Chinese prose, I heard about Tao Te Ching, so finally decided to give it a chance.
Well, first of all, Dennis Waller s translation must be very good, as the book flows beautifully, poetic, easy to read It felt authentic Not familiar with the presented philosophy, I found it subtle and eloquent, full of fascinating messages, very much thought provoking The unexpected controversy in the verses gives one the opportunity to think, to decide for oneself, with no preaching involved A free thinker, I appreciated that greatly A great read in a great translation that I highly recommend I enjoyed this book about Lao Tzu I was curious and found it to be quite fascinating.
It was well translated and the explanations were very well written This book did not disappoint I highly recommend it if you are into learning about ancient writing and customs to take you down a greater path of enlightenment Dennis Waller did an awesome job.
Dennis Waller offers a lyrical translation of Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu, a must read for any thinking being seeking enlightenment and harmony with the divine The Tao Te Ching can bring you closer to your creator while delivering insights into the way to live an authentic life This book has helped millions reach an accord with natural laws, thereby mastering stress and conflict Aligning oneself with the Tao has helped people find peace and joy for centuries Join the quest read this book.

My daughter recommended Dennis Waller s books to me and I was surprised at how much I liked it I m very Western in my thinking, but I m glad I opened my mind to the concepts of the Tao I expect to refer to this book again in the future, the translations are great I d recommend it to anyone interested in self improvement and a spiritual life.
This is a great book that introduces someone to ancient Chinese philosophy, the laws of nature and the universal truth It provides an intuitive insight into the art of living an authentic life in a world of peace and joy.
Deep down, I am a spiritualist continually searching for answers This introduction to Taoism has helped me onto yet another wonderful path of enlightenment Thank you Dennis for taking the time to translate this work so those of us wanting to learn can do so with a mere click of the yellow button.
I ve studied Tai Chi for years and have read other translations of the Tao Te Ching I like this one because it s simple without losing the meaning.
How To read This Text Clear Your Mind Of All Thoughts While Reading Tao Te Ching And Be Completely Present With Your Whole Being If You Have Felt A Need To Connect To Something Greater Than Yourself A Longing To Find Meaning To Life A Yearning To Discover A Sanctuary Of Serenity And Peace A Hunger To Have Your Heart And Soul Touched By That Divine Love That Brings Comfort To Life A Passionate Desire To Have A Closer Relationship With Your Creator, Then The Tao Te Ching Is For You The Tao Te Ching Provides An Intuitive Insight Into The Art Of Living An Authentic Life, And Introduces You To The Laws Of Nature On How To Live In This World In Peace And Joy With A Knowing Of The Tao Te Ching, You Will See Resistance And Opposition Fade Away Conflict And Stress Will Become Distant Memories The Issues Of Life Become Irrelevant Or Will Simply Disappear Once You Start Living Your Authentic Self With The Tao The Tao Shows How To Transcend All Those Insurmountable Obstacles That The Ego Has Created The Tao Contains The Power To Liberate You From The Ego Imposed Prison Of The Dualistic World Living In The Tao Can Bring A Deep Inner Peace And A Reconnection To The Divine Source The Wisdom Of The Tao Is In A Practical Sense, A Way To Live Life With The Clarity Of Knowing The Universal Truth The Tao Is An Ancient Philosophy Of Living In The Natural World It Shows The Way Of How To Get Back To Being Your Authentic Self, Your Spiritual Self The Tao Has The Power To Help You Reclaim Your Life From The Temporal Ego Identity That Is Imprisoning You With The Tao You Can Discover Your Authentic Identity You Can Get Back To The Being Ness And Oneness Of Living In The Divine Consciousness By Learning The Truths Of The Tao Te Ching Through Discovering These Truths You Can Become The Creators Of Your Own Universe Instead Of Being The Passive Observer That You Have Been You Can Learn To Live A Fuller Life In The Infinity Of The Moment Verses Living In The Clutches Of The Ego The Tao Can Show You How To Grow Detached From The Ego Identity By Becoming In Direct Contact With Your True Intent And Motives That Was Meant For You When You Do, You Begin To See Yourself As You Truly Are It Is Being Authentic That You Become Reconnected To The Divine SourceThe Tao Te Ching Will Show You How To Develop A Rewarding Spiritual Experience And Obtain A Higher Sense Of Awareness Through Connecting With The Divine Source, And Help You Realize That The Power Is Within You To Achieve This It Makes No Difference What Your Religious Background Or Beliefs Are, The Teachings Of The Tao Te Ching Are Universal And Available To Everyone Following The Way Of The Tao Te Ching Is A Spiritual Path To Finding True Joy And EcstasyFor Those Who Wish To Learn , May I Suggest My Book, The Way Of The Tao, Living An Authentic Life This Book Has Several Essays On The Deeper Meaning Of The Tao Including Modern Day Examples To Demostrate The Timelessness Of The Tao This is a very welcome modern interpretation of a classic of ancient Chinese wisdom and spirituality Lao Tzu s Tao Te Ching, for the beginner, can be quite a daunting read, not readily understood Dennis Waller has clearly and eloquently presented the original verses in language suited to the modern reader, preserving the timeless beauty, purity and enlightening wisdom of the original Take a verse or two each day, read them and meditate on them, absorb their message, and become calmer and at one with yourself and the universe you are part of This is the Tao, and here in this book is the Way Enlightening A very valuable work.
This is the first book I ve read on Tao philosophy and found it to be a simple and informative introduction to the subject I wanted to start with an easy to understand translation, and this book delivered exactly what I needed I enjoyed learning about the Tao approach, and how it encourages us to live in harmony with the natural world it s certainly inspired me to look further into the subject The book helped me to understand the basic principles and I d be happy to recommend it to anyone who wants an insight into the Tao Te Ching.

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[Dennis Waller] ð Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu A Translation: An Ancient Philosophy For The Modern World [nazi-party PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ izmirescort.pro Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu A Translation: An Ancient Philosophy For The Modern World book, this is one of the most wanted Dennis Waller author readers around the world.