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[ Pdf The Mysterious Benedict Society å new-adult PDF ] by Trenton Lee Stewart ↠´ This is by far the best YA novel that I have read since the Harry Potter books Characters are great, thoughtful and like nothing I have read before Even though this book is almost 500 pages long, I have been reading it aloud to my class and they are loving it Every day I come into class they are asking if we get to read it for the day I can t wait to get the second one.
Enjoy The Mysterious Benedict Society owes a large debt to Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events It is written in the same Dickens meets Roald Dahl style although it does emphasize Dahl s whimsy over Dickens occasional bleakness It features an oddball cast with a broad spectrum of eccentricities and unique physical features The plot even centers around a group of kids from orphanages attempting to foil the dastardly plans of a villain who seeks to exploit them in his mad quest for domination.
There are good qualities to be found The first hundred pages or so are very charming, managing to capture the better aspects of its inspirations with ease Stewart is certainly a capable writer with a great imagination and sense of wit But once the titular group has been established and sets off on its first mission things begin to go downhill at an alarming rate First, things start to get a l Are You A Gifted Child Looking For Special Opportunities Dozens Of Children Respond To This Peculiar Ad In The Newspaper And Are Then Put Through A Series Of Mind Bending Tests, Which Readers Take Along With Them Only Four Children Two Boys And Two Girls Succeed Their Challenge To Go On A Secret Mission That Only The Most Intelligent And Inventive Children Could Complete To Accomplish It They Will Have To Go Undercover At The Learning Institute For The Very Enlightened, Where The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules But What They Ll Find In The Hidden Underground Tunnels Of The School Is Than Your Average School Supplies So, If You Re Gifted, Creative, Or Happen To Know Morse Code, They Could Probably Use Your Help I appreciated this book at 500 pages, but would ve been REALLY fond of it at only 250 Remove some plod along ploddy sections and tighten up a few narrative side tracks and I think you have yourself a big winner for both YA s and those YA at heart Ignoring the size for a moment yes, yes, it matters and we will return to it this is charming, smart, well written story that had me thinking Dickens for Kids based on its engaging yet restrained prose style It has that cozy feel of well mannered prim and properness Four children, each with a unique ability or attribute, are recruited by the narcoleptic that s right, narcoleptic Mr Benedict to infiltrate an elite academy called LIVE the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened Mr Benedict has become aware that the head of LIVE, a Mr behind theCurtain has developed an evil plan towa What a treat this book was to read I thoroughly enjoyed it the kids were great, the villain and his heinous plot were quite terrifying, and the plot clipped right along My one small reservation is that somehow I find I am in no rush to read the sequel yet this might have simply to do with the fact that the story did clearly end unlike, say, THE HUNGER GAMES But basically, I d recommend MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY to anyone I plan to give my copy to a bright 11 year old girl I know.
I don t think I will ever be able to properly rate or review this series because of all the sweet nostalgia surrounding it, but there s something so beautiful and relieving about reading a childhood favorite and loving it just as much as you did back then buddy read with the one who can t blush 4.
5 stars JUST WOW What on earth did I just read This was a crazy fun wild ride from beginning to end I wish I had known about these books growing up, and will now definitely hand them off to my younger siblings I m rather sick of the trite, cliche, dumbed down, and weak junior fiction novels that line the shelves these days I have very few favorites in that genre because there is just so little good in it But this is one that I ve added to my list of favorites Unique, deep, fascinating, and brainy , this breaks all the molds of J fic The characters were all so fantastic, and I quickly became attached to all of them and their journeys Each of them were distinctive and one of a kind The ending was beyond fabulous view spoiler They all got their family 3 3 3 hide spoiler What a delightful story It was very difficult to choose a shelf for this book it s not truly fantasy, but its not just adventure or mystery either Perhaps a little Sci Fithan fantasy Well, anyway, it was a wonderful book about four children who agree to help save the world It sounds a little over done, I know, but it s really quite sweet and charming Well written and with loveable characters and a kindness throughout the book I was enthralled from the first page The book isn t incredibly in depth it isn t Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings but it is just one book The characters and plot, while both intriguing and well rounded, do not have quite as many layers as some other works However, that said, I still loved the book The friendshi

Please read the following sentence as if I am singing it, joyfully IT S THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLDDDDDD.
Also, I hope you mentally gave me a beautiful singing voice I m not saying I have one but I am saying that s the polite thing to do.
Anyway THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD I love it so much oh my god Unless you are new here in which case, welcome and you have made a grave mistake , you know how I feel about middle grade How I feel about middle grade is this I LOVE IT.
Middle grade is like young adult if young adult wasn t so dramatic, and didn t have a million boring dramatic unnecessary subplots, and wasn t legally required under the jurisdiction of the United Nations to contain a romance.
In other words, if everything that sucked so hard about YA didn t exist.
A utopia Middle grade adventure is especially good, and this book is the most especially good example of How do librarians decide what children s book they want to read next Well, there are professional reviews, online reviews, and good old fashioned word of mouth And when it came to The Mysterious Benedict Society , I picked up this 486 page tome, turned it about, and then needed a quickie confirmation from somebody as to whether or not I should shell out a significant portion of time to read this puppy As it happened, a librarian I knew and trusted assured me that it wasn t all that good and that I shouldn t waste my days Fair enough I gave away my copy and decided to forget all about it But then the book s name kept cropping up left and right Oh, I should really read it Oh, it s really good Oh, you haven t read it What s wrong with you Eventually, the pressure got to be too much I couldn t take it anyAs far as I could ascertain I was the o

Trenton Lee Stewart

[ Pdf The Mysterious Benedict Society å new-adult PDF ] by Trenton Lee Stewart ↠´ izmirescort.pro Trenton Lee Stewart is the author of the award winning, bestselling Mysterious Benedict Society series for young readers The Secret Keepers, also for young readers and the adult novel Flood Summer He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas Letters to the author may be sent to Trenton Lee StewartPO Box 251358Little Rock, AR 72205