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[Michael Chabon] í The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay [amish-historical-romance-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ Eh I have started reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay with certain expectations if not great, then at least considerable I have seen Chabon s name pop up on this site pretty often, reminding me of the fact that I have not yet read anything by him this seemed like an obvious choice At 634 pages it stands proudly as the author s magnum opus, and proved to be a critical darling by winning the Pulitzer in 2001 When you can, aim for the greats So what s the big deal The book has an engaging premise it opens in Prague of 1939, where a Jewish teen named Josef Kavalier is fascinated by Harry Houdini and studying the art of escapology to prepare for the biggest trick of his life flee the Nazi horror which slowly begins to surface in Czechoslovakia After forming an ingenious plan and successfully carrying it out, Josef arrives in New York City to live with hi Only an enormous ego could ve mustered out something so monumental, so very beautiful elegant as this sparkly as chrome novel It s basically flawless very concerned with having all sentences that make it up into wondrous, unique gems Every sentence is constructed with care CRAFT.
The novel begins by grabbing the reader by the lapels to show how the bonds between cousin geniuses who build an empire out of superhero comics unravel It takes its time to get us there, so we are in for a cinematographic ride through the years that bookmarked WWII in the great land of opportunity mainly NYC There are collisions with history a legacy left from Houdini is taken up by the ambitious young Josef Kavalier, Dali s life is saved by Kavalier, and Orson Welles inspires Clay to draw on his masterpiece Citizen Kane to change the very way storytelling is depicted in the comics This is a My favourite adventure with a novel so far this year I loved it to bits In many ways attempting to review this novel is like thinking back through an illusionist or an escape artist s performance of his trick and trying to work out exactly how he did it You re left a little baffled by the nature of the magic of the thing Ironically for a novel inspired by magicians, there are few tricks in this novel It features no post modernist sleights of hand with regards structure or voice It is straightforward storytelling at its most magical and engrossing the plot frequently twisting with fresh surges of adrenalin Its mesmerising power is all in the vitality and hightide imaginative reach of its story and the compelling moving humanity of its two main characters, Josef Kavalier and his American cousin Sam Clay The premise Josef Kavalier s Aaron and I are starting a club for people who hated this boring, boring book Anyone want to join While being a fun and interesting story, KC does not feature deep character development and was IMHO about 100 pages too long That being said, I found it highly entertaining and even instructive about the origins of comics The descriptions of New York in the 30s, 40s and 50s was nice and the comics Chabon invented to tell the story were very creative There is a bit of sentimentality here, but not too much and it was interesting to read this book just after Roth s I Married a Communist as the commission at the end was inspired by the same inquisitorial period of the 50s Overall, I did enjoy it but wonder if Joyce Carol Oates or Joy Williams fans felt ripped off but I have read neither Blonde nor The Quick and the Dead which were respectively their books that were Pulitzer runners up when Chabon won in 2001 Perhaps someone else has How about

I m a fan of Michael Chabon even though he carries a man purse.
Joe Kavalier is a young artist who had also trained to be a magician and escape artist in Prague When the Nazis invade in 1939, Joe is able to escape to America with the plan that he ll find a way to get the rest of his family out In New York, he meets his cousin Sam Clay Sam is an artist of limited talent who has been doing drawings for the ads of a novelty toy company, but the recent boom of superhero comics thanks to the newly created Superman has inspired him to try and break into that budding industry.
When Sam sees Joe s artistic talent, they form a partnership and Sam talks the owner of the novelty company into launching a comic line featuring masked men Whenever I mentioned the name of this book to a friend, a huge grin broke out of their face This was a universal reaction As were the words I LOVE that book That book is GREAT Not just how good it was, or skilled writing though those things are also very true , but just how in love with it they were You can t fake that And now I know why I read it in two short spurts, covering about three days each, and I was done Once you pick it up, its hard to put it down for around another hundred pages There are some sentences that are just so absorbing and beautiful, passages that are just built up so well that I found myself going back to read them over and over Parts of it were just so exhilarating to read, I had to stop and just bask in how good it made me feel to read Similar to the feeling I got from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell The only complaints I had about it which is why it gets In The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay, Chabon asks one of the oldest questions asked in stories, and gives us the oldest answer But, you know, there s absolutely nothing wrong with that because, really, the oldest answer is the right one What s the question It s the one asked by ever since man started telling stories What is a hero And his answer is, It s not the guy who goes out there with fisty cuffs and guns blazing It s the guy who goes out there and comes back every night to feed his wife and kid That s the hero He s taken all the tropes of super hero comic books, but in the end it s not the guy with the magic, the secret lair, the girl, and the gun that s his hero In the end, he s just the side kick It s the other guy The one you didn In the street Hey Huh me Yeah you You wouldn t know great American literature if a pigeon pooed it all over your anorak Wow that was surreal who the hell were those guys At the office The boss wants to see you Oh my that s Mrs Higgins sitting there with Mr Duthie she s from the HR department What s going on Paul, hi, sit down, yes This is rather awkward You see, it has come to our attention that you ve been, well, how can I put this delicately, heard to say hmmm that Michael Chabon s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is well not bad Pretty good Okay ish That kind of thing Er, yes, that s right, I have Hmmm, well Er Mrs Higgins, can you explain Certainly Mr Bryant, we have a copy of the terms and conditions of employment which you signed As you know, part one clearly states Joe Kavalier, A Young Jewish Artist Who Has Also Been Trained In The Art Of Houdini Esque Escape, Has Just Smuggled Himself Out Of Nazi Invaded Prague And Landed In New York City His Brooklyn Cousin Sammy Clay Is Looking For A Partner To Create Heroes, Stories, And Art For The Latest Novelty To Hit America The Comic Book Drawing On Their Own Fears And Dreams, Kavalier And Clay Create The Escapist, The Monitor, And Luna Moth, Inspired By The Beautiful Rosa Saks, Who Will Become Linked By Powerful Ties To Both Men With Exhilarating Style And Grace, Michael Chabon Tells An Unforgettable Story About American Romance And Possibility

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[Michael Chabon] í The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay [amish-historical-romance-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ izmirescort.pro Michael Chabon b 1963 is an acclaimed and bestselling author whose works include the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay 2000 Chabon achieved literary fame at age twenty four with his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 1988 , which was a major critical and commercial success He then published Wonder Boys 1995 , another bestseller, which was mad