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[ Pdf The Teachings of Zoroaster ↠´ africa PDF ] by Shapurji Kapadia í The Iranian Prophet And Reformer Zarathustra Greek Zoroaster Founded His Religion In The 6th Century BC In A Series Of Visions He Was Taken Up To Heaven And Ahura Mazda Creator Of All That Is Good Charged Him With Enlisting Humanity In The Fight Against Aura Mainyu The Principle Of Chaos And Destruction Offering Mankind A Free Choice Between Good And Evil It Is Hard To Overstate The Importance Of Zoroastrianism According To Professor Of Iranian Studies Dr Mary Boyce It Was The First To Teach The Doctrines Of An Individual Judgment, Heaven And Hell, The Future Resurrection Of The Body, The General Last Judgment, And Life Everlasting For The Reunited Soul And Body The Teachings of Zoroaster Is An Excellent Introduction To This Little Known And Often Misunderstood Religion, Giving Zoroastrianism Its Rightful Place As The Pre Cursor Of Many Christian, Judaic And Islamic Beliefs.
A book that explains the religion taught by Zoroaster, I understand this is one of the first monotheistic religions key words to live by, good thoughts, good words, good deeds The book is ok This is a Thumbnail overview of the precepts of Life Instructions and have progressed through the ages with this foundation in thought is clear for all their roots are visable in these works.
Easy to Read, Easy to Understand at a single setting and Easy to Digest the Food for Thought.
Enjoy your Discovery of something old for the new day in your Life Walk in Learning.
Dr Kapadia, MBBS British equivalent of MD , lays out a good overview of the basic tenets of Zoroastrianism As I was reading this Kindle version I realized that I had read this little book years ago, early sixties, borrowed from the sole bookcase at the Agiary Parsee Temple , in Bangalore, India This text was written in the 1920s 30s while India was still under the Raj Consequently most of the references are British sources and the writing style is definitely arcane and quite turgid.
The book s organization is roundabout to say the least The first part is mostly Zoroastrian Apologetics followed by brief dictionary style definitions of various aspects of theology The second part abruptly devolves into definitions of various terms and customs My guess is Dr Kapadia meant this book to be read by Parsees an I believe all religion initially came about to guide people for a better life However, as time went by it became complicated and troublesome because of ignorance of interpretation of original message So we go back to the first simple guidance and easy formula for life ing better Good thoughts , Good deed, Good words As easy as that and that s why I think this book is fantastic easy and direct to the point I chose this book because I was looking for information about Zoroaster and Zoroasterianism It was much too short and was imcomplete It contained some information but you d want to buy books I d recommend it to people with only a passing interest.
It is a view from the inside showing what seems the most important.
Comprehensive and interesting.
Important reference for comparing different faithSimple to understandHelp deeperEric understanding in the origin of the greater monotheistic religions

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