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[Margaret Atwood] ↠´ The Blind Assassin [young-readers PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ As seen on The ReadventurerI have to admit, I often do not get Margaret Atwood s books But I am pretty sure I got The Blind Assassin Otherwise how can I explain the feeling of sadness that is overwhelming me right now It s so hard to express what exactly this book is about any synopsis you read doesn t do it justice and explains nothing Mine probably will be as misleading and pointless as all others The Blind Assassin is a puzzle of a story, with multiple tales within tales It starts with the main character, Iris, telling us of the day when her sister Laura drove off a bridge, then shifts to Laura s posthumously published novel The Blind Assassin about two unnamed lovers who meet clandestinely and in which the man entertains his lover with pulpy science fiction stories, mostly about a blind assassin and a sacrifi It s loss and regret and misery and yearn that drive the story forward, along its twisted road , Margaret Atwood towards the end of this book It describes the story of The Blind Assassin, which starts with the famous sentence Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge I m deeply impressed and affected by this book Without a doubt one of the best I ever read I started this book last year, had it on my shelves for a long time already I couldn t really bring myself to start on it, but I am a big fan of the apocalyptic books of Atwood and really thought I should do this I started, and a couple hundred pages in, I stopped in October and resumed the book in January Don t quite know why It s not an easy to read book It takes all your

All stories are about wolves Anything else is sentimental drivel Atwood doesn t write sentimental drivel and I don t read it , and there are several wolves in this stunning book This is my tenth Atwood, and it s even better than any of the others I ve enjoyed The scope and variety of her work is impressive, but here, she accomplishes that within the covers of a single book it should be shelved as historical fiction, memoir, espionage thriller, and sci fi It grabs the reader in the first brief chapter less than three pages , which would work as a short story so much is implied, but so little stated, you can t help but read on, eagerly This also sets a pattern of foreshadowing you know many key events long before they happen , b atwood s Booker Prize winning novel is a slow and melancholy downward movement, one in which the melancholy becomes cumulative despite the sad and tragic tone, there are many paths to pure enjoyment present through the precise, judgmental, dryly amusing recollections of the narrator as she recounts her current life and her past life between the world wars through the intense, intimate, yet almost metaphorical scenes of two lovers connecting, not connecting, reconnecting through the wonderful pastiche of golden era science fantasy tales featuring mute sacrificial victims, blind child assassins, erotic peach women, deadly lizard men but despite those paths to enjoyment, each narrative strand is based in despair, in missed opportunities, in moribund ritual, in the end of things there is no wish fulfillment available on any level, and the novel s main mystery althou The readers from Sakiel Norn, due to their long and drawn out labor, have been known to fall asleep during their readings Though it is not typical of the readers, even their most prolific colleagues would admit to having stolen a few quiet moments of rest in between pages The Blind Assassin, was an exception for one of the readers He dropped the 600 page tomb again and again on his unsuspecting face, rousing himself from a newly established slumber If you haven t gathered, I found this one pretty slow.
After Oryx Crake became one of my all time favorite sci fi novels early in my university days, I was disappointed by both follow up instalments in the Maddadam trilogy So I took a break from Atwood, but fully intended Let s forget about the tongue tied lightning.
Let s undress just like cross eyed strangers.
This is not a joke, so please stop smiling.
What was I thinking when I said it didn t hurt I need to stop reading on trains I could feel the tears welling, the water rising, brimming, and then spilling over before anything bad even happened But I could feel it coming And I braced myself for the inevitable Heart break Loss Old age Why can t we start old and get younger Tennyson wrote, tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all I call bullshit I can t be placated by that People who believe that are the same ones who believe in soul mates and destiny and happily ever after What remains when love is lost A suffocating, gnawing ache Contempt Melancholy and the infinite sadness Certainly not warm fuzzy memories So why isn t it Dynastic MisfortuneThat strip of Canada from the Niagara River to Lake St Clair along the shore and hinterland of Lake Erie is a very peculiar place Culturally it is best defined in negative terms it is not the United States of those coarse and tasteless Yankees, and it is not French speaking as are their equally coarse and tasteless neighbours in Quebec Geographically I suppose it might be called lower rather than Southern Ontario, suggesting a certain psychic distance from the national capital in Ottawa and an obsessive concern about leakage of population from the multiplying Catholic hordes in Lower Canada which is in fact Upper Historically it was settled by American Anglican Loyalists fleeing retribution in their old homeland and, until after WW II, mostly by British and Irish fleeing theirs Socially it was perhaps one of the most class ridden, politically manipulated, and sn I ll start with a bit of personal baggage, because my first exposure to Margaret Atwood s writing was The Handmaid s Tale, which I read when I was young because my parents had a copy That book is probably the best known of her early novels, which does her a disservice, as it seemed one dimensional, humourless and cold though I would almost certainly be charitable if I re read it now This got me thinking about how one s perceptions of a writer can be shaped by how and where we first experience them, and how much can be lost if something unrepresentative gets overhyped or taught at schools and colleges, or even how reading something before you are ready for it can prejudice you I did make one further attempt a few years later when I picked up a second hand copy of The Blind Assassin Opens With These Simple, Resonant Words Ten Days After The War Ended, My Sister Laura Drove A Car Off A Bridge They Are Spoken By Iris, Whose Terse Account Of Her Sister S Death In Is Followed By An Inquest Report Proclaiming The Death Accidental But Just As The Reader Expects To Settle Into Laura S Story, Atwood Introduces A Novel Within A Novel Entitled The Blind Assassin, It Is A Science Fiction Story Told By Two Unnamed Lovers Who Meet In Dingy Backstreet Rooms When We Return To Iris, It Is Through A Newspaper Article Announcing The Discovery Of A Sailboat Carrying The Dead Body Of Her Husband, A Distinguished Industrialist Brilliantly Weaving Together Such Seemingly Disparate Elements, Atwood Creates A World Of Astonishing Vision And Unforgettable Impact

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[Margaret Atwood] ↠´ The Blind Assassin [young-readers PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ izmirescort.pro Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master s degree from Radcliffe College.Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry, childr