Ð The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey è Download by Ç Trenton Lee Stewart

Ð The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey è Download by Ç Trenton Lee Stewart The Fearsome Foursome Is Back In The Second Installment Of The New York Times Bestselling Series Praised By Rick Riordan The Mysterious Benedict Society Is Up Against A New Mission, Significantly Closer To Home After Reuniting For A Celebratory Scavenger Hunt, Reynie, Kate, Sticky, And Constance Are Forced To Go On An Unexpected Search A Search To Find Mr Benedict It Seems That While He Was Preparing The Kids Adventure, He Stepped Right Into A Trap Orchestrated By His Evil Twin Mr Curtain With Only One Week To Find A Captured Mr Benedict, The Gifted Foursome Faces Their Greatest Challenge Of All A Challenge That Will Reinforce The Reasons They Were Brought Together In The First Place And Will Require Them To Fight For The Very Namesake That United Them 4.
5 stars A slow starter When the author ties together a whole complete book, then he ll really have something, but the first book in this series was a strong starter and then trailed off, and this 2nd book is a slow starter and a poor far too abrupt finisher, but the middle section of the book really delivers I d like to seeactual intelligence put down on the page as well The four children are supposedly super intelligent, but Sticky s contributions are generally of the he s super well read, so he just knows things, and Constance actually DOES just know things in this novel Kate is the brawler, rather than a really marvelous mind, leaving only Reynie where we as readers can witness the process of him figuring anything out And that process mostly takes two avenues that of either being ridiculously easy or ridiculously opaque, so we never get to travel along with the process As the

I enjoyed the first book so much that I wanted to read this one shortly after I was delighted to seeof the Mysterious Benedict Society since the story is so enjoyable, and the characters are so fun.
The illustrations that start each chapter are charming, and I loved the cover that tried to incorporate so many things from the book The illustrator did a great job.
The author never talks down to his child audience It is always a good sign when a children s author does not talk down to them Like the first book in the series, it brings up many issues themes that can be discussed For example, this brought up among other things , pride and how to deal with it consider Sticky s pride of his memory , trust the children s trust of each other an After the magic that was The Mysterious Benedict Society, I ordered the sequel from Book Outlet and put it in the read This Sometime, It s Gonna Be Good queue It was good DI love how the characters were affected for good and for ill from the first book and the growth that happened in them And it was great to see the bonds between them strengthen Reynie and Constance have a particularly sweet sibling ish relationship Speaking of Reynie, his struggles always speak so much to me and are often something I need to hear XDThe treasure hunt in this was sooo much fun And dangerous And fun I especially liked the place names that were clever wordplays, and the kind adults that helped them along the way The children s gifts were stronger than ever and complemented each other so well And Constance O.
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Trenton Lee Stewart

Ð The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey è Download by Ç Trenton Lee Stewart Trenton Lee Stewart is the author of the award winning, bestselling Mysterious Benedict Society series for young readers The Secret Keepers, also for young readers and the adult novel Flood Summer He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas Letters to the author may be sent to Trenton Lee StewartPO Box 251358Little Rock, AR 72205