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ç The Vampire Lestat ó Download by Í Anne Rice Dear Anne Rice NOT WORTHY.
Signed, All Fictional Vampires Who Are Not LestatThis was a re read for me, but in all honesty, I don t think I was ready for this book the first time I read it Or at least, I didn t appreciate it for the sheer masterpiece of storytelling that it is, and it s not just the mood and the world and the mythology and the fast moving plot than anything, it s the characters Lestat, of course, Rice s brat prince , arrogant and compassionate and impossible, all at the same time he d be enough to carry any book, imo, but the secondary characters are just as layered and bewitching, probably because we see them through Lestat s eyes Nicki and his endless internal darkness Armand, who manage Oh, how I love Anne Rice.
I actually started reading these books after I read Twilight Yes, surprisingly, I went back to vampire fiction after that Meyer is a good writer, but once you ve met Anne s Vampires, you re never going back Anyhow, this book was great It still has the good kind of vampires the ones that sleep in coffins, drink human blood and burn in the sunlight This second book in the series wasn t disappointing, although I feared it might be, after reading the amazing Interview With The Vampire It was also quite interesting, since I read this book after I d seen the movie Queen of the Damned , which is based on this book and the next book The violin Turns out it didn t belong to a girl at all, but to Nicki, a boy Damn you, untruthful modern cinema The characters in this book were brilliant, the story line was good and the ending was awesome I Recuerdan a Lestat El vampiro malo de Entrevista con el vampiroPues l ha despertado de su letargo en el siglo XX, el maravilloso siglo XX con toda su modernidad, su moda, su televisi n, su tecnolog a y su m sica, pero para sorpresa de Lestat se encuentra con un libro que narra parte de su existencia, contado por su compa ero Louis, un libro que, seg n Lestat, est lleno de mezquindad y mentirasahora es su turno, si Louis conto su versi n porque no Lestat y Lestat lo har mejor y m s grande, no solo contara su biograf a sino que se volver una estrella de rock, le dir adi s al anonimato y hola a la fama, y el mundo conocer finalmente su verdadera historia Lestat nos contara su vida, desde los comienzos siendo un mortal, su relaci n con su fam

The Vampire Lestat is the second book in The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice I adored the first book, Interview With A Vampire which was told in Louis perspective, a vampire that Lestat made who clung desperately to his humanity The Vampire Lestat is Lestat s story told in his perspective Although I viewed Lestat as somewhat of a villian in the first book, the reader gets a glimpse of Lestat when he was human and first made vampire His story is long and tours the globe, even with a history lesson of vampire history The present day setting of the book is in the 1980 s and I loved Lestat s view on the 20th century, along with his view on humanity, good versus evil, life and death, and his fellow vampires I was pleasantly surprised to see this side of Lestat Anne Rice s writing remains beautiful, lyrical, and generous with detai Lestat fue el primer vampiro del que me enamor.
The year is 1984, and Lestat is the famous lead singer of the group, The Vampire Lestat He stumbles upon a simple little book, Interview with the Vampire , starring Louis, his ersatz lover of sorts because vampires don t exactly have lovers the same way humans do So Lestat sets the record straight and tells the tale of his life as a vampire.
When people say this is better than Interview with the Vampire, they are not kidding This book is light years better than Interview I almost wish this book never ended, it was so good I already have book 3 lined up to read and normally, I would give myself a break, just so I didn t burn out.
What makes The Vampire Lestat so good Just about everything from characters, to setting, to writing, to mythos About the only thing I can critique is that at one point, not long after Gabrielle is turned and we m A very original take on the vampire tale, complete with a sweeping history and rich locales This was Rice at the top of her game.
Lestat The Vampire Hero Of Anne Rice S Enthralling New Novel Is A Creature Of The Darkest And Richest Imagination Once An Aristocrat In The Heady Days Of Pre Revolutionary France, Now A Rock Star In The Demonic, Shimmering S, He Rushes Through The Centuries In Search Of Others Like Him, Seeking Answers To The Mystery Of His Eternal, Terrifying Existence His Is A Mesmerizing Story Passionate, Complex, And Thrilling It is my suggestion that, if you want to sample Anne Rice, and have never read any of her other works, this may be the book you want to read instead of her most famous novel, Interview with a Vampire let me explain The Vampire Lestat is quite a different novel from the first in the series, because we are dealing with an entirely different vampire than the depressed and vulnerable Louis from Rice s first book Don t get me wrong, Lestat was the antagonist in Interview but towards the end of the novel you start to think maybe that s not the case That single thought pushed me to read his story to find out why Lestat was the way he was.
I LOVED learning about where Lestat came from and also finding out about ALL of the ancient vampires, all the way back to the very FIRST vampi 3.
5 stars The Vampire Lestat is like lavender candy floss.
addictive and a tad too sugarytoo little.
you want to grab another sticky handfultoo much.
a belly ache and tooth decaybeautiful to look at but melts to something hard when saliva is addedvery enjoyable but need time away or it may lead to self combustionnext year will start volume 3

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ç The Vampire Lestat ó Download by Í Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet