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[ Pdf The Phantom Tollbooth í american-history PDF ] by Norton Juster À Is this the cleverest book of all time I think this is the cleverest book of all time.
I so deeply enjoyed rereading this When I was younger, I would only keep books that I would reread over and over and I would pick up each one, seriously, an average of 4 to 6 times I believe this absolute insanity is why I was unable to reread for the subsequent, like, 6 years But now we re BACK And it s been a mixed bag, but rereading this was just the greatest.
There were so many puns and allusions and metaphors I didn t understand the first eleven times I read it, so they made rereading this like a whole new experience I read it in a sitting It was such a blast.
And it thrills me to be able to state THAT SETTING THOUGH God, I want to drop a visit to the Lands Beyond so badly Don t you guys wish you co You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry.
After a long time, this is the first children book I ve read It s a good book I read this book because of its amazing cover And the fact that it s my cousin s course book She lent it to me and I read it in three sittings And loved it It s the story of a bored child, Milo who doesn t find anything interesting in the real world One day he gets Phantom Tollbooth as present which allows him to go to the Land Beyond The Land Beyond has two main and important kingdoms, Dictionpolis and Digitopolis Dictionpolis is ruled by the king of words, Azaz And Digitopolis is ruled by a Mathemagician Both kingdoms are at conflict because their kings are biased of their own way of communication The matters in kingdoms have become worse because of the Librarian S Note For An Alternate Cover Edition Of The Same ISBN, Click HereHailed As A Classic Humorous, Full Of Warmth And Real Invention The New Yorker , This Beloved Story First Published Than Fifty Years Ago Introduces Readers To Milo And His Adventures In The Lands Beyond For Milo, Everything S A Bore When A Tollbooth Mysteriously Appears In His Room, He Drives Through Only Because He S Got Nothing Better To Do But On The Other Side, Things Seem Different Milo Visits The Island Of Conclusions You Get There By Jumping , Learns About Time From A Ticking Watchdog Named Tock, And Even Embarks On A Quest To Rescue Rhyme And Reason Somewhere Along The Way, Milo Realizes Something Astonishing Life Is Far From Dull In Fact, It S Exciting Beyond His Wildest Dreams My mother got this for us when I was 8 and it was first published in 1961 I still own that original edtion and it is not in great shape due to multiple readings This is as much an adult as a children s book Although I loved the story right away, it wasmeaningful as I got older and I understood all the plays on words and deeper messages Still worth rereading every decade or so as an adult, and it remains one of my favorite books It s a very witty book I m a sucker for maps, however basic, and there is a map of the pretend world written about in the inside covers of the book A very good fantasy with a very real heart.
Anyone who has a passion for words and wordplay will enjoy reading The Phantom Tollbooth In this charming children s book, author Norton Juster takes us on an adventure with his main character Milo, a young boy who enters a chaotic place called the Kingdom of Wisdom and finds that to restore order in the kingdom, he must save the banished princesses Rhyme and Reason.
When the story begins, Milo gets home one afternoon expecting to go through the same humdrum after school routine he always goes through But on this particular day, he arrives home to find a tollbooth waiting to transport him to a faraway place Soon, Milo is traveling through the Kingdom of Wisdom, seeking to rescue Rhyme and Reason with the help of his companions, Tock RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED, BUT IF NOT PERFECTLY SATISFIED, YOUR WASTED TIME WILL BE REFUNDED That is the promise the boy Milo receives when he embarks on a hilarious adventure to rescue two princesses named Rhyme and Reason in a fantasy land beyond The Phantom Tollbooth, which he explores with a colourful bunch of characters At the beginning of the story, Milo is a bored young man who does not care much for anything, and can t see any point in learning, discarding knowledge and understanding as quite useless During his journey into increasingly absurd adventures, however, he slowly but steadily sharpens his mind and wit, and starts thinking for himself, reflecting on different perspectives of reality The biggest midget in the world happens to be the sm I am a reader, and I measure my life in books, and the ones that I read in my very early years were probably the most formative You can learn a lot about a person by what their childhood was like whether they played outside all the time or preferred to stay indoors, whether they read or didn t, whether they drew or played sports or learned instruments and languages.
I, for one, loved words I read many books with large words in them, and so I was always asking my mother what they meant, or looking them up in the dictionary, or trying to just guess I loved long words, short words, words that were fun to say I would spell them, write them down, sometimes just say them aloud in strings of total gibberish Even as a child, I remember being amazed that I could make sounds with my mouth that other people could recognise and understand The idea that I could say the word apple, which

This was a joy to read again It s amazing how much of this had faded from my memory since childhood.
Norton takes all these common phrases and ideas and puts them together in a way that makes them feel absurd He remakes them This is a great book for kids starting out their reading journey It sparks the imagination about words I loved the dictionopolis That was amazing Words are important and this book encourages a curiosity about language and words and how things can be used It is a fun little middle grade read that I m so glad is still around I did listen to this in the car on my way to school and I can t remember many of the wonderful quotes from characters I would love to put down here and comment on Rhyme and Reason are important in this book and without them we do see what a mess the world can be.
I also enjoy how the Phantom Tollboot JULYas part of my personal reading challenges for 2017, once a month i will be revisiting a favorite book from when i was a little bitty karen and seeing if it holds up to my fond memories and determining if i can still enjoy it as an old and crotchety karen.
fingers crossed.
so first things first in answer to the question does this book hold up here s what s weird i have no memory of reading this book as a kid i know i read it i remember all of jules feiffer s illustrations and i have strong memories of taking it off the library shelves and adding it to my stack on a number of occasions, and i also remember it being read to me in elementary school in my AT program that s academically talented, thank you very much however, reading it for this project, it was completely unfamiliar to me i had no nostalgic shiver of recognition, nor any I don t remember much about this book, except that I loved it to pieces, and that the subtraction stew always made me really hungry.

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[ Pdf The Phantom Tollbooth í american-history PDF ] by Norton Juster À izmirescort.pro Norton Juster is an architect and planner, professor emeritus of design at Hampshire College, and the author of a number of highly acclaimed children s books, including The Dot and the Line, which was made into an Academy Award winning animated film He has collaborated with Sheldon Harnick on the libretto for an opera based on The Phantom Tollbooth The musical adaptation, with a score by Arnold