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[ Read Online The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Å contemporary-romance PDF ] by Mark Haddon È 2nd read October 2018Ok wow it s been 5 years since I read this and I wanted to reread desperately I also heard it was actually problematic with the autism rep and at the time of reading Ihad no idea of anything about autismorrrrr that I was actually autistic myself The things YOU FIND OUT LATER So hello, dear reread, time to be critical.
I still love it I don t think the autism rep is perfect, but I don t think it s terrible either I know it s all pitched as asperger s syndrome which isn t a diagnosis any but Christopher actually reads as someone who is a low functioning autistic I don t like saying low vs high functioning, but just using that term for sake of being clear It s actually important to not just talk about the autistics who pass in society The sensory overload scenes were intensely right, and it talked about some of the lesser discussed This is the most disassociating book I ve ever read Try to read it all in one sitting it will totally fuck with your head and make you forget how to be normal.
Christopher John Francis Boone Knows All The Countries Of The World And Their Capitals And Every Prime Number Up To , He Relates Well To Animals But Has No Understanding Of Human Emotions He Cannot Stand To Be Touched And He Detests The Color YellowAlthough Gifted With A Superbly Logical Brain, For Fifteen Year Old Christopher Everyday Interactions And Admonishments Have Little Meaning He Lives On Patterns, Rules, And A Diagram Kept In His Pocket Then One Day, A Neighbor S Dog, Wellington, Is Killed And His Carefully Constructive Universe Is Threatened Christopher Sets Out To Solve The Murder In The Style Of His Favourite Logical Detective, Sherlock Holmes What Follows Makes For A Novel That Is Funny, Poignant And Fascinating In Its Portrayal Of A Person Whose Curse And Blessing Are A Mind That Perceives The World Entirely Literally poo ou pu s ooq s if you want to read an excellent book about autism in a young person, read marcelo in the real world this book is like hilary swank you can tell it is trying really hard to win all the awards but it has no heart inside and yet everyone eats it up C0ME ON no one likes gimmicks.
come to my blog Here s what I liked about this book 1 I found Christopher, with all his many quirks, to be sweet and rather endearing.
2 I thought it was a creative idea to write a book from the point of view of a boy with Asperger syndrome This is difficult to pull off, but the author does it well.
3 I enjoyed Christopher s musings about life and the way in which he sees it.
4 I love making lists.
Here s what I didn t like about this book 1 It wasn t really a mystery and I found some of it to be a bit predictable I guessed who killed Wellington long before it was revealed.
2 The first half is better than the second half.
3 As much as I love making lists see above , the list thing got the slightest bit annoying after awhile.
Overall, a poignant story about a young, brave autistic boy trying to make sense of and find his place in this very complicated world Worth the read.
Coping With ConscienceMy 34 year old daughter is severely autistic, and has been since she was seven No one knows why and the condition has never varied in its intensity So she is stuck in time She knows this and vaguely resents it somewhat but gets on with things as best she can.
Each case of autism is probably unique My daughter has no facility with numbers or memory but she does with space As far as I can tell any enclosed space appears to her as a kind of filing system which she can decipher almost instantly When she was twelve I brought her into a cavernous Virgin megastore to get a particular CD She had never been in the place before, but after standing in the doorway for three or four seconds, she walked immediately to the correct aisle and bin and picked out the desired CD without any hesitation.
I have a t I m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn t this book I couldn t decide to give 3 or 4 stars so I m going with 3 because I liked it and 3 is my mid point I loved the lay out of the book and the little pictures I must admit the maths went right over my head I love that Christopher went on a hunt for the evil killer I wanted that killer to be forked too Overall, it s a good quick read I finished before bed last night Happy Reading Mel OverviewFirst person tale of Christopher, a fifteen year old with Asperger s Syndrome or high functioning autism, and a talent for maths, who writes a book this one sort of very post modern about his investigations of the murder of a neighbour s dog He loves Sherlock Holmes and is amazingly observant of tiny details, but his lack of insight into other people s emotional lives hampers his investigation Nevertheless, he has to overcome some of his deepest habits and fears, and he also uncovers some unexpected secrets It is primarily a YA book, but there is than enough to it to make it a worthwhile adult read as well Prime Chapters and Structural QuirksThe structure of the book chapter numbers are all primes inclusion of maths puzzles and diagrams and narrative style attention to detail, excessive logic, avoi

Absolute garbage Easily the worst book I ve read in 2008, and certainly a contender for Worst Book I ve Ever read This crap won the prestigious Whitbread Book of the Year honors, and while I have absolutely no idea what that entails, I firmly support both the eradication of this farcical award and the crucifixion of anyone on the selection committee that nominated this stinking smegma I d seen this book prominently featured at many shops mayhap Oprah was currently endorsing it as worthy fare , so when I saw a copy at a resale shop for fitty cents, I figured some poor sucker out there somehow managed to prove they know less about the value of a dollar than I do This was both slick and sweet, even if the book blew, I could probably unload it on ebay and manage to actually make some money out of the deal In that circumstance I d place m This book I read in a day I was in a Chapters bookstore in Toronto that s like Barnes and Noble to the Americans in the crowd and anyway I was just browsing around, trying to kill time When suddenly I saw this nice display of red books with an upturned dog on the cover Attracted as always to bright colours and odd shapes, I picked it up It s only about 250 pages or so I read the back cover and was intrigued I flipped through the pages and noticed that it had over One Million chapters I was doubly intrigued So I walked over to the far wall of the bookstore to sit and begin to read a few pages I always do this to ensure that I don t waste what little money I have on a book possessing nothing than a flashy cover I do the same at the cinema if I don t like the first 20 minutes, I get a refund Restaurants, too if I

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[ Read Online The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Å contemporary-romance PDF ] by Mark Haddon È izmirescort.pro Mark Haddon is a British novelist and poet, best known for his 2003 novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time He was educated at Uppingham School and Merton College, Oxford, where he studied English.In 2003, Haddon won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and in 2004, the Commonwealth Writers Prize Overall Best First Book for his novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night t