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Download Epub Format ½ The Third Twin PDF by Å Ken Follett The Third Twin is my second Ken Follet reading after The Pillars of the Earth and I have to admit that is impossible to compare this two books Don t misunderstand me, I think that The Third Twin is a great book but only if you love thriller novels that mix science, politics and conspiracy theories and you want to spend a great time reading a Hollywood blockbuster style book Spanish version El tercer gemelo es una novela de Ken Follet que le despu s de Los pilares de la Tierra y reconozco que es imposible comparar estos dos libros No me entend is mal, creo que el tercer gemelo es un gran libro, pero s lo si te gustan las novelas tipo thriller en las que ciencia, pol tica y teor as de la conspiraci n se mezclan entre s y sobretodo si lo que buscas es pasar un buen rato leyendo un What happened to Ken Follett His earlier works, such as The Key to Rebecca and Eye of the Needle, were well crafted thrillers The Third Twin is sophomoric with every character a stereotype The novel has little suspense, no interesting characterizations, with foolish plot devices and juvenile twists abound Ken must be simply churning out the pulp to make a few bucks Save your money.

I really tried to like this but the amount of nonsensical plot devices got in the middle.
It gets really ridiculous to the point of no return, you can easily compare it with a B Movie where B would stand for BAD I ve read some reviewers say the problem was the book didn t date very well, but I can hardly believe this could have been considered good at some point.
Even good writers sometimes publish not so good books and this is the one for Follet Parts of the book are interesting, but the overall feel is it s just barely interesting The scene in the prison with the guard, the rat and the knife had to be the worst written scene that I have ever read in a major author s book completely senseless and totally unbelievable Follet has written great books and I will continue to read him, but I cannot recommend this one.
Wow, what an interesting book This book had my attention from beginning to end and being a true story did not hurt I am always interested in extensive research when it comes to humans and their genetics Its sad to believe that skilled scientists would use innocent people to capitalize for their own gain The medical field is one of the worst fields for being inconsistent with the welfare of adults and children The lifetime movie helped me follow the book The movie is nowhere close to being as interesting as the book but I am glad I watched it This story was told very well and it is definitely relevant in today s society.
Audio Version We find Follett s medieval stories to be great, and his wartime spy novels fairly good and so looked forward to a modern day storyline in Twin It s difficult to summarize the plot without spoiling it, although the book s title helps us figure out what s going on about 150 pages before the key players do A researcher, Jeannie Ferrami, is doing clever studies on twins raised apart, where one is a criminal and the other a good guy working on the old nature versus nurture argument When her best friend is raped and the good guy is blamed but we know no way , we all presume the bad twin did it, but he s in jail You can almost guess the rest.
While the plot was somewhat clever and the contemporary setting a twist from the author s other work, the action here was just so far fetched we could barely wait to get to the e I find that Ken Follett typically writes a great story, full of intrigue and drama.
BUT did you sense that coming he seems to feel the need to dirty up his books His women swear like sailors and talk dirty, and without fail, every one of his books contain scenes that can only be described as sex from a man s perspective A woman would make the scene romantic and he just somehow seems to make it nasty I hate that word, but I can t think of something descriptive Though I enjoy his plots, I believe he ll be a PASS from me in the future.
I was in fact a litle aprehensive when I bought this book I think it was because it was old and I was affraid it would be outdated I was surprised I have to say This book kept my interest throughout and it was enjoyable.
I really liked the Idea of having phsychology and biology all mixed together creating a very interesting thriller that will hook you from the start.
Of course this isn t the pinnacle of Follett, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH but nonetheless it s worth your money and your time.
Using A Restricted FBI Database, Genetic Researcher Jeanie Ferrami Has Located Identical Twins Born To Different Mothers Frightened By Her Bizarre Discovery, She Is Determined To Discover The Truth At Any Cost Until She Finds Herself At The Center Of A Scandal That Could Ruin Her Career To Fight The Charges, Jeannie Plunges Into A Maze Of Hidden Evidence With Growing Horror, She Uncovers A Cynical, Far Reaching Conspiracy Involving Disturbing Genetic Experiments And Some Of The Most Powerful Men In America Men Who Will Kill To Keep Their Secrets Concealed Fantastic Fantastic storyline, fantastic characters and fantastic endIf we re all aggressive, obedient solders sic , who s going to write the poems and play the blues and go on anti war protest marches

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Download Epub Format ½ The Third Twin PDF by Å Ken Follett Ken Follett is one of the world s most successful authors Over 165 million copies of the 31 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries and in 33 languages Born on June 5th, 1949 in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a tax inspector, Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College, London, with an Honours degree in Philosophy later to be made a Fellow of