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[William Goldman] ☆ The Princess Bride [hard-boiled PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë I m sorry Kate s favorite book, but I must destroy you Two stars Yep, I am one of those people Cynical Have no heart Have no good taste in books Just want mindless action and independent sword wielding women as main characters Don t like overpowered men Nor women, for that matter Don t believe in love at first sight Hate damsels in distress Hate perfection You get the point.
Do you see why I didn t like the book Do you Well, if you ve read it you probably do If you didn t, then go ahead and read it I dare you to read it The Princess Bride started out as an entertaining read Bill Goldman s part in the story was a pleasant surprise, even though he didn t seem like the kindest person out there, I found myself immersed in the story When the so called introduction ended and the actual Princess Bride story began well, my enthusiasm started to decrease TheI read theit decreased What w This book has, as you may know Fencing Fighting Torture Poison True love Hate Revenge Giants Hunters Bad men Good men Beautifulest ladies Snakes Spiders Beasts of all natures and descriptions Pain Death Brave men Coward men Strongest men Chases Escapes Lies Truths Passion Miracles.
And if you like any of those things, or all of those things, or several of them or none of them, or if you find any of them exciting, or compelling, or curiosity inducing at all, then you simply have to read it.
This is one of those extraordinarily rare cases when the film adaptation sometimes prompts people to say the uncommon phrase The movie is better than the book Those people are wrong, but less wrong than those who usually say it The movie is funny, and exciting, and brilliantly casted, and true What Happens When The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Marries The Handsomest Prince Of All Time And He Turns Out To Bewella Lot Less Than The Man Of Her Dreams As A Boy, William Goldman Claims, He Loved To Hear His Father read The S Morgenstern Classic, The Princess Bride But As A Grown Up He Discovered That The Boring Parts Were Left Out Of Good Old Dad S Recitation, And Only The Good Parts Reached His EarsNow Goldman Does Dad One Better He S Reconstructed The Good Parts Version To Delight Wise Kids And Wide Eyed Grownups EverywhereWhat S It About Fencing Fighting True Love Strong Hate Harsh Revenge A Few Giants Lots Of Bad Men Lots Of Good Men Five Or Six Beautiful Women Beasties Monstrous And Gentle Some Swell Escapes And Captures Death, Lies, Truth, Miracles, And A Little SexIn Short, It S About Everything I must say that the humour in this book is quite special I must court her now, said the Prince Leave us alone for a minute He rode the white expertly down the hill Buttercup had never seen such a giant beast Or such a rider I am your Prince and you will marry me, Humperdinck said Buttercup whispered, I am your servant and I refuse I am your Prince and you cannot refuse I am your loyal servant and I just did Refusal means death Kill me then It s a comedy, with a scoop of tragedy, and an adventure at all times Not simply an adventure, a journey.
Danger awaits the characters at every chapter and the obstacles they are faced with and their ways of dealing with them are peculiar.
Even if you try to, you will not be able to take the story seriously More than half of the characters are sheer idiots yes, even Buttercup is na ve, unoriginal and, 5.
so good it is almost This is a literary treasure and one that I can not recommendhighly Let me start by saying that prior to reading this book I had probably seen the movie version a dozen times or so and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT I only mention this so that you know where I m coming from in case you are not a fan of the movie as I think if you like one you will like the other and, conversely, if you didn t like the movie, the book may not appeal to you as much As for the book, I was AMAZED at what a superb adaptation of the novel the movie was Along with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and No Country for Old Men, this may be the best adaptation of a classic novel that I have ever come across This may lead you to ask whether it is even worth it to read the book given that much of what is in the book is Okay, I like the movie better than the book I mean I love watching all of my characters So There Anyhoo, I m adding some pictures from the book There are a lot of them but I m just going to add a few I thought they were wonderful On the inside front and back pages there is a map but I only added one part of the map so you can get the idea Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List I am one of the few people in the world who does not think the book is better than the movie here There is an undercurrent of bitterness in this book that I find off putting I am given to understand by a friend that those elements i.
, the autobiographical stuff in Goldman s own persona are actually fictional But I found that they soured my enjoyment of the story they framed I couldn t enjoy the writing of a writer who seemed as misanthropic and hateful as Goldman came off to me TPB is still a great book better than three stars, but I couldn t quite bring myself to give it four.
Stick to the movie It has the opposite problem, but you can always fast forward through the saccharine Fred Savage bits.

Find all of my reviews at STAR THERE IS TO STAR Yeah, a little bit It s also the best book in the history of ever Sure it has a little kissing but it also has pirates and bad guys and swordsmen and giants and R.
es I m not writing a synopsis I m not writing a review I m just telling you if you have not already read it, read it now You ask What if I don t like it INCONCEIVABLE If you read it, hate it, and have the desire to 1 Star it or say bad things, you should probably unfriend me first I might be inclined to light your ass up Just kidding MaybeCome my love, I ll tell you a taleOf a boy and girl and their love storyAnd how he loved her oh so muchAnd all the charms she did possessNow this did happen once upon a timeWhen things were not so complexAnd how he wo It s amazing that I ve never found time to read this book before I have seen the movie, but it was years ago and I only really remember the one thing that everyone remembers The real strength of this book is that is just ticks every box imaginable It s a fairy tale, full of action, romance and revenge, and it has that timeless quality that the best fairy tales seem to carry It was published in the 1970s but it feels like it should be a thousand years old, passed down from generation to generation It s non stop adventure, comedy gold and full of some of the most memorable characters I ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.
Goldman s writing style for this novel works so surprisingly well For one, it s such an unusual idea to write a retelling of a story by a fictional author Goldman claims his father r First of all, anyone who s rated this less than 5 stars is just wrong, very wrong I know this because I was recently instated Master of all Opinions where mine is the most rightest The StructureI guess the real place to start with this book is with its structure You may have noticed that the actual title is The Princess Bride S Morgenstern s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure The Good Parts Version Abridged by William Goldman.
Whew That s a mouthful.
But that s also the genius of this book You see, S Morgenstern s Classic doesn t actually exist, only this abridged, Good Parts version, created wholly by William Goldman This may not be the first time I expound upon the genius of this narrative.
The Princess Bride begins much like the movie William Goldman gets sick and his father comes in to read him this story Only in the book, we don t jump right into the s

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[William Goldman] ☆ The Princess Bride [hard-boiled PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë izmirescort.pro James Goldman, author and playwright.William Goldman had published five novels and had three plays produced on Broadway before he began to write screenplays Several of his novels he later used as the foundation for his screenplays In the 1980s he wrote a series of memoirs looking at his professional life on Broadway and in Hollywood in one of these he famously remarked that Nobody knows anything He then returned to writing novels He then adapted his novel