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Trailer ✓ The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon PDF by Ñ Stephen King This book was a huge sucker for me I m not a fan of horror and only when the planets align themselves properly and when the sun doesn t shine for three days do I ever pick up books from this genre.
Apparently there was a fault in the alignments because I didn t like or enjoy this book one bit I didn t hate it either but lack of any emotions is just as bad The plot sounded quite promising A girl lost in the creepy woods what scary things might await her NOTHING Unfortunately, I didn t find anything scary in this book Nothing made me look under my bed during the cold dark nights There were pretty gross scenes but that doesn t count as scary because they only made me want to vomit.
I also didn t like Trisha, our main character She s only 9 years old and would have been quite interesting to read about but I just found her too boring and was also quickly losing interest I gue This isn t a big book, but it s one of my fave Stephen King books It s brilliantly written and I think any lost in the woods book will pale against it King keeps his I digress waffling moments out of this one Don t get me wrong I love his waffling most of the time it makes for great characters.
The ominous feeling of the little girl being stalked by something unknown is so powerful.
I read this in one sitting Any reader who thinks Stephen King isn t a literary genius should read this book This man is never formidable when he is writing in a small set with one character This book should be studied in schools.
Also, there s a moral Don t wander off on paths in the woods, kiddies Bad things can happen Listen to y Nine Year Old Trisha McFarland Strays From The Path While She And Her Recently Divorced Mother And Brother Take A Hike Along A Branch Of The Appalachian Trail Lost For Days, Wandering Farther And Farther Astray, Trisha Has Only Her Portable Radio For Comfort A Huge Fan Of Tom Gordon, A Boston Red Sox Relief Pitcher, She Listens To Baseball Games And Fantasizes That Her Hero Will Save Her Nature Isn T Her Only Adversary, Though Something Dangerous May Be Tracking Trisha Through The Dark Woods Stephen King has confessed that he suffers from literary elephantiasis that is, his novels tend to bloat I would agree Compared to the three to five hundred page efforts of his early days, the current productions weigh in starting at a thousand plus even though his books remain eminently readable, I for one prefer the early, slimmer King novels before he caught this disease.
But in between these gargantuan tomes, Steve produces small novellas rather like master chefs produce snacks once in a while as a break from five course dinners While many of them are light reading by his standards, suitable to while away an afternoon but nothing to write home about, some exceed expectations The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is such a book.
The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted Trisha MacFarland discovered this when she was nine years old.
This is a suspense novel about 3.
5 One of my biggest fears is to get lost in the woods Stephen King makes a story out of this horrifying situation with a 9 year old little girl It has all the eliminates that one would experience in a situation like this paranoia, hunger, sickness, and even a predatory stalking her This is a quick read, which is not common for a King book, but like most King books you will not regret reading it Once upon a time, I could buy Stephen King books with confidence it would be a good read.
I think this book is the worst one I ve read by King, and maybe one of the worst I ve ever read, period I do not have to words to properly express how crappy this book was.
This was my first time reading this book I know, I m just as shocked as you are So why hadn t I, our resident King fanboy, read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Well I was homeless when it was released That period of my life was the first of three times I would live on the streets In 1999, I had successfully alienated myself from my immediate family my mother and sisters Dad had moved back to California by this time due to my abuse of drugs and alcohol, and had moved into an apartment with this heroin addict named Jill Four months later, Jill got herself cleaned up and decided to kick me out I was replaced by a guy I came to think of as Studhammer McSwingin Dick In reality, his name was Kirk Kirk was an addict, too, but his drug of choice was weightlifting I would eventually come to write about Kirk Some of

I very much enjoyed this story about a nine but big for her age year old girl who gets lost in the Maine wilderness For the most part So let s get down to it What I liked The girl who loved baseball Yep, that pretty much sums up why I loved this book I mean, how can you not love a nine year old who loves baseball, in large part because she shared it with her absent through divorce father And maybe I m a little biased because I was a kid who loved basketball, and then baseball, and then football Yep, I had favorite players, I could recount their stats I knew who they pitched against, if they had trademark moves, etc And for sure I could understand why and how baseball was her link to the world, how she listened to the games for solace and sanity and hope, for escape and, well, everything we love about sports as children or adults And the girl was tough as nails but not un Let me begin by saying I am an ardent Stephen King fan and have been since reading The Stand back in 1978 First, I like the genre Second I believe him to be the best story teller alive on the planet today That being said, even though I have read nearly everything he has written under any pen name, this is the only review I plan to write for the extensive King library What is unique about this book was that it barely stepped into the usual worlds of Stephen King It is a story about how a young girl survives being lost in the woods And while there are some supernatural elements in it, they are not the overriding storyline The focus is on her psychological battle to survive It s a tale of courage and the strength of will You don t have to be a soldier or an athlete to be strong, you simply need the heart and mental toughness to never quit This is a book you won t put down un With my holidays finally coming to a close after a busy month, I was in need of a quick, fast paced read A few of my goodreads friends in a group I regularly participate in, the reading for pleasure book group, engage in many buddy reads of thrillers and spooky stories that are otherwise out of my comfort zone Psychological thrillers have been known to give me the creeps, and I still can not watch a scary movie past three in the afternoon in case it plants an idea in my head that would give me a nightmare Yet, when the small group decided to read Stephen King s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon I decided to join them King is an ardent Boston Red Sox fan and even owns a minor league team, so what could be better than a book by an

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Trailer ✓ The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon PDF by Ñ Stephen King Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.